Sam Mendes 75% Likely to Return for JAMES BOND 24; Film May Miss Fall 2014 Release

     February 15, 2013


Sam Mendes has never done a sequel, but he had never done an action movie before Skyfall, and that turned out pretty well.  Today, the Daily Mail is reporting that Mendes is “’75 per cent’ of the way towards” returning for James Bond 24.  In November, we reported that Mendes has reportedly dreamed up a new scenario with Skyfall screenwriter John Logan, so the director was already looking ahead even though he hadn’t officially signed on.  However, in his interview with Steve, Mendes said he already did everything he wanted to do with a Bond movie in Skyfall.

Hit the jump for more on Mendes’ hesitation, if the next Bond will be a two-parter, and when we can expect to see 007′s next adventure.

sam-mendes-judi-dench-skyfallYou may recall that in October, we reported that Logan was returning to write James 24 and 25 with a storyline that would possibly span both movies.  But five days later, Daniel Craig shot down the rumor of linked sequels saying, “You can’t write one movie thinking about the next. All we’re trying to do is get the next one sorted out and it’ll stand on its own and if I’m able I’ll do another one after that.”  According to Daily Mail, a two-part sequel was on the table at one point, but Mendes wanted no part of it because the back-to-back filming would have consumed four years of the director’s time.  Keep in mind that Mendes directs theater as well as movies.

Now Bond 24 and 25 will be standalone pictures, and “Logan’s thoughts for Bond 24 are in the form of two treatment papers outlining a rough idea of the plot.”  Mendes wants to see the finished script before he signs back on.

However, if he signs back on, it’s unlikely he’ll meet the previously reported fall 2014 release date for Bond 24.  Mendes is currently at work on a stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and then he’ll be directing Simon Russell Beale in King Lear at the National Theatre next January.  If the earliest Mendes can start full-time is January 2014, then getting Bond 24 into theaters by November will be an incredibly tight schedule (I’m assuming it’s November since the last four Bond movies have opened in that month).  With the way Mendes handled Skyfall, I’d personally be able to wait until fall 2015 if it meant getting a better Bond film.


  • zswickey

    Three months ago I really thought Nolan would be doing the next one. Damn, would that be something!!!

    • Strong Enough

      Nolan would be my choice, his bond would be a masterpiece just like TDKR was.

      • Mike

        Get off Nolan’s balls. Skyfall was not only a better movie than TDKR, but made more money too.

      • Lizard King

        Lol! Funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Nolan would be a great choice, but TDKR was the worst movie I saw last year. But perhaps the word ‘masterpiece’ has simply come to mean ‘self-indulgent, over-the-top, plot-hole-ridden, and derivative’.

  • jackjack

    Broccoli & Wilson should officially direct this, after all they decide where to push the plot and where to put the characters…. Mendes’s obviously teasing, ultimately he will “helm” that next bond-thing..

  • Loveiscool

    Please please let this happen i would love to see him return to the chair!

  • stylus59

    For the love of all things good please do the next one.

  • NCC-1701

    If this is true, 2015 can’t get much bigger for movies.

  • cedartreeradar

    i wish theyd bring back quantum or at least acknowledge them and i think a double movie would be cool. but no more bond letting innocents get killed for unexplained reasons that dont exist.

  • Chad

    No Nolan, No Mendes. Skyfall was average Bond at best, with awkward pacing and an overlong first hour (not to mention the underuse of Javier Bardem, potentially Bond’s best villain in eons, who doesn’t even get screen time until halfway through the movie). Find someone better.

  • Kemo

    Just cast Christoph Waltz as the Villian preferably Blofeld and have him survive, leave out of Bond 25 and have him come back for Bond 26

  • Kemo

    And then have Nolan do Bond 26 for that epic showdown possibly remake Nolan’s favorite Bond movie then OHMSS

  • enjaysim

    It would be silly not to go with Mendes but as much as I liked Skyfall it is a film made up of long sections and not really much of a story. That’s not a criticism, that’s just the approach taken. They’ve done enough introspection on the series and the character’s merits, now they’ll have to come up with a decent villain’s plot that Bond has to thwart. And I’m sorry, but after TDKR I’m not convinced Nolan has the touch needed.

  • Omen

    “Sam Mendes has never done a sequel, but he had never done an action movie before Skyfall, and that turned out pretty well.”

    Has NO ONE else seen the fantastic “Road to Perdition??” While it’s arguably as much a drama/thriller, the action was very well composed – especially the climatic shootout at night in the rain and the battle between assassins in the hotel room. Mendez handled action quite well before Bond.

  • Bibblebuss

    As much as a I loved skyfalls direction, I really wanted Nolan to get on this, but then again he’s doing “Interstellar”…

  • Joroelcapo

    hope no i hate skyfall, it was cool until the end of the opening sequence. I hate everything after that. Hated Q with his unimpressive gadgets ( and makin jokes about the goldeneye pen), hated Bardem with his joker-hannibal rip-off character and confusing plan ( what happened to the list?) and hated the bond background with his house and the revealation that his actual name is james bond.
    Sorry for my english

  • West

    They should wait till Sam’s ready since he’s the very first director to actually make a good Bond movie in fifty years.

  • Person

    I love Nolan but he should never direct Bond. As a lifelong 007 fan, I don’t need to see him being brooding and mopey for almost 3 hours. The Craig movies have done a fantastic job of digging into the Bond character without making the movies so heavy, which is what Nolan’s Batman trilogy is. Like I said, I love Nolan, but he’s terrible for Bond.

    I also hope the next Bond is a more normal, classical Bond film. A simple adventure, with a bad guy, couple Bond girls, some fun gadgets and great action scenes. I’m done with this “analyzing Bond” thing, I kinda miss the old days haha

    • ButWait

      Uh, isn’t Skyfall a Nolan-esque/Batman-esque take on the franchise? Silva riding around dressed as a cop remind you of something? Or how about Silva’s Inception island? Or the entire final act on Wayne … I mean Skyfall estate. An orphan that had to rebuild himself comes home to his estate and is met by Alfred … I mean Kincade. In which the estate is burt to ash, but they escape in an underground passageway nearly being burnt to a crisp in the process. A fight takes place on a lake where Bruce … I mean Bond goes plunging in. Heck, it’s not like Mendes hides the fact:

      Although everything is truly reciprocal as that snowmobile section in Inception was heavily Bond influenced.

      P.S. Batman is brooding because THAT’S precisely his character.

      • Person

        Not dissing the Nolan Batman movies, I love em (at least the first two, I have some problems with TDKR but like it overall). I just think we’ve seen enough of that with Bond now, and there’s no need to bring Nolan in to do all that again. I’d rather have them make an old-school Bond movie now, just to see how Craig would do in a more Connery/Moore story.

        On another note, it’s fairly unrealistic to think Nolan could ever do a Bond movie. The Bond franchise is so producer-driven that I can’t imagine EON giving Nolan the autonomy he’d likely demand.

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  • gimpsuit

    Skyfall was a dissapointment for me. Generic action, boring. I forgot half of the stuff that happened, except for that absurd train bombing scene, lol, what a joke.

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