Ryan Reynolds Thinks He Controls DEADPOOL Movie

     June 11, 2009

x-men_origins_wolverine_movie_image_wade_wilson_ryan_reynolds_01.jpgSpeaking to MTV’s Splash Page, Ryan Reynolds appears delighted that he’ll get to be the “authentication police” for the upcoming “Deadpool” spinoff movie.  Apparently, Reynolds never spoke with Hugh Jackman who was a producer on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and we all saw how that turned out.  Why I would love for Reynolds to have the control to make a great “Deadpool” movie, unless Tom Rothman was replaced by his good twin, then I predict that it will be the same kind of micro-managed, thoughtless production that cares more about set pieces and marketing tie-ins rather than a good script or quality characters.

Reynolds confidently notes that we’ll get all the answers to our questions about Deadpool’s past (honestly, I don’t care about that; I’d rather just see a fun movie) and that he’ll have both the scars and the suit.  I have no doubts that Reynolds is excited for this project but it’s going to be so sad when Fox crushes his dreams and releases a film that could be even worse than “Wolverine”.  But for now, click here to let Reynolds dream a little dream about a psychotic mercenary who constantly breaks the fourth wall and uses samurai swords (which, if anyone uses any common sense, won’t be jammed up his fucking arms).


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