Seth Grahame-Smith Polishing Script for THE FANTASTIC FOUR

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20th Century Fox is doing a bit of polishing on their Fantastic Four reboot script.  Jeremy Slater was tapped to pen the redo last summer shortly after Josh Trank (Chronicle) signed on to direct, and with a March 2015 release date looming, the studio is ready to start heading towards production.  Just the other day we learned that X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn is joining the project as producer, and now word comes that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer author/screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith has done some script work on the film.  Hit the jump for more.

fantastic-four-rebootPer Heat Vision, Seth Grahame-Smith has completed some polish screenwriting work on The Fantastic Four.  Though plot details are being kept under lock and key, apparently the reboot “is taking a grounded superhero and sci-fi approach to the heroes and will tap deep into the comics mythology.”  It’s unknown how significant Grahame-Smith’s work on the screenplay is/will be, but his past resume doesn’t exactly inspire a ton of confidence.  The genre-heavy author wrote Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which both suffered from some pretty significant script problems.

Nevertheless, Grahame-Smith is most certainly a fan of genre fare and hopefully his contributions to the script will prove fruitful.  Vaughn should make for an excellent producer on the film, and Trank showed tremendous promise with Chronicle so I’m eager to see how the pic turns out.  We’re likely to start hearing some casting news soon.  The Fantastic Four is set to open on March 6, 2015.

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  • Shmojo

    Polishing a turd with a turd.

  • Dobby

    Hmm, my interest in this just dropped now he’s involved.

  • Brian

    The Fantastic Four reboot could be all sorts of awesome, that being said, I am hardly optimistic.

  • Dan

    Mr. Fantastic – Ben Whishaw
    Invisible Woman – Michelle Williams
    Human Torch – Jai Courtney
    The Thing – Joel Edgerton
    Doctor Doom – Tom Hardy
    Moleman – Brendan Gleeson
    Puppet Master – Brad Dourif
    Namor – Zachary Quinto
    Diablo – Jim Caviezel
    Galactus – Michael Ironside

    • StupidScientist

      Great list here’s mine:

      Mr. Fantastic – Channing Tatum
      Invisible Woman – Gabourey Sidibe
      Human Torch – Michael Cera
      The Thing – Christoph Waltz
      Doctor Doom – Mark Wahlberg
      Moleman – Jim Carrey
      Puppet Master – Denzel Washington
      Namor – Matthew McConaughey
      Diablo – Tommy Lee Jones
      Galactus – Daniel Day Lewis

      • Andrew

        Gabourey Sidibe would be a better choice than Olivia Munn(look at facebook comments), i know nerds love her but she isn’t good at all.

      • Dan

        Actually Daniel Day-Lewis would be an awesome Galactus.

      • StupidScientist

        @Dan: Daniel Day Lewis could be an awesome anything. They’d cast him as Oprah in a biopic of her life and he’d win a Oscar. Anyway here’s my fantasy unlimited budget list for a young Ultimate Fantastic Four movie:

        Mr. Fantastic – Joseph Gordon Levitt ( 1st choice was Henry Cavill but he’s Superman now)
        Invisible Woman – Jennifer Lawrence
        Human Torch – Logan Lemar
        The Thing – Tom Hardy
        Doctor Doom – Benedict Cumberbatch
        Moleman – Brian Cox
        Puppet Master – Steve Buscemi
        Namor – Ian Somerhalder
        Diablo – Gary Oldman
        Galactus – CGI voiced by Clancy Brown

  • Lovetron

    This does not bode well. I’ve always thought FF was a great property to re-explore what a comic movie is or can be, and make something new and unique (even in the wake of some great fare over the last decade or so). Pretty sure we’re in store for just another mediocre re-hash now.

  • Tj!

    I always thought that Tom Hanks would have been a perfect Reed Richards. I know he’s older than the studio is looking at but I just feel that the FF always were a little more older and experienced than the rest of the Marvel U. If you think about it they were heroes before they even had superpowers. I’m not sure if any actor or director will ever be able to give life to Dr.Victor Von Doom the way my imagination has What they did to Doom in those other films made me sick with nerd rage. I loved Chronicle and find myself drawn in with every repeat viewing and really do feel that Trank truly has love and respect for the source material. He just better not F**k up Dr.Doom.

  • shella

    um Why could they not have just done a Fantastic Four 3, 4, and now be on a 5th one if they continued making them every two years? I do not want to see a damn remake. Fail. I will not be seeing this. No need for a damn remake, the first two films did well enough, just do a better third movie and go one making more with the same cast, instead of remaking. Also, where is the Silver Surfer spin off?

    • Dan

      Lets start shall we? 1.) The guy who directed Taxi did the first 2 films. 2.) Not showing the Silver Surfer’s origin story even though his name is in the fucking title. 3.) In the first film, Ben changes back into the thing to stop Doom and save Reed. Where did he find the energy that Doom stole earlier when they were miles away, how was he able to work a machine that Reed just invented, how did he use it from the inside, and how was he able to be in the same exact condition as the Thing in the first place? 4.) They turned Galactus instead of a giant god like being, they turned him into the smoke monster from Lost. 5.) Nothing happens in act 2 of the first film. 6.) Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman. And 7.) They completely ruined Dr. Doom! They showed his face, and gave him powers. WRONG WRONG WRONG! That’s why. Those movies were so bad that they need a reboot.

      • anonymous

        They also 1.) changed the Silver Surfer’s powers and motives 2.) Gave Johny Super-Skrull powers for some unknown and unexplained reason 3.)Put Dr. Doom in the spaceship with them 4.)Ripped off Spider-man with the whole Doom Industries storyline 5)And didn’t have an actual fight till the end of the 1st one, which lasted about 5 min

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  • Yurine

    Seth can write a book but he definetly cannot write a script.

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