Dimension Taps THE COMEBACKS Writers to Pen SCARY MOVIE 5, Hopes to Bring Back Some Original Cast Members

     August 23, 2011


As part of its plan to rejuvenate old franchises, Dimension Films has apparently hired screenwriters to work on Scary Movie 5, the wholly necessary fifth entry in the Scary Movie franchise. Bloody Disgusting reports that the studio has set The Comebacks writers John Aboud and Michael Colton, as well as screenwriter Stephen Leff to pen the screenplay. The report also states that the studio is keen on bringing back some of the series’ original cast members. BD says offers have been sent out to Anthony Anderson (Scary Movie 3 and 4), Regina Hall (Scary Movie 1-4) and Kevin Hart (Scary Movie 3 and 4), but the actors are yet to be officially involved.

There’s currently no director attached, but the lack of any vestige of an actual movie hasn’t kept the nonexistent film from being set for an April 20, 2012 release date.

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  • Mike

    Without Anna Faris, there’s literally no reason left to see this.

  • Nathan

    Seriously Mike, why the hell would you not try to get back Anna back first?

  • Brian B.

    I have always enjoyed watching this series, so if they’re making another one, I’ll gladly watch it. It’ll take off the putrid taste left from Date Movie, Epic Movie and Disaster Movie. Still, though, I really hope they keep the original cast together. This film really needs to have Anna Faris, Anthony Anderson, Regina Hall, and Kevin Hart to succeed. I know they’ve only begun to write the script and find the cast & crew, but I’d love to see this film spoof The Dark Knight, Avatar, The King’s Speech, Black Swan, Harry Potter, Twilight and Inception, among others.

  • Chuck Bartowski

    For the love of God: Make ANTHONY ANDERSON and KEVIN HART the main characters this time. They are the best things about the last 2 movies (and possibly the only good things). There’s no way anyone can say they don’t have spectacular chemistry and aren’t insanely hilarious. And they usually get the smartest, funniest bits of all the movies.

    Tone down Faris and Hall, and bump these guys up. Then I will no doubt go see the movie.

  • Chuck Bartowski

    Wait a sec… Hey ADAM, are you by any chance related to SCOTT Chitwood from ComingSoon.net?

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