Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to TV as a RINGER

     January 15, 2011


CBS has ordered a pilot for Ringer, a thriller in which Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as a young woman on the run from the mob.  Per Vulture, “[Gellar] assumes the life of her wealthy twin sister, only to find out that said sibling has a bounty on her head as well.”  From the sound of it, Gellar will play both characters, not to mention her role as co-executive producer.  The series comes from Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder (Supernatural).

I’ll happily welcome the beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer star back to television at the center of such craziness. It doesn’t sound like it fully fits the CBS brand, but the network has a history of trying something different with at least one among its series pickups in recent years.  As of now, I’m rooting for Ringer to earn that spot.

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  • Infinitemonkey

    I’m rather hopeful for this one as well. If nothing else but to see Sarah back on the stage.

    It seems that she wasn’t getting any interesting offers her way at all. Its good that she has finally taken the initiative to get projects made specifically made for her.

  • alex_manpsy

    Sarah Michelle Gellar or SMG has always had little range in her acting. She was overrated in Buffy everyone else in that series including Xander were much better actors. That probably explains her lack of traction in feature films.

    But she is charismatic, beautiful and in her narrow range, she can act decently enough. I’m all for her taking a leading role in a tv series, although this premise sounds kind of lame. I thought Supernatural was kind of lame, it’s was only half watchable due to the cool supernatural elements and it’s two leading men. This sounds less exciting and I’m not sure if double Gellars are a good thing. But admittedly I think she can play two good roles. (confident Buffy and insecure, frightened Buffy)

    • strick79

      You’re talking garbage alex_manpsy. She’s acted in a variety of roles pre and post buffy and while some of them may be similar none were completely the same. I’ve seen the majority of roles she’s done and I don’t find her range limited at all.

      Also when she needs to step the acting up she does like in the scene when Spike tried to rape Buffy, she sounded exactly like a woman would if that was happening to her which wasn’t an easy thing to do. I’ve seen actresses come and go and yet she is still my favourite since 1998 for her ability to both warm me and allow me to be charmed by her and on the flip side scare me with her venom and make me uneasy.

      Personally I’m very much hoping this series will be picked up. SMG forever!!!

      • Bearta

        Most of the time when people have to troll the net to complain about people it’s just sour grapes. I think a great actor is able to make someone briefly suspend their disbelief, and Sarah was able to do that as Buffy. You don’t win the hearts of millions and have a show that lasts seven years being mediocre.

    • Rayna

      LMAO @ Nick Brennan being a better actor than Sarah. You’re kidding right? And Willow? Alyson’s playing the same character every time she’s on screen.

  • mike

    I hope it gets picked up. We need our weekly Sarah dose. :)

  • Bearta

    I fondly recall the move Misery when thinking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We should have hobbled them all and made them make Buffy forever ;-) I like Sarah and I’ll watch her new show. I will always love Buffy and the gang and watch them endlessly on DVD though.

    • Bearta

      Lost my i somewhere… movie