Seth Rogen talks GREEN HORNET and Michel Gondry

     March 24, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

While Seth Rogen’s “Green Hornet” has been talked about for over a year now and people have wondered if it would ever get made, it seems that it’s finally getting ready to go before the cameras this June. At least that’s what Seth said just an hour ago during a roundtable interview while promoting his new comedy “Observe and Report”.

“Right now we’re scheduled sometime at the end of June,” he said.

The other thing everyone has been wondering is what kind of film would “The Green Hornet” be. After all, with Michel Gondry directing, people have wondered if he’d use his unique style and vision or if the film would be more mainstream and less otherworldly.

According to Seth, while he was hoping to get the artistic filmmaker, instead Michael Gondry might be trying to show he can work in the studio system and deliver something for mainstream audiences. Here’s what Seth said when he was asked if Michel Gondry would be able to do his homemade style effects in it:

“You know he really does not want to. Me and Evan have actually approached him with ideas like maybe we could do something like this…you could do some of your weird people made out of string and shit like that. He’s like, “No, I don’t want to any of that. The fact that you think I want to do that drives me crazy and makes me never want to do anything like that again.” He hates being predictable and repetitive and doing what’s been done before. As soon as he starts to feel like he’s expected to do something he doesn’t want to do it at all.”

The other thing he was asked was is the film still the hero/sidekick story. Seth said, “Yeah and I’d say if anything it’s taken on…at first we were kind of resisting the notion of an origin story but then we realized if we kind of embraced it and played with that idea it could be a lot better so that’s something we’ve added.”

Finally, he was asked if he was going to be able to do Kevin Smith’s sci-fi film. Seth said, “I don’t know. He’s doing that other movie now. He hasn’t written it as far as I know.”

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