Ryan Reynolds May Star in HIGHLANDER Reboot

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Ryan Reynolds has had a difficult time getting his “action leading man” career to take off.  He’s an undeniably talented guy, but he was only briefly seen as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Green Lantern failed to connect with audiences.  He’s long been attached to a Deadpool spinoff film, but that project has been in the development stages for some time now.  However, that all might change as Lionsgate/Summit is apparently keen on the actor taking the lead in their reboot of the Highlander franchise.  Hit the jump for more.

ryan-reynolds-highlanderJuan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) is attached to direct the update, and Variety reports that Reynolds is the frontrunner to topline the project.  Both sides are apparently very interested in working together and they’re in talks, but Variety cautions that Reynolds is also weighing other offers so this isn’t a done deal just yet.  Fast Five’s Justin Lin was previously set to direct the reboot, but he left the project to focus on Fast and Furious 6.  He still remains onboard as an executive producer.

Plot details on the reboot are slim, but the original 1986 film starred Christopher Lambert as an immortal swordsman.  Reynolds has plenty of experience with a blade, as he showed off his skills in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  The actor has been carefully weighing his options after the success of this year’s Safe House, so he could very well end up choosing a film besides Highlander as his next project.

When Fresnadillo signed on, a Spring 2012 production start-date was planned.  That looks unlikely, but if Reynolds does sign on filming should get underway sometime this year.  The actor recently wrapped the supernatural action-comedy R.I.P.D. alongside Jeff Bridges.


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  • johnny Fitz

    I don’t see that working at all. Reynolds has a lot of potential in the correct role, but this is not it. The highlander needs to be more of a tired and brooding presence.

    • Methos

      I disagree. Connor was never a dark-rambo like role. Lambert brought in subtle comedy. The movie’s feel was dark and brooding, but not the character.

      I’m a hardcore fan. I’ve seen all the movies, TV Shows, and animated versions.

      Ryan Reynolds would be a step in the right direction. He’s got the physical athleticism of Adrian Paul. He’s got a personality that is stronger than Lambert’s great persona.

      When you think about it, it would be awesome. Have him do a European accent perfection. Well, as long as they do the reboot like the recent Star Trek movie. If it’s a direct replica or second rate rip off of part one then they might as even not waste our time. It has to be as clever as the Star Trek reboot. Casting Ryan Reynolds is a step in the right direction.

      • Shaun

        I agree to disagree with you

      • malo

        You make a good case for his casting but do we really need a remake of Highlander, especially when fresh material like Deadpool is still waiting to be made?

    • Michael Lanich

      I like Reynolds, but I’m not entirely sure he’s the best fit. I agree that the role needs to have a weary, tired edge. Contrary to Methos’s comments, Connor DID have a weary, tired edge during the movie. Sure he had some funny quips, but they had a sarcastic quality.

      Certainly Reynolds is an exceptional athlete which would be great, but were talking about a performance that can’t depend on witty remarks or charisma alone. I think that sometimes as much as I like him, Reynolds can get into the habit of skating on that natural charisma. There always seems to be an element of “Van Wilder” in his performances.

      If done precisely right, he could in fact a great choice. But he can’t approach the role like it’s something he’s doing just for kicks. It may not be shakespeare, but it could be a breakout role for him.

  • VV

    Deadpool, please. He’s too talented for this.

    • Deadpool

      I think EVERYONE would rather have him do Deadpool over this. Why can’t that movie just get going already!? Is Fox too scared to do a R Rated Superhero film or what? They shouldn’t be.

      • Harial

        I think a couple of studios are waiting to see how Prometheus does. That movie just received an R rating and Sci-Fi action movies are already a bit hit or miss and the rating narrows the field even further. But if Prometheus profits then movies such as Deadpool and Venom have a greater chance of being made and being made right.

  • Dre Dre

    He should play Finnick in Catching Fire…it’s perfect for him.

    • Deadpool

      Interesting idea… I kind of pictured someone like Alex Pettyfer for Finnick though.

      • Dre Dre

        Yeah, but Reynolds is such a better actor, and Finnick is charming and kinda suave, like Reynolds. Alex Pettyfer always seems kinda wooden to me.

  • jack

    there can only be one………its not ryan reynolds…dude needs to stay away from franchises for awhile unless its deadpool

  • mattedscreen

    You, it’s not a good thing when in Green Lantern, the movie was great when he wasn’t on screen. Him trying to poach a Scottish accent isn’t going to make we want to see this move. I’ll sooner rent Highlander 2, the theatrical cut, the one with planet Zeist, than pay good green to see him in another BAD movie

    • Alan

      I am sorry mattedscreen, but when the frick was ‘Green Lantern’ “great”? Was it during those boring scenes involving the high council? Or the nonsensical battle in which Sinestro only brings a couple of soldiers to battle the Yellow-thing? Or the scenes involving Tim Robbins as smooth senator?

      You have a very questionable definition of the word “great”.

  • mac

    Green Lantern was never great. The script and direction were lame, and the CGI didn’t help. The extended cut is mildly better.

  • Jesus

    Whew, I’m glad they found *someone* to play a Scottish guy, because there’s a real shortage of Scottish actors right not. Wait…

  • Carole

    So not the right actor for the role. Aidan Turner would be a good fit. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2636108/?ref=atw

  • LEM

    Nope don’t see it. That would be a very bad choice.

  • malo

    He did an awesome Scots accent on his old TV series, but this remake doesn’t sound too promising. He needs to be Deadpool. Maybe this rumour will get 20th Century off their arses.

  • renner

    Anyone else think he might also be too old? I don’t know when this movie would start filming, but he turns 26 this year. Christopher Lambert was 28 when he filmed Highlander and Adrian Paul was 33 when he started on the series.

    In Connor’s story, he first died at 18. Lambert was 10 years older, but could still pull it off. He did eventually age out of the role. Unless they’re changing the character’s age, Reynolds is too old. Especially when you’re playing a character who is supposed to be the same age over a film series.

    • Deadpool

      Reynolds is turning 36… not 26.

    • mattinacan

      really this dude looks 26 to you? also, this is a bad idea anyway

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  • thebloke

    WHAT!!! Thomas Jane is the best actor for the reboot!!!

  • Singularity

    Ryan Reynolds has yet to transcend Van Wilder. That role was a perfect blend of larger-than-life charisma and humor for him.

    Most roles don’t confine him well, unfortunately.

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  • Karl

    Is there anyone that thinks a reboot of Highlander, is a bad thing? Hollywood has done dozens upon dozens of reboots, and they all have pretty much sucked. Now, they plan to ruin yet another classic film, with a reboot.

    Does this not bother anyone?

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