Sarah Polley Asks Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams to TAKE THIS WALTZ

     January 28, 2010


Sarah Polley and Michelle Williams, two of Hollywood’s finest under-the-radar leading ladies, have been making the rounds at Sundance in promotion of their respective films: Polley stars in Splice, a tale of genetic mutation gone awry (check out a clip here), while Williams has been earning praise as one half of a failing relationship in Blue Valentine opposite Ryan Gosling.  It seems the actresses found time to meet for some business on the side, though, as Deadline reports that Polley secured financing to direct her script Take This Waltz, set to co-star Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen.

The script for Waltz found a spot on the 2009 Black List, a collection of the film industry’s finest unproduced screenplays.  This is no surprise as Polley was nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for her directorial debut, Away from Her, a film that demonstrated Polley’s maturity as a storyteller.  The story of Waltz is said to revolve around a love triangle between Polley, Williams, and Rogen; that’s a pretty fantastic cast, though they’re still looking for one more.  Polley and Williams bring gravitas to just about any role they undertake, and while Rogen added some pathos to his turn in this summer’s Funny People, his presence suggests a comedic element may be at play here.  I assume it’s more of a dramedy than an out-and-out romp, but this combination of actors certainly piques my interest the project, and I look forward to finding out who will be cast as the fourth lead.

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