Sam Worthington Promises WRATH OF THE TITANS Will Be Better than CLASH OF THE TITANS

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By now it’s a universal truth that Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans sucked giant, kraken-sized balls. The story was atrocious, the characters flat and the 3D FX were a terrible, headache-inducing mess. About the only thing Clash had going for it was star Sam Worthington – one of the more polished chaps on the Hollywood block if you ask me – who did his damndest in a thankless role, but still couldn’t quite save the film from the critical lambasting it received. Well, following a sudden trend in which stars like Mark Wahlberg and Shia LaBeouf publicly diss their own work, Worthington has seen fit to comment on Clash’s critical reception via Moviefone. His remarks give me hope that director Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles) and his crew have listened to the pleas of fans worldwide and will deliver a much grander sequel.  Said Worthington:

“I just think we can improve on it. I think the first one, we kind of let down some people. And yeah, I totally agree. The only point of doing a sequel is either the audience demands it or you believe you can better the first one. What we’re setting out to do with this one — the writers and the director and myself — is improve. I think I can act fucking better, to be honest … Just take all the notes from people that I have been reading about on the ‘net and give them a movie they fucking want. This one I want to kind of try to satisfy a lot more people.”

Wrath of the Titans is due out March 30, 2012.

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  • Darrin

    i believ in alex mason

  • Diana

    Jeff Ames, dramatic much?

  • eli b

    The thing is the guy seems to be getting more of his casual personality, which is the main drive for the likability of the guy, across the screen to an audience in his American work thus far. Hell even his accent got better through his Black Ops stint although it would break from time to time still, its always the vowel sounds when the guy raises his voice; and I hear the internet rumor that he’s actually pretty good in Michael Mann’s daughters movie “The Field”. So glasses up in the name of optimism.

    • Negro

      *raises glass*

    • Bill Graham

      It is “THE FIELDS.” I had to search around for that film for a bit when you drop the “s.”

      Personally, I didn’t think the film was truly terrible, but it wasn’t good either. Some decent set pieces, and I liked the undead guys. But the gods were sooooooo bad it left quite a bad taste in my mouth. Neeson, sucking as a god? Who woulda thought…

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  • junierizzle

    That aint saying much.

  • Jeff T.

    LOL at this angry cry baby Jeff Ames. Take a goddamn chill pill, pal. Damn, it’s no wonder people hate bloggers.

    And yeah, it’s not a “universal truth”. It’s only your own subjective opinion. Opinion is not a fact. Remember that.

    • junierizzle

      No. It really did suck and blow, at the same time.

  • dogg

    I thought it was far better than it had to be for an action flick aimed at 15 year-old boys. Nobody seems to make those anymore. For one thing, Titans’ Kraken put Carribean’s Kraken to shame. But the 3D post conversion was so bad it mangled some solid CG work.

  • gonzalez irene

    I have no qualms with sam taking on that role, dude can pull off most anything right now. however I am concerned with who the director might be.

  • Gemma

    “This one I want to kind of try to satisfy a lot more people.”

    Oh yessss… don´t just try – pls. satisfy me Sam! :-))

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  • burns and noble

    First one was enjoyable in a guilty pleasure sort of way. Acting wasnt great but I thought it was solid for a popcorn movie. I didnt see it in 3-D which may be the reason I didnt mind it but on BLU RAY it looks pretty cool. Overall the movie was not an award winner by any stretch but I didnt think it would be to begin with. Yes it was campy, cheesy and not well written but if anyone seen the original you would know the “remake” had the potential to be the same..

    enjoy this movie for what it is.

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  • ViolentTmac

    Good News! The first was absolutely terrible! I like Sam Worthington though, pretty cool guy. lol at the “kracken sized balls”

  • AshTalon

    I actually think Worthington is one of the worst parts of the film. He’s a pretty wooden actor from what I’ve seen of him (Avatar and Clash). Maybe if he didn’t have to concentrate on restraining his accent, we’d get better performances out of him. As it stands, he adds nothing to the projects he’s in.

  • gimpsuit

    Worthington is a cool mother fucker, no doubt. He’s honest and up front and very likable. His down to earth sytle just makes me smile in a world full of polished acturds.

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