April 19, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

Yes, I’m aware we ran an image just a few hours ago for Peter Jackson’s upcoming film, “The Lovely Bones”, but since A) we haven’t seen anything from this film until today and B) it’s Peter Jackson and that means we run it, we’re bringing you this new image that ran tonight at USA Today. While the actor is obscuring his face with his hand, we can assure you that is Stanley “The Tooch” Tucci (I wonder if anyone has ever actually gone up to Tucci and called him “The Tooch”…) who plays the rapist/murderer neighbor who also likes dollhouses (as if that weren’t a huge tip-off right there that he likes to rape and murder).

Jackson also spoke with USA Today about the film. Even though the story focuses on a young girl who is raped and murdered, Jackson finds the story oddly hopeful. “I found it to be both hopeful and strangely comforting, I think perhaps because Susie herself comes to terms with her death, and her attitude helps to inform our own. As narrator, she never veers into self-indulgence or self pity.” When asked about the themes of the story, Jackson replies, “I think my partner, Fran Walsh, put it best when she said ‘The Lovely Bones’ is about the triumph of a loving and generous heart over an empty one. It’s about a young girl who refuses to let the tragedy and injustice of her death define her life.”

Click here to read the full interview with Jackson and check out the new image below. “The Lovely Bones” hits theatres on December 11th.

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