Sony Moves Forward With Sequel to SALT

     June 6, 2011


Apparently the world needs more Angelina Jolie action movies. Sony has officially started moving forward with a sequel to last year’s Jolie-starred action flick Salt. Deadline now reports that Sony has set the first film’s screenwriter, Kurt Wimmer, to start working on a script. Jolie is keen to reprise her role from the first flick, though director Phillip Noyce turned down the offer to return.

A follow-up has been rumored since last August, after Salt took in almost $300 million worldwide. While reviews were mixed to positive, one can’t deny Jolie’s international draw (did anyone from America actually see The Tourist?). No word on how soon the sequel will go into production, but we’ll know more once Wimmer turns in his first draft of the screenplay.

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  • chris

    did people watch the first Salt movie?

  • Josh

    Is it going to be called “Pepper”?

  • tarek

    Will this never end ? [with the C3PO voice.]

  • Dogg

    We need another Salt movie like we need another Billy Mays.

  • kure

    Phillip Noyce already confirmed that he isnt coming back for salt 2,and he is doing hunter killer for relativity.better reporting man…

    • Adam Chitwood

      My mistake. Our previous coverage of the sequel had Noyce on board. Looks like he’s circling a bunch of other projects at the moment instead. Article fixed.

    • Bheaya Emortalis

      Yes its been confirmed which in my opinion is a good thing. Philip Noyce did a decent job at directing but it could have been better. I hope they have other screenwriters to come in and polish the script. It would be lovely if J.J. Abrams or David Fincher (i can dream can’t I?) would direct.

  • Hannah Torres

    Director Ewing Miles Brown says Sam Botta has lost 74 lbs (now 150 lbs.) for Movie Tech Studios pre-production of “Live Fearless” Sam Botta Hosts the upcoming reality TV show. :) in Pre-Production now with guests like Betty White, who says “Appreciate life while it’s happening!” Also “get over it” (referring to aging) and “I’m swimming as fast as I can” in reference to her work.

  • KLM

    The Tourist was totally bland and so was Salt. I’m surprised they’re bothering with a sequel, but Hollywood has made sequels to much worse, so.

  • SaltyTongue

    Is there anyone out there that actually enjoyed SALT!? I really didnt hate it, gotta be honest. Thought it was a fun espionage movie. Anyone with me? I cant be the only one who liked it.

    • Tarek

      I am afraid you are the only one who liked it. ^^

  • Crissy

    SaltyTongue, you were not the only one who liked the movie…I loved the movie. I must admit to having a girl crush on Angelina Jolie (she kicks ass!), but I thought the plot was great. I read a book by Dean Koontz about the same idea….children raised to mimic Americans and trained to be super spies for Russia…to walk among us unnoticed until the time to strike. I love the idea of it…and the fact that she turned for love…I am a hopeless romantic (so sad). I hope and pray they make Salt 2..there is an audience….really, who can make kicking a man’s ass almost three times her size look so believable? :-D

  • Don’tIgnoreTheHeart1234

    I’m a pure sucker for action movies where we as woman can show we have as much or more strength as men. Jolie did an amazing job in Salt as well as in The Tourist with Johnny Depp. Salt became one of my favorite movies and it inspired me. Being that I aspire in writing, this was huge for me, personally. I cannot believe they are making a sequal, and I’m so excited to learn more about it. I cannot wait ’til previews and trailors are able to be viewed nation and world wide. Cannot wait to see it hit the big screen, hopefully as successful as the first!

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