Exclusive: Director Seth Gordon Talks WARGAMES Remake

     June 24, 2011


This afternoon, Collider got the opportunity to do an exclusive phone interview with director Seth Gordon, to talk about his hilarious and outrageous new comedy Horrible Bosses, out in theaters on July 8th.  Since it was just announced that he has signed on to develop the remake of the 1983 sci-fi thriller WarGames, that co-starred Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy, we were able to talk to him about that as well.

While we will run the portion of the interview about Horrible Bosses closer to that film’s release date, we wanted to post what he had to say about his WarGames remake today.  Gordon told us that he was attracted to the project because he loves the original and is a bit of a hacker fanatic himself, he has a real point-of-view on the material and how the world has changed since the original film, and that he sees the attention on the project as a cool challenge to make the best film they possibly can. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

seth-gordon-imageQuestion: Is the remake of WarGames the thing that you’re going to be focusing on next?

SETH GORDON: That’s a big project, and I’m going to be focusing on it immediately, but not exclusively. It will take a long time ‘cause we have to write it and then cast it. It’s a lot of steps. I’m hoping to get that going, and also sneak a smaller film, in between.

What is it about that film that appeals to you and made you feel like it was something that you could put your own stamp on?

GORDON: I love the original. I’m a bit of a hacker fanatic, and know a fair bit about that industry and cyber crime and cyber warfare. I have a real point-of-view on the material and how things have changed. And also, I think the politics of the world have changed in really fascinating ways since 1983. There’s no longer a monolithic evil empire somewhere, spreading a different philosophy of life. That doesn’t exist. It’s a much more complicated, nuanced, political world we’re in, and I think that actually makes for a more interesting plot to tell. Frankly, cyber attack is a lot more real.

As a filmmaker who, up until now, has gotten to make films without the attention being on them until they’re done, is it daunting to have so much attention focused on you for a project, pretty much as soon as you sign on the dotted line?

GORDON: No, I think it’s fine. I prepared myself mentally already for those who love the original so much that they’ll never like what we do, no matter what it is. That’s just a given. And then, beyond that, I just think it’s about trusting our instincts and making the best film we possibly can. I don’t find that daunting. I find it a cool challenge, honestly.





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  • Cody k

    No no no no no no no no no no no.

    • ipisking

      I agree 100%%%%%

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  • aaronsullivan

    This is a great idea. Things have changed so much that the focus could be entirely different and with Anonymous and Lulzsec wreaking havoc and individual hackers with agendas like taking down sites that support jihad, it couldn’t be more timely. Very fertile ground for a gripping story if this guy really knows his stuff.

    Also, it won’t be stepping on the toes of the original, I imagine. Taking the premise of a young but clever hacker getting in over his head and being the key to preventing nuclear war has a lot of room in it to avoid stomping on the original, imo.

  • Cody

    If it is the same premise, it is a requirement that the “game” he is playing is, in fact, the video game DEFCON.

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  • brandon

    Has nobody learned a lesson from remakes. They usually suck! The only time it is acceptable is when you take a relatively unknown POS movie and make it better, nit a great movie that will be either entirely different with the same title, or just plain terrible! I would feel like such a hack if I was remaking a movie instead of doing something original.

  • Andrew Sanders

    Oh joy,…another remake!(yawn!!)

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  • Joshua



  • Rex Craigo

    How about NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remakes ALWAYS blow.

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