Trailer for Yet another Terrible-Looking 50 Cent Movie, SETUP, Co-Starring Bruce Willis

     March 23, 2011


A couple weeks ago, we showed you the hilariously-awful trailer for Things Fall Apart starring Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.  While some rappers have shown they can excel at music and acting, 50 Cent is not one of those rappers.  Any on-stage charisma he has vanishes when he’s on camera, and his gigantic teeth seem to get in the way of him intelligibly delivering dialogue.

But if you saw the trailer for Things Fall Apart and were left thinking, “Man, I wish there was more where that came from,” then you’re in luck.  The trailer for future direct-to-DVD movie Setup has gone online and it will leave you wondering, “Seriously, Bruce Willis?  You’re in this? Did you forget you’re an A-Lister?”  I can understand when Val Kilmer co-stars with 50 Cent in Gun, but this just baffles me to pieces.

Hit the jump to see Willis making a toast to “crime” and informing a hapless thug that “God has left Detroit.”

Via Vulture.


[Unofficial Smithonian ad via DCist]

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  • Reijanrobo

    oh no! Bruce is becoming the next Ray Liotta!

  • Person

    Wow, what an epic poster!

  • Spock Jenkins

    LOL! Did I just spot someone carrying a disembodied female head, in that trailer??!

  • 7 up yours

    well…..bruce is taking the low road now in movies i guess.

    the guy from die hard is in a movie with a rapper who can’t act for sh!t


  • Elitist Prick

    I love how this can get financing but something like Mountains of Madness remains in development Hell. I realize that the budget for this is probably 5% of Del Toro’s project, but it just twists my intestines a bit that this crap can get made while worthwhile projects languish.

    Also, Ryan Phillippe doesn’t need this, not as much as Willis doesn’t, but still.

  • Michael

    It’s obvious that Bruce Willis is just in it for a quick payday. A lot of actors enter lazy mode every once in a while.

    Heck, if I were an actor later on in my career, I’d do the same from time to time.

  • dude

    Wow, this is like the movie trailer version of Rebecca Black’s Friday.

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