Screen Gems Acquires Film Rights for Video Game DEVIL MAY CRY

     February 28, 2011


The Resident Evil series has been good to Screen Gems.  The four films have collectively grossed more than $580 million.  Resident Evil: Afterlife is the studio’s highest grossing production at $296 million worldwide.  There are plans for another sequel (obviously).  And if things go according to plan, the Resident Evil universe will have inspired another lucrative franchise at Screen Gems.

Capcom initially developed video game Devil May Cry as the third Resident Evil game.  But Devil May Cry wound up bearing no particular resemblance to Resident Evil, so Capcom launched the former as an original property.  Now the five Devil May Cry games have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.  Variety reports Screen Gems has picked up the feature film rights to Devil May Cry.  Kyle Ward, who also adapted the video game Kane & Lynch, will write the script.

The games center around Dante, a man who slaughters demons to avenge his mother’s death.  Watch a trailer for one of the more recent installments to get a sense of the visuals at play.


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