First Trailer for SALVATION BOULEVARD Starring Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear

     May 23, 2011


The first trailer for Fox Searchlight’s Salvation Boulevard has been released. Starring Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Greg Kinnear and Jim Gaffigan, the comedy centers on the preacher of a mega church who frames an ex-hippie for a crime he didn’t commit. The flick premiered at Sundance where Matt wasn’t too thrilled by the finished product. Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

Here’s the trailer for Salvation Boulevard (via Yahoo!):

Here’s the logline for the film:

An evangelical preacher who has captivated a city with his charm frames an ex-hippie for a crime he did not commit.



  • Beaky Smoochies

    Let’s hope this one bombs, in fact, I’m certain it will! Hollywood once again tries to portray Christians as hypocrites and money-grabbing charlatans, how original! Let’s see the studios portray a Muslim as a hypocrite, and stick the boot into Islam into the process, but I’ll not hold my breath- remember the ‘South Park’ controversy, where the studio folded quicker than Superman on laundry day because those oh-so ‘tolerant’ Muslims threatened to cause havoc, a real victory for the First Amendment there!

    There are plenty of despicable so-called ‘Christian’ leaders who are more interested in their own celebrity than in upholding Christ and the gospel- Joel Osteen, Rob Bell, Kenneth Hagin, etc.- but don’t liberals always say you can’t tar everyone with the same brush… unless you’re a Christian and/or a conservative, that is!!!

    • Ruprect

      You sound bitter. Maybe “Hollywood” (no “tarring with the same brush” in THAT name, eh?) will make a movie one day that is in lock-step with your world view.
      In the mean time, I am sure most of us are grown up and intelligent enough to realize that not ALL Christians are “hypocrites and charlatans” (as seen in this movie … apparently. Still have not seen it, as I am sure you have not) and that not all bisexual women are serial murderers (Basic Instinct) and that not all Indians are Thugee cultists ( Indy & Temple of Doom) and that not all southerners are hillbilly rapists (Deliverence)…etc etc.
      You want to know something though? Some of ALL of those groups (a very small amount, to be sure) ARE the negative stereotypes. That’s why they call them stereotypes and, by your own admission, ample examples of those negative Christian stereotypes exist.

    • Spock Jenkins

      You are incensed by what you perceive to be Hollywood’s negative portrayal of Christians, yet in the same breath you your own words betray your own venom and intolerance of Muslims.

      One suspects you ARE typically the ignoramus of which a sensible and secular society ought to rip the piss out of…

      I suppose for you Muslims are the new, fashionable vehicle for your bigotryand hatred, now that people like you cannot lynch black folk, or incinerate jews.


      The film looks great.

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  • junierizzle

    I just can’t watch anything with Pierce Brosnan.

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  • Beaky Smoochies

    Wow, what a response, where do I start?

    Firstly, there’s not a bitter bone in my body, Ruprect, and neither do I believe every on-screen stereotype reflects reality, but you ARE correct that every stereotype contains a grain of truth (which is how they became stereotypes to begin with), but not uniformly. You are also correct that I unintentionally tarred all of Hollwood with the same brush the same time I denounced them for doing the same thing, so I stand corrected on that, thank you.

    Hey Spock Jenkins, it’s a pity you’re response wasn’t as concise as Ruprect’s, as I WAS NOT attacking Muslims, but rather the double-standard that exists in SOME media circles regarding their depiction of Christians versus their depiction of some Muslims- why DID Comedy Central not air the ‘South Park’ Muhammad spoof episode!? And I believe in a secular and sensible society, but one based on Judeo-Christian principles and morals, just like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, et al. As far as you’re unfortunate accusations that I want to “lynch blacks and incinerate Jews”, glad to read your enjoying ‘happy hour’- or is every hour ‘happy hour’ for you, ’cause only somebody pretty wasted or pretty infantile could make such incendiary judgements on someone you don’t even remotely know, bottoms up…

  • Spock Jenkins

    My judgement, based on your own words.

    Needless to say you feel the anonimity of sitting behind a computer screen tapping your thinly veiled bile protects you from a forceful retort.

    You infer that a moral society ( in order for you to laud it ) must conform to Judaeo-Christian values.

    Thie clearly intimates that the plurality of those cultures who do not share those principals are somehow less moral or ‘wrong’ in their outlook on life.

    Utter Hogwash.

    Let’s try and reconcile your ‘values’ with the decimation your nation’s leaders have wrought upon the face of the earth for the past several hundred years.

    Cheers back you buddy-boy.

  • Beaky Smoochies

    Nice try Spock Jenkins, but here’s where you’re wrong AGAIN…

    You have clearly failed to show anywhere where I even IMPLIED any prejudice against ethnic minorities, nor did I suggest that societies not founded on Judeo-Christian principles are any less moral, but it certainly helps. Tell me a non-Jewish/Christian nation that is both peaceful and economically prosperous (Japan notwithstanding, considering their recent history over the last century), there is a clear link between belief in the Almighty and the fortunes of a country and it’s citizens, and THAT is a fact, my friend.

    Oh, one last thing, I am not (as you seem to think) posting this from the U.S., but rather in Ireland. I presume you’re British, and considering the utterly blood-soaked history of your own country (especially on my island), if indeed you are British, you have little moral cred to judge me- or the U.S. for that matter, which has liberated and helped countless millions over the last century, period… so cheers back and go in peace…

  • Spock Jenkins

    Dear Beaky Smoochies,
    I concur with you wholeheartedly on Britain’s own bloodsoaked past – especially when it comes to the horror and tragedies meted out to the Irish by the dastardly machinations of The Crown, so you will get no argument from me there.

    However, I cannot – and will not subscribe to the notion that “there is a clear link between belief in the Almighty and the fortunes of a country and it’s citizens”.

    You really are in cloud-cuckoo land there. And it is NOT a fact. It is a bigoted, religio-fundamentalistic belief. A belief, I know countless thousands of right-minded Christians DO NOT SHARE.

    Consolidated further by the fairytale idea that the “U.S. for that matter… has liberated and helped countless millions over the last century”…

    I bid you peace also my friend, you should lay off the International FOX NEWS a little…

  • Beaky Smoochies

    Aww, Spock Jenkins, my worthy opponent and friend, you were doing so well there until that rather gratuitously abrasive (a common English trait I’ve noticed) last part of your response. I WAS going to let it go, but for the sake of the hundreds of thousands of brave men (and women) who paid the price for liberty with life and limb, I’ll respond just one last time to set you straight, so here goes…

    It has nothing to do with Fox News my close-minded friend (you need to stop reading the Guardian/Independent/Socialist Worker/whatever, it’s doing you no favours whatever), although I suggest you actually WATCH something before you criticise it, but that’s okay…

    Lastly, it’s not a “fairytale” that the U.S. has liberated millions of people over the last century- Europe (TWICE!!!), Japan, South Korea, South Vietnam (at least they tried), Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Greneda, the entire Soviet Union (thank you Reagan), most of South America, and not’s not even counting the countless TRILLIONS of dollars the U.S. government and it’s citizens have given to help, nourish, rebuild, and generally make life a heckuva lot better for countless millions worldwide. America has made mistakes like any country, but that doesn’t negate the fact that no country has done more for freedom than any other in history than the U.S., and that not my opinion, it’s a fact.

    As far as the ‘fundamentalist’ charge against me goes, I only wish I were that faithful a servant to our Lord and Saviour to earn that badge of honour, but I’m not, thanks for the sentiment though.

    Okey-smokey, that really is it now, thanks for the tussle Spock, and I hope that God makes Himself known to you, it does change everything and I pray you find out for yourself someday, but for now, once again, go in peace my friend, and live long and prosper (you are, after all, a Vulcan, right?)…

  • Spock Jenkins

    I must say, I find your response wonderful and wonderfully nieve at the same time my friend.

    A point-by-point rebuttal for each of your errors would necessitate a twice-as-lengthy response, and time, is a luxury I do not have at this particular moment.

    But I will say that few people would claim WWII as anything other than a just war. The same cannot be be said for most of the subsequent miltary endevours of the U.S, most of which are based purely on the military-industrial ambitions greedy goverments and powerbrokers, who wish to lay claim on the resources of other nations.

    If you think that liberation comes with the dropping of bombs, with the explosions of depleted uranium, cluster bombs, phosphorus, etc. you are sadly mistaken, or by the assasination of democratically elected dictators in favour of puppet despots who sympathize and give succor to Western ambitions of hegemony.

    It’s clear that you take the rich cultural heritage of your Christian religion, in the same basic manner as you take politics – i.e. on a completely exoteric basis. Without even trying to gain an insight into what lies beneath the surface.

    This is all the more baffling when you hail a from a great island whose rich culture and people suffered at the hands of the British in the same manner as many countries today ( and in the past ) are suffering at the hands of a quasi-benevolent U.S.A. and U.K.

    In regards to your hope that God finds his to me, that is something that I wish for you also my friend. As at the moment everything you have stated to me infers that the god you believe in is a right-wing, hillbilly, sadistic, old-testament psychopathic, vindictive and ignorant god.

    I sincerely bid you Peace, and hope that your heart can swell with love and empathy for you fellow man…even if they are representative of that frightful, mysterious ‘otherness’…such as l am…

  • Beaky Smoochies