Samuel L. Jackson Joins ROBOCOP Remake

     June 6, 2012


Samuel L. Jackson is making the shift from superheroes to violent robots.  Heat Vision reports that Jackson is joining the increasingly impressive cast of director Jose Padilha’s Robocop remake, taking on the role of a “charismatic TV mogul and a powerful force in the Robocop world.”  The Killing star Joel Kinnaman is set in the lead role, and Gary Oldman recently signed on to star as the scientist responsible for creating Robocop in the first place.  While I was fairly ambivalent about the prospect of this remake throughout its development, these three interesting casting choices make the film much more appealing.

Kinnaman recently described the update as “a new story within the old one,” so it’s safe to assume that Padilha’s version will differ quite a bit from the original Paul Verhoeven film.  Production is scheduled to begin this September in Toronto with an eye towards a possible summer 2013 release.

  • Mikey Filmz

    This movie will be made or broken based on the look of the suit. Either they are faithful to the original and keep it the same or go for a whole new design it will be a lose lose scenario. The old cheesy suit worked for the 80′s but might not work now. Don’t forget merchandising as well so it has to be universal. I expect alot of backlash after we see the first set phot of the suit and this film will fail despite the talent involved. Paul Verhoeven for the win !!!

  • tarek

    Verhoeven has made two classics: Total Recall and Robocop.

    But I will give this remake a chance, considering the great cast and that the Director is from Latin America. So he will bring some freshness to the Robocop franchise.

  • Big Mike

    I’ve recently read the script, and holy hell. All I can say is don’t get your hopes up.

  • henrieta

    robocop release date is august 9th 2013.there is nothing possible about it

  • oaktreeradar

    I’ll buy that for a dollar

    • Mikey Filmz

      Dont forget to account for inflation, its ill buy that for a $20 !!! lol

    • Joe

      Maybe we’ll hear the classic line as how it was meant to be spoken by Sam Jackson:

      “I’ll buy that for a dollar muthafucke.r”

      • Calcazone

        Holy shit yes!

  • jasperwolf

    Almost didn’t go to Avengers because Jackson was in it. Fortunately, he was sidelined for most of the film. He IS the Weakest Link in anything. The only “great” one in the Robo cast is Oldman. Kinnaman is unproven in the cinema. Look how Kitsch faired on the big screen. Praised for his TV acting, torpedoed in the movies. The critics sank his battleship.

    • JayJitsu

      Lol @Jasperwolf

      • JayJitsu

        In condescending snob voice: The only “great” one in the Robo cast is Oldman. Kinnaman is unproven in the cinema. Look how Kitsch faired on the big screen

    • i don’t think so


    • i don’t think so

      Hmmmm. You’re a fucking idiot for saying that about Mister Jackson. Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of protectionist fan boy geek fucks who have decided to put a fucking racist moratorium on Mister Jackson’s illustrious career. Fuck that shit. Mr. Jackson’s presence and performance brought motherfucking serious gravitas to each and every scene that was equal if not superior to any of the Avenger’s cast. Nearly every Avengers post, comment, podcast or observation in recent weeks seems determined to highlight his contribution as being out of place, as if he doesn’t belong. I mean what the fuck? Yeah, recent seemingly cash grab straight to video ventures can be questioned, but his box office accomplishments through specifically graphic novel/ sci-fi based films are almost unrivaled. Star Wars, Unbreakable, The Incredibles, The Spirit, Afro Samurai, Jumper, The Boondocks and now Avengers Assemble, not to mention bonafide classics like Jungle Fever, Mo Better Blues, Do The Right Thing, Menace To Society, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Deep Blue Sea, A Time To Kill and Jurassic Park have all seen Mr. Jackson in innumerable guises within crazy permutations. Look at the comic book store scene in Unbreakable, Jackson surrounded by Avengers art and paraphernalia in a film that articulated through beautiful prose the existential and philosophical nature of superheroes/ villains. Just out of curiosity, are you aware that Samuel Leroy Jackson is the ONLY recipient of a special supporting actor award at the Cannes film festival, you fucking child. Your bullshit attitude is something that is symptomatic of a contagion that is spreading throughout recent fanboy movie culture. First Michael Clarke Duncan in Daredevil, then Idris Elba in Thor…for fuuuuucks sake! People like you make me want to resent the idea and ethos of these fucking movies. Not to mention the idiotic misogyny that is just taken for granted among you lot, but that’s for another fucking debate. And before you say it’s not about race, well I don’t give a fuck. That kind of ignorance displayed is unqualified and idiotic and something needs to be said across tons of these fucking boards. Peace.

  • Grimcicle

    $10 says Jackson plays Dick Jones.

  • Sugreev2001

    For me,Robocop is the best 80′s action movie and instead of a remake,I just want a decent transfer to blu-ray.That movie has had the worst of releases on home video.Everything from Laserdisc to Blu-Ray has been atrocious.

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