April 30, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

“Clash of the Titans” is on my to-see list and waits patiently in my Netflix queue behind some Werner Herzog films and the Pusher trilogy (although I am in the middle of “The Princess Diaries” so it is all subject to bizarre whims) so I don’t know how these set photos from Lo que pasa en Tenerife relate to the original film or what kind of Greek mythology they’re drawing on. My only real question is it supposed to look old? Sure, ancient structures look ancient to us because they’re, you know, ancient. But when they were first built, shouldn’t they look new-ish? Isn’t this film supposed to be about the pre-ancient times of myth and all of that brought to life and not merely old temples and rusted artifacts?

Eh, what the hell do I know. I haven’t seen the original. While I boot up my Netflix on Xbox 360, check out one of the images below and click here or on the image to see it larger as well as some other images Lo que pasa en Tenerife snapped of the set.

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