Universal Developing SAFE HOUSE Sequel (or Prequel?) with Writer David Guggenheim

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Safe House grossed $200 million worldwide once it was released in February.  This fact surprised me, but that’s on me, because the natural result of an action movie that co-stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is $200 million.  And the natural result of $200 million is Safe House 2.  According to Heat Vision, Universal has commissioned Safe House writer David Guggenheim to write that follow-up to the winter hit.  Neither Washington nor Reynolds is signed for another movie, and Heat Vision could not get their sources to confirm whether Guggenheim is writing a prequel or a sequel.

To go into more detail, we will need to get into spoilers for Safe House.  At Collider, we our spoiler safe house is after the jump.

Spoilers for Safe House after the image.

safe house 2 sequel ryan reynolds denzel washington

I didn’t see Safe House (my Safe House ignorance is starting to get embarrassing, y’all), so I got spoiled: Washington’s rogue CIA agent dies.  But Universal obviously wants Washington back in some capacity—hence the prequel talk.  The more traditional option would be to follow Reynolds—the young agent in charge of the titular South African safe house—on a new adventure.  Safe House fans: which would you rather see?

Scott Stuber is back on board as producer, but there is no mention of a possible return for Safe House director Daniel Espinosa.

Safe House was the script that turned Guggenheim from an editor at Us Weekly to full-time screenwriter.  His screenplays for Stolen, Narco Sub, 364, and Puzzle Palace are in various stages of development.  The busy man also landed his first book deal in 2012.

safe house 2 poster denzel washington

The giant tagline takes on a cool subtext knowing that the pictured megastar dies.  I should watch this movie, huh?

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  • Tyler

    While it is not needed in any way, shape, or form, there are a couple imteresting possibilities with a path they could take with either a prequel or sequel. For a prequel: They could show how Tobin Frost became the “traitor”, while at the same time showing Matt going through the ropes and eventually getting his Cape Town post. For a sequel: They could show the impact and inevitable consequences of the actions of Matt at the end of Safe House. I wouldnt mind seeing one of these two options explored, but I really, really dont think its neccessary.

    • ScaredForMovies

      A prequel would be better. But I would just focus on Denzel and leave Reynolds out. Showing him going through the ropes would be lacklustre compared to the Denzel/traitor plot. I didn’t expect a lot out of Safehouse but it exceeded my expectations. I agree with you though, I don’t necessarily think it needs a sequel.

  • Northern Star

    Guggenheim should be directing the upcoming ’24′ movie not writing a sequel nobody asked for, he directed two episodes in Season 1 of ’24′ and both were exceptional, he certainly knows how to direct action and suspense…

  • Shay


    It’s been awhile since I saw it, but iirc it’s possible Frost (Denzel) could have faked his death and escaped (he was supposed to be a master escape artist, after all.)

  • Cordell

    You have to bring back Frost and surround him with Reynolds learning the ropes and being fascinated with the idea of one day meeting him

  • Sam

    BOTH. Make “Safe House 2″ and then make a movie called “Tobin Frost”. Release them 3 months from each other. Both would be great stories.

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