Sandra Bullock in Early Talks to Star in OUR BRAND IS CRISIS; George Clooney to Produce

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A Gravity reunion of sorts is in the works.  The Wrap reports that Sandra Bullock is in early talks to star in the political comedy Our Brand Is Crisis, which is being produced by George Clooney and Grant Heslov for Warner Bros.  Based on the 2005 documentary of the same name from Rachel Boynton, the film revolves around the use of American political campaign strategies in Bolivia to help elect Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada as president.  Clooney and Heslov have been developing the film for quite a while now, but Heslov tells The Wrap that he feels the time has come for Our Brand Is Crisis to move forward.  At this time, Clooney only intends to produce the film and has no plans to direct.

A deal is not yet in place for Bullock to star, and the actress is mulling over a couple of projects for her next film.  One such project is the Screen Gems caper The Perfect Heist which follows a female thief who, when her male accomplices are arrested, recruits their wives and girlfriends to save them.  Watch the trailer for the Our Brand Is Crisis documentary after the jump.


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  • $29319547

    Gravity sucked. Why does nobody care about story and or character development anymore? Sure, effects are awesome but when working in conjunction with a well-told story and well-defined characters they can also make for emotionally resonant viewing instead of simply an ‘oooh cool’ factor. That over-hyped POS better not win best picture.

    • SomeGuy

      I’m not really sure which movie you saw (maybe After Earth?), but Gravity was deep in terms of character development. Stories generally aren’t meant to force feed you information. Sometimes you must look deeper into the material. Anyways, I feel like the film was emotionally resonant because of the contrast between the events in space with the everyday lives of people on Earth. That’s just my opinion. Cheers, mate!

      • $29319547

        It was all surface level gloss and I understood the character “development” from the first viewing, I just found it facile and unconvincing.

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  • Ethnic Food

    Nicely written post

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