Sean Bean Joins Lana and Andy Wachowski’s JUPITER ASCENDING as Han Solo-Type Character

     February 5, 2013


Directors Lana and Andy Wachowski are gearing up to begin production on the sci-fi pic Jupiter Ascending, and some Game of Thrones royalty has now joined the cast.  The story “is set in a time where humans are at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder and follows a woman who has been targeted for assassination by the queen of the universe.”  Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis are already set as the leads with Eddie Redmayne also poised to star, and now Deadline reports that Sean Bean has joined the cast.  Bean will play a character named Stinger who is described as a Han Solo-type, and he should add some “gruff” to the cast that’s been assembled thus far.  Bean is a fine actor and I’m eager to see him play around in the sci-fi realm, but I guess it’s time to start taking bets on how long his character will last in the film before dying.

  • Bruce Harrington

    Can we assume that he will die in “Jupiter Acceding”?

  • Jackson Ott

    He’s gonna die

  • D

    Yep, also calling it.
    He’ll die doing something heroic/tragic

  • ap30

    Sean Bean WILL LIVE.

  • gali

    As far as I remember, Han Solo survived the Star Wars series. So there is hope for Sean…