Seth MacFarlane Wouldn’t Mind Ending FAMILY GUY, Wants to Reboot STAR TREK on TV, Has New Series with Alex Borstein in the Works

     October 12, 2011


For those who think that maybe the return of the once canceled animated comedy series Family Guy has run its course since being brought back from the dead, you may have one pivotal team member on your side: series creator Seth MacFarlane. In a recent cover story from THR, the man who has been dominating Fox’s Animation Domination with series like Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad, says he thinks the show may need to call it quits on TV. MacFarlane says,

“Part of me thinks that Family Guy should have already ended. I think seven seasons is about the right lifespan for a TV series. I talk to the fans and in a way I’m kind of secretly hoping for them to say we’re done with it. There are plenty of people who say the show is kind of over the hill. But still the vast majority go pale in the face when I mention the possibility.”

However, even if the series were to end, that wouldn’t be the end of the Griffins. Hit the jump to find out why, and for what MacFarlane had to say about the other new shows he has in the works, not to mention an idea that’s sure to be controversial amongst some very passionate sci-fi fans.

seth_macfarlane_01MacFarlane said he would love to be able to make a Family Guy movie every couple years, “Creatively, that would be the way to do it for me. Do a really fantastic final episode while the show is still strong.” Fans would be disappointed, but in a way it’s good to hear that MacFarlane himself knows that he might need to quit before the show overstays its welcome. But MacFarlane has plenty of new shows in the works, not to mention an idea that’s sure to be controversial amongst some very passionate sci-fi fans. More details after the jump.

Anyone who’s seen any given episode of Family Guy can tell that MacFarlane is quite the pop culture connoisseur. More specifically, MacFarlane is quite the sci-fi nerd, especially since he parodied the original Star Wars trilogy with three extended episodes of Family Guy. However, it sounds like he wants to take a more serious approach to another high profile sci-fi property. MacFarlane says he would love to reboot Star Trek on television. “I don’t know who would give me the keys to that car, but I’d love to see that franchise revived for television in the way that it was in the 1990s: very thoughtful, smartly written stories that transcend the science fiction audience.” MacFarlane himself has appeared in a couple episodes of Star Trek Enterprise, so he’s certainly passionate about the mythology and long-running franchise. There’s not better time for a new series with the popularity of J.J. Abrams’ film franchise reboot taking the spotlight.

Though MacFarlane may only have pipedreams of a new Star Trek series, the man himself has a few new series in the works already. First, his remake of The Flintstones is on the way, but he also has another animated series comingwith Alex Borstein (the voice of Lois on Family Guy) and Will & Grace executive producer Gary Janetti, who has written for Family Guy. There’s also some sort of live-action series in the works from MacFarlane’s Family Guy and Ted writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. So even with the end of Family Guy potentially on the horizon, the MacFarlane presence on TV isn’t going anywhere soon. As an avid fan of Family Guy and MacFarlane’s sense of humor in general, I’m eager to see what else he has up his sleeve.


  • Bob

    Seth McFarlane has got it wrong. What he needs to do is stop with the terrible Cleveland show, the subpar American Dad and this silly Flinstones remake idea, and focus on making Family Guy as funny and creative as it was three seasons ago…you can tell the quality of FG has slipped drastically since he is doing all of these other shows, and let’s all be honest…they aren’t that funny.

    South Park is a great example of a show that has remained relevant, hilarious and gotten better with age. FG just doesn’t have the quality anymore, and at times the “jokes” are just cruel, unintelligent dribble, only there because they were too lazy to come up with something funny.

    Stewey is the only consistently funny and clever part of FG left.

    Also, Seth McFarlane, dude….now a Star Trek series remake? Have you ever had an original idea? First the Simpsons, than you ripped off yourself, the Flinstones….I find it utterly unbelievable that this guy makes millions rehashing so much stuff.

    • M&M

      There are no “original” ideas. Anything and everything is derivitive of something that has come before.

      • Bob

        Can’t agree with that.

        Other than being an animated show, South Park and the Simpsons have nothing to do with each other. Was their influence? Sure…but McFarlane created a suburban cartoon family with kids and a baby. Then he created another show with a cartoon family…with kids and an alien (baby?). then he created a show about a black family, with kids. And a baby.

        Yes, alot of shows are inspired by other shows….but there is a big difference in influencing and ripping off. It’s why McFarlane is considered a clown by these other shows and their creators….not that McFarlane cares, with his 100 million. But a Star Trek reboot?

        I think I just miss good ideas…smart concepts with great writing and characters. That’s just me.

      • cmait1

        Maybe Seth should do a reboot on Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges had 3 tv pilots but none of them went anywhere and those pilots were Jerks of All Trade,The Three Stooges Scrapbook and Kook’s Tour.

    • pr0jecktpat

      Rehashing old shows/movies/concepts is something that Hollywood has shown to be profitable. Most people (not all mind you) will watch something that is a remake or a call back to an older property because of their familiarity with said property. This idea is profitable, but it cripples new and original ideas because people rather not take a risk on an unproven/unknown project. With the cost of production rising and audiences wanting to pay less for more, studios will always go with what they think is a sure shot, rather than an idea that they have no idea about its chances of success.

    • M&M

      TV/movies aren’t the only storytelling mediums, my friend.

      Print has “inspired” more than you realize. I stand by my original statement.

      • Bob

        Sure everything has its roots in the classics….don’t mean to say that most ideas have their roots in something else…but there is a difference in creating something innovative and different and in copying directly from another popular source ( The Simpsons).

        As I posted above, Family Guy has had some great seasons and great episodes, but McFarlane had spread himself far too thin with everything he has going these days, IMO.

    • edwin mentzer

      yeah i love family guy but seth macfarlane has got it all f—ing wrong like family guy is a really good,funny and an expiering series i lllllllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiitttttt

    • Bill

      You’re a fucking educated moron if you think American Dad is sub-par.

    • chris

      you review is negligible due to saying american dad is subpar….and in reality you are probably more then subpar.

    • cvghacagh


    • tarantulus

      South Park has a talking piece of shit: Epicfail.

  • Tony

    I think Family Guy could go on for a few more seasons. IMHO this latest season’s first few episodes have been some of the best FG episodes I’ve ever seen. However, The Cleveland Show is just terrible and should go away.

  • carsoG

    south park sucks buddy

    • Adam

      im not your buddy guy!!

      • Twistednic

        He’s not your guy friend.

      • Bob

        Now that’s what I’m talking about. LMFAO.

      • Gustavo

        Shut up, bob…

    • joey joe

      I agree. South park is the worst.

      • areona barkley

        whats wrong with saying fuck! fuckfuckityfuckfuckfuck

      • Tyler

        South Park is the best fucking shit to ever be broadcast on television.

      • brad

        Besides family guy and the Simpsons.

  • Richard

    He’s been trying to get FG pulled off the air for years now. I might bring up the episode where Brian eats Stewie’s poop out of a diaper. Seth keeps pushing the envelope, and FOX keeps letting him. It’s not smart or witty anymore, it’s just gross and violent without a hint of intellegence.

    • Rashad

      Yet that episode was one of their best, and most thoughtful

  • Ryan

    As much as I love family guy, I’d be cool with Seth ending the series on a high note and then possibly revisiting the Griffins on the big screen in the future.

    • The Train!

      until we can travel back in time, ending FG on a high note will remain impossible.


    I agree, American Dad sucks! Cleveland show super sucks!
    Family guy is awesome! But I heard it slipped in quality lately (Though i am not up to date as tv here in UK shows random re runs.)

    It should maybe end, but I want more GRIFFIN! Peter & Stewy and Quagmire and Herbert are genius creations, as is Mayor Adam West, who would have been better having his own spin off series instead of Cleveland.
    Cleveland is the worst character in family guy!

    The Star Wars family guys, were awfully written! I love Star Wars and they were done exceptionally well, but I feel the animators stole the show there and the writers rushed out their scripts the night before I feel. Should have been much much funnier.

    Bring back Adam West I say!!!

    (Oh Star Trek reboot? Hmm maybe)

    • Enigmatic

      While I can’t defend the Cleveland Show American Dad for me has been the funniest of the MacFarlane show for the last couple of seasons. Roger is the funniest character on all of those shows.

    • Martino

      I totally agree that The Cleveland Show sucks, infact i agree with most of what you are saying, however in my opinion American Dad! is by far the funniest of the 3. Have you tried watching more then a few episodes? The humour is so much better then Family Guy and the characters (once you get to know them) are hilarious, i practically find myself in stitches during every episode at some point, just as i use to be during the old seasons of Family Guy!

      I say, for those who are giving up on Family Guy, give American Dad! a chance. If u have a decent sense of humour, i garentee you will not be disappointed!

      • Amber

        Agreed. Love american and rodger makes that show!

  • Bob

    South Park is ten times better now than it was when it started. Last season was brilliant. Family guy is a one joke (flashbacks) pony…again, Stewey is the saving grace. But, I also understand that many viewers in today’s world don;t understand subtle humor and anything more sophisticated than sight gags and flashback humor.

    So, to each their own. I will strongly disagree.

    • dogg

      “South Park is ten times better now than it was when it started”.
      Wow, really? Matt and Trey are literally making episodes–and documentaries–about how they’re out of ideas. I remember “City Wok” was the first episode that didn’t make me laugh, and there’s only been about 5 good ones since that. South Park needs to can the series approach and just do specials.

  • chrissy

    I loved Family Guy, but I do agree it may be coming to it’s end soon. My new favorite is American Dad!! lol, well I love Roger XD I tried to get into the Cleveland Show but it’s just not for me. I really hope he keeps American Dad.
    I’m not so sure if I like the idea of him rebooting the Flinstones :/

  • BobaFett


    South Park has 2 or 3 excellent episodes per season…the rest suck.

    FG has 3 or 4 excellent episodes per season, 1 or 2 very good ones, and the rest suck.

    Cleveland Show just sucks.

    American Dad has had 3 or 4 episodes period that were excellent. The Rest Suck.

    Animation and television are just that way. The writers have a hard time writing timely material when by the time it’s written, animated, and approved the joke is already old. (Which is why so much rehash pervades in the genre).

  • Jeff

    I was thinking about this the other day, why don’t they cancel Familiy Guy…

  • GerryA

    FG isn’t as great as it was when it first started. American Dad, season 3 onwards has taken the mantle as Seth’s funniest show (once it stopped trying to parody Red state America and just concentrated on these messed up characters in messed up situations). South Park is the best animated show on TV bar none. Sure it had a dry patch at the start of th current season, but if it continues like last weeks Matrix episode, I may die from laughter. Venture Bro’s would be 2nd, followed by American Dad, then Archer.

    • Ian M Fastert

      There’s a little show I know called Futurama…

  • Brandon

    Are you guys really serious? I’m a devoted Family Guy fan.. sure some of the newer episodes have a different kind of humor that might not hit everyone BUT by far FG is the best show on tv. Even the not so great episodes blow south park out of the water

  • Ringbearer1420

    Transitioning to film is a brilliant idea. Especially as their is usually jack out to see. I’m not South Park fan but tye movie was awesome and it’s beyond me why they don’t consider doing more films.

  • Trent_N

    Seriously been wondering if this “Flintstones” reboot will affect Flintstones Vitamins and/or Fruity Pebbles..

    • dude

      damn…its true…lol

  • Maezie

    I can tell he’s not interested in Family Guy anymore. It’s not as funny as it use to be. He needs more black writers for the Cleveland Show. If he’s going to have a black family, they need to do things that black people can relate to. His movie references are just like the ones on Family Guy and American Dad. I love all of his shows, but the Cleveland Show needs work. He should reference things like Soul Train, black movies, and black television shows. He does more “black” things on Family Guy and American Dad.

    • dude

      like most shows, it takes time to get everything ironed out and decided. he might just be experimenting with a different audience, seeing what they like. when he finds it, you will see more of it.
      btw cleveland is pretty white though

  • WD

    I’m not a massive Cleaveland show fan…I LOVE American Dad…Family Guy is fantastic but they used to have simple, hilarious shows and now are way too over the top or off the map…I still find myself laughing at bits here and there and selfishly want Seth to continue to make American Dad and Family Guy last as long as the Simpsons….or longer.

    Flintstones isn’t too complex…I’m sure he’ll have plenty of time for other things. I don’t know about his other projects well enough to judge them but I would prefer he do something with a live-action series like Star Trek as the man is quite creative and can branch off successfully I’m sure.

  • josh

    Cleaveland show is just a wast of time and effort to me… he needs to spend more time on family guy and american dad, i have to say that them two shows are the best things on tv these days..
    family guy has come along way and maybe has lost a bit of its humor the past few seasons but it is a great show that just need a bit more effort put into it for that good old feel..

    and a Star Trek series??? seriously?? thats gonna suck

  • Brad

    Okay here is my opinion.

    - Television animation goes, The Flintstones, The Simpson’s, and then Family Guy.

    - The Flintstones was the first primetime animated series to last more than two seasons. It is a classic amongst animated television and hands down Hanna-Barbera’s best show. The Simpson’s is an instant classic as well, surpassing The Flintstones in running time and being the first animated show to present adult themes on television since The Flintstones in 1966. I strongly consider Family Guy to be third in line to The Flintstones and The Simpson’s. The reasons why, yes Family Guy borrows a lot from The Simpson’s. Family Guy also presents it’s own form of humor, the flashbacks and random jokes interrupting the story. Yes MacFarlane used the family formula for American Dad and The Cleveland Show, but they also have a lot of individualism. American Dad relies more on story than flashbacks and random humor. I also consider Family Guy third, because of the cancellation it suffered twice, returning because of DVD sales. In 2009 it was nominated for an emmy, the first since The Flintstones in 1961. Now South Park is a very funny show at times and I have nothing against South Park or it’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but it is very different to Family Guy, stylistically and material wise. I respect both shows, although I favor Family Guy.

    - Now I do agree with MacFarlane on Family Guy ending. Trust me I am a huge fan of Family Guy, a very devout and loyal fan. I have followed Family Guy since it premeired in 1999. I even remember the early MacFarlane shorts The Life of Larry from Cartoon Network from when I was younger. I have a very emotional attachment to the show, growing up on it’s comedy. I believe it should end though. It has reached it’s peak and should before it becomes The Simpson’s. The Simpson’s has had 23 seasons and it should of ended about season 10, or they should of at least ended The Simpson’s on the movie at the latest. MacFarlane just doesn’t want to keep it going and there is not point in doing so. It should be ended and the movie idea every few years, I could live with that. American Dad and The Cleveland Show will run for a few more seasons.

    - Now onto MacFarlane’s reboots and new show idea’s. First, The Flintstones reboot. I am fairly happy about this reboot and I am very anxious to see where MacFarlane goes with it. I believe he has a lot of respect for the show and will approach it with respect and time. MacFarlane worked at Hanna-Barbera, before creating Family Guy so I can see his interest. He also says Fred Flintstone was the first cartoon character he drew at age 2. I think the biggest misconception with this reboot is that it will be crude and dark humored in the tradition of Family Guy and American Dad, I don’t think so. It is scheduled for 2013 and I am waiting with the best intentions…. okay I also read that MacFarlane is working on a new animated series with Alex Borstein and Gary Janetti, both writers on Family Guy. This will be animated show 5 if you count The Flintstones, 6 if you count his internet series, Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. Also, Family Guy and Ted writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild are developing a show, which I am sure MacFarlane will contribute to as well. He has a full length feature film coming out his July as well, Ted. In addition to this he is re-producing the Carl Sagan documentary Cosmos: A Personal Voyage with host Neil deGrasse Tyson, due to air in 2013. Now to the Star Trek reboot series, I also like this idea. Reason’s, I am sure Seth has an affinity for Star Trek too. He seems to want to approach this respectively too, I think he just wants to bring Star Trek back becasue their is so much potential. I am not sure what if he wants to revive the original series or The Next Generation or create an original idea, but I am with it. Seth Green is coming out with a new Star Wars show. So I say let Seth have Star Trek, we need guys like MacFarlane and Green in charge of these projects, sure their best known for comedic works. They are passionate fans as well and have lots of potential for the actual material. Now a lot of people will say I am favoring MacFarlane, well that’s your opinion…I say go for whatever your heart desires Seth. He is a presences in television and will be for years to come no matter what anybody really thinks.

  • Michael

    I used to love Family Guy when I was younger. It’s comedy was just the best to me and I always dreamed of it having its own channel. But now, I find myself more drawn towards American Dad! Roger is what made me first pay attention to the show, and ever since I first saw him, I have loved the show much more than Family Guy. Call me crazy, but I agree with Seth. I think he should end Family Guy, and put more focus on American Dad!

  • Michael

    I used to love Family Guy when I was younger. It\’s comedy was just the best to me and I always dreamed of it having its own channel. But now, I find myself more drawn towards American Dad! Roger is what made me first pay attention to the show, and ever since I first saw him, I have loved the show much more than Family Guy. Call me crazy, but I agree with Seth. I think he should end Family Guy, and put more focus on American Dad!

  • Connor

    Well, I hope if he does wrap it up soon that whatever project he works on next will be just as good. I’m more than a devout fan of that show, that show has been very therapeutic for me. In a time where tv sucks, and good comedy is almost unheard of nowadays, Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory are the only shows worth watching. They are the only shows that make me laugh legitimately. Not to mention, one of the greatest things about Family Guy, and I don’t know if it is entirely Seth’s doing or all the writers involved, but the show, and the sense of humor, fit my idea of comedy and life in general to a tee. I’ve never had as many “Wow, I’m not the only one who does or thinks that.” moments in my life.

  • RedZone

    Totally agree that Seth should branch out into different things, as his “be as edgy and offensive as possible” shtick has run its course alooooong time ago.

  • Bill

    You’re a fucking educated moron if you think American Dad is sub-par and easy-jokes, immature Family Guy is somehow superior.

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  • fdsdf

    bills a retard

  • ca

    Idiot mcfarlane needs to stop his crap.

    Family Guy ending would be a disaster waiting to happen.

  • dude

    for one, people feel like he is ripping off the simpsons because the simpsons has taken 23 seasons worth of ideas. if no one recalls a family guy episode where peter gets tv shut down or messed up, and he goes to get help, then homer comes and says the same pleading thing that peter said about getting help. then peter was like no..we got to this one first.
    secondly, all shows change oer time, just as people do. one of the reasons macfarlane made american dad and the cleveland show is to appeal to different audiences.
    Family guy is still on the top, and always will be. one of my favorite episodes, yug ylimaf, was in season 11. i think that he should continue making it. whoever wants the show to end, just stop watching it….just save everyone else their time.
    the cleveland show, like any other new show, is still in the experimentation stage. they are testing different angles and themes to see what gets the best reaction out of their audience.
    american dad is getting to be amazing. all of macfarlanes works are on the top. you dont hear about the maker of the simpsons or south park being offered a movie deal(ted) roger, for instance, is an original(i concluded its based off of the roswell alien)
    these whows should all go on for a long time….much longer. they are for entertaining the masses, and they are doing their jobs better than any other.

  • mark

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  • Morgana “Morgan” Chamberlynk

    They should have cancelled on the 7th season anyway the show sucks now without Brian

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  • henjo

    Family Guy is not funny anymore. Season 1-3 was good until Season 4 was going down hill. Brian is not my best character in Family Guy and ruined my show that he is annoying. Seth McFarlane needs to take him off the show and make it funny so I will love Family Guy. I will say Brian sucks and I hate him including Vinnie. Someone post a video on YouTube that Brian is back and I saw someone hates Brian and I reply to him and agree with him. But I still like Family Guy and if Brian is gone I will like the show more.

  • cmait1

    Peter should divorce Lois,leave Meg with her take Chris,Brian & Stewie buy a mansion and marry Eva Longoria.

  • buddyboo

    Don’t think, just end it.

    Used to love it, but I got the sense that either they were going to make Family Guy more serious, or they ran out of steam and began to suck after season 9 – both possibilities indicate it is time for FG to end.

  • Marty

    What I like about FG is the characters, because they are stereotypes and yet stray from the stereotypes, and are just themselves. They seem more real to me than other shows where the humour is often in the stereotype itself, or where it seems forced, which gets old, even with American guy, which I enjoy but which is not quite the same. FG’s characters are a bit unpredictable, but still within character. You get to know them, and yet they still surprise you, but in a believable way. Sometimes the humour is over the top, but mostly I find it refreshing, making the complex simple and the simple complex, generally just turning things upside down. Takes the tension out of a long boring day of political correctness.


    Sure, family guy has already been as funny as its gonna get, be done with it. I’m a fan and has been since I was 10 when the show started, but if Seth feels it should be done and he is just waiting for the fans to let go then so be it. Its very obvious he is trying to shake everyone loose from family guy and get bad ratings so fox cancels it, the show is just lazy now with just a few laughs here and there. I mean, there’s just no story to each of the episodes and its like just all cheap and corny jokes. Last biggest laugh was the very beginning of the very first episode of season 12 with the Star Trek 2 edited for goats joke. I laughed for days and that was the last big laugh I had of family guy, I’m done MacFarlane.

  • Brandon Roberts

    look he needs to stop using family guy as his own personal soapbox to drill his own personal opinions into your head other shows make fun of religon but it’s usually actually funny i mean who does not think save me jebus homer to jebus jebus are you there is funny and mcfarlane has to get over his arrogance and persecution complex and don’t ruin star trek that’s all 30 year old virgins have you dick

  • steveyoungfan2k8

    Family Guy should’ve stayed off the air in 2002, instead of reviving it back. I stopped watching newer episodes of “Family Guy” for good in favor of more funnier shows like “Duckman”, “The Critic”, “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist”, “Daria”, and a few others. I do like the older episodes of “Family Guy” from 1999-2002 better than the newer ones though.

  • YahRight

    I don’t think this bozo would be the right person for a Star Trek reboot.

  • Dontlikemyopinionsuckmydick

    Fuck Seth, I hope he dies within the next few years

  • brad

    Family guy forever is what I say but on that same note Seth please make episodes 1,2, and 3 of the Star Wars family guy saga.