Sacha Baron Cohen Sells James Bond Spoof to Paramount

     August 6, 2012


He’s spoofed citizens of numerous countries in his various portrayals over the years, but now Sacha Baron Cohen takes aim at the one-and-only James Bond.  He and Phil Johnston recently sold the spoof pitch to Paramount that features a Bond-like spy forced to go into hiding along with his “moronic, soccer hooligan” brother.  Baron Cohen and Johnston will set to work on the script.  Don’t expect the name “Bond” to appear anywhere in the treatment as Paramount doesn’t own the rights.  Per Variety, expect Baron Cohen to star in the film as the brother.  Although, for once, I’d like to see Baron Cohen take a suave, cultured turn as the spy alongside someone rowdy and insane…unless they can land Daniel Craig as the spy.  Fingers crossed.

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  • AlexHeyNa

    There was already a James Bond parody. It’s called Austin Powers.

  • tim

    Cause Johnny English was such a huge hit….

    • Get Em

      To bad Rowan Atkinson has a far different style of humor compared to SBC. Ali G, Borat, and Bruno were hilarious and so was his character on Talladega Nights I think he could do a car better movie in the vain of fletch or casino royale (the spoof one )

    • Voodoochile

      Johnny English was far too family friendly and cheesy. Now I realize most movie snobs hate Baron-Cohen, but I think he’s brilliant, and if anyone can make a hilarious spoof of James Bond, its him.

  • Kai Sacco

    I think I’ll just rewatch “Austin Powers”.

  • rainestorm


    It’s things like this that erode my ever-crumbling excitement in movies.

  • Griz

    A James bond spoof?

    Sweet! Sacha Baron Cohen is starring in the new Austin Powers!

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