Sam Worthington Wins Nomination for THE CANDIDATE

     July 21, 2009


Holy crap.  There’s a news item today that’s not Comic-Con-related (don’t expect too many of those over the next five days).  THR is reporting that Sam Worthington has signed on to star in the remake of the recent Danish thriller “The Candidate” which is good because we really don’t need a remake of the 1972 Robert Redford film (although that’s probably just a matter of time).

Hit the jump to get a brief synopsis of the flick since it’s clearly not about a rebellious young Senate candidate running up against the establishment.

According to THR, Worthington will play a defense attorney who goes on the hunt for a group of blackmailers when he is suddenly accused of murder. The mystery ends up tying back into the suspicious death of the lawyer’s father.  Oh goodie.  So he just happens to be going after blackmailers, randomly gets accused of murder, and then he’ll solve how his father gets killed.  Hopefully, he’ll be billing at $300 an hour for this.

I hope “Avatar” or “Clash of the Titans” are good films, not just for the sake of those movies, but because judging solely from his performance in “Terminator Salvation”, Worthington has got the charisma to be a star (even if he still has some trouble working past his Aussie accent).  Hopefully those films will give him more room to maneuver so we can see if he’s up to being the A-list star he’s on the verge of becoming.

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