Scott Derrickson Takes on GOLIATH

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Apparently still high on adrenaline after taking on the devil in 2005′s The Exorcism of Emily Rose, director Scott Derrickson is now calling out the Philistine giant Goliath.  According to Heat Vision, Derrickson has agreed to direct the Biblical underdog tale of David vs. Goliath for Relativity Media and Temple Hill.

Written by under-the-radar scribes John D. Payne and Patrick McKay, Goliath is shaping up to be in the vein of a period action flick such as 300.  The film will tell the story of the purported future King of Israel David as he attempts to flee the warrior Goliath who has been sent to kill him.  There is no word on when Goliath aims to begin production.  As for Derrickson, he is also currently attached to direct the sci-fi/family film The Substitute for Columbia and Sam Raimi’s Ghost House label.

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  • Corin Prendiville

    If they can make this movie true to the story that would be AWESOME. My friend and I were just talking about how the story of David would make an amazing movie. Though it should be a full-on epic about his entire life not just about his dealings with Goliath.

  • Matt

    Well, based off the brief description it looks like it won’t be based off the historical and biblical account. I think that even people who have never read the story know that Goliath was never sent to kill David. Goliath was taunting the Israelite army when David showed up to bring his brothers some food, he realized the Israelite army was shaking in their boots, so David stepped forward, but his faith in God and nailed a stone into Goliath’s forehead with a sling. Then cut Goliath’s head off with his own sword. And this was all before David was proclaimed to be the future king.

    I think they are getting confused with the part where later on King Saul gets a little crazy and sends men to kill David because he fears David taking the kingdom from him, even though David loved Saul and had no such intentions. I’m hoping that is their actual intention. The story of King David would make an excellent series of movies using the material right out of the old testament. lots of bloody action, victories, defeats, stories of love, loyalty, betrayal, adultery, murder and redemption.

    I pray they do it right!

  • Martyn

    This director was meant to be making a version of Milton’s Paradise Lost. What ever happened to that project?

  • alex

    The opening of Troy where Achilles kills that big guy with one hit, is pretty much what David did only, David would be a scrawny 16 year old, most likely.

    Considering Goliath is pretty much a giant brainless monster, which David kills with one hit from a stone. I’d say the story probably never happened.

    So this seems like an attempt to flesh out that non existent character a little.

    • Matt

      Alex, I encourage you to actually read the story of David. There is plenty of other things that happened to David over the course of his life. His confrontation with Goliath is a small segment in an overall very fascinating and dramatic life story.

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