UNDERCOVER BROTHER Director Malcolm Lee to Helm SCARY MOVIE 5; Production Begins This Summer

     April 24, 2012


Dimension Films had the fifth installment in the Scary Movie franchise slated to open this month until someone realized that the film didn’t exist yet, so they pushed it back to January 2013.  Now it appears Scary Movie 5 has a director and a production start-date.  EW reports that Malcolm Lee (Roll Bounce, Undercover Brother) will handle directing duties on Scary Movie 5David Zucker, who took over from the Wayans brothers and wrote and directed Scary Movie 3 and 4, will return to co-write and produce the fifth installment alongside Lee.  Production is set to begin this summer and casting is already underway.

We previously reported that The Comebacks writers John Aboud and Michael Colton as well as Stephen Leff would be penning the screenplay, but it’s possible that Dimension has decided to start over entirely.  The studio had been keen on bringing back some of the series’ original cast members, but there’s no word on where that plan stands now.  The entire franchise has really been rendered moot by the brilliant The Cabin in the Woods, so it’ll be interesting to see if they stick with their exhausted regular formula or if they shake things up (they won’t).  Scary Movie 5 is now slated to open on January 11th, 2013.

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  • Sugreev2001

    I’d rather see him work on ‘Undercover Brother 2′.

  • Tony

    Finally it is back in the hands of a black director, I am Irish and White but David Zucker ruined the franchise it was at it’s best as an American black comedy so hopefully that’ll be brought back a bit.

  • Georgs Mucas

    Zucker made the only great Scary Movie film, which was number 3.

  • Tony

    Yeah the third was probably second best because the other efforts were crappy. I hope they spoof Haunted house films this time there is a lot of them to spoof with Don’t be afraid of the Dark, Drag me to Hell, House at the end of the street, Woman in Black, Last house on the Left and Cabin in the woods could easily be tied together in a parody and even sneak in some found footage spoof here and there because the whole movie shouldn’t be made like that it wouldn’t work well.

    Ideally a Scream 4 or Final Destination spoof would be great but they are sort of out of the public eye now. :L

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  • Dale Herbest

    Personally, I love spoof movies (even the bad ones have one or two minor redeeming qualities). As long as Zucker and Lee cast Tim Curry in any role and Harrison Ford as the bumbling president (taking over for Leslie Nielsen) this movie is A-OK in my book.