First Look at Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 [Updated with Images of Spidey and Andrew Garfield]

     February 26, 2013


Yesterday, we showed you the new costume and first set photos from Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man. Today, set photos have leaked of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson. It’s strange to see how they’ve made her up (assume she’s in makeup) since the Spider-Man reboot claims to be a more realistic retelling of the character, but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are the kind of absolutely gorgeous high school “outcasts” that don’t really exist. Meanwhile, you have Woodley looking like an actual teenager (which is part of her charm in The Spectacular Now), and I have a feeling that Dane DeHaan (who plays Harry Osborne) will have the same look. I’m curious to see how this is all going, or if perhaps these set photos don’t convey the kind of lighting and camera work that will turn Woodley from a good-looking person into a total knock-out.

Hit the jump to check out the set photos. The film also stars Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field, Felicity Jones, and Martin Sheen. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in 3D on May 2, 2014. [Update: Some new set photos have surfaced featuring Andrew Garfield and Woodley sharing a scene together, and they're now included after the jump.]

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If you missed Spidey’s new costume, check it out here.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

In The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2, for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), life is busy – between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away – but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past.

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  • tarek

    you serious ? it’s a joke for sure.

    • Rahuldravid

      ^^^The Whole reboot thing is a dont mention it!!
      But i did liked the way things are going for the my expectation would have been higher if they had pass the directorial job to some one who can handle the pressure!!

      • tarek

        I hear ya.

    • Kirsten

      Face it tiger…I’ve got a neck like a linebacker.

  • Danny Mac

    She looks like Channing Tatum in a wig.. She needs SERIOUS make up and the best lighting in the world.. sorry to sound harsh but MJ was a model in the comics

    • Danny Raimi

      You’re damn right. I miss Kirsten Dunst.

      • Get Em

        Yea let’s bring back the chick with a snaggle tooth and flappy monkey tits

    • tarek

      No. she looks like Brendan Fraser with a wig.

    • spongefist

      Man… that’s exactly the thought that went through me head…

      Oh look, they’ve got Channum Tatum in a wig.

      The amazing spider man was total shit, but things could look up if they get leading hollywood men to fill all the female parts in drag… I’d watch that.

      • El Alto

        You all gotta chill out. I’m sure that the prettiest girl any of you have ever seen (not on the internetz) is the old woman at the gas station near your house, who sells you your liter of pepsi and bag of cheetos.

        Besides, if you simply google “Shailene Woodley” you’ll see that she cleans up just as nicely as anyone else in Hollywood.

        So don’t worry the crumbs in your pedo-stach. I’m sure that if you don’t like it, somebody here on collider will care very much to hear your opinion.

  • Andrew

    Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone gorgeous?

  • kps88

    I like how the article is trying to say “she looks ugly” in the nicest way possible.

  • got heeeem

    take a look at the first picture…. shave her head and paint her white= the engineer from

    • too funny


  • JAX-UR


  • Truth

    You go from Kirsten Dunst to this girl? Dunst isn’t drop dead gorgeous or anything but she at least looked good enough to walk around in the mall with. And was said about MJ was a model…

  • Danny Raimi

    This whole reboot has gone to the dogs.
    Parker wasn’t some good-looking, tough dude who rode a skateboard and revealed his secret identity to everyone and his brother. Half the movie took place at night, and Garfield’s Spidey was all wrong.
    This isn’t The Dark Knight with Spider-Man.

    Sam Raimi’s first two films were perfect, and the third isn’t actually that bad. Spider-Man 2 is still the greatest superhero film ever made. I miss Raimi, Maguire, Dunst, Franco, and Danny Elfman.

    I won’t be seeing the remake.

    • Grayden

      Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man I & II’ remind me a lot of Burton’s ‘Batman’ & ‘Batman Returns’. A good mix of pulp, camp, drama, and a small but necessary amount of humor. They were amazing in their time, but they didn’t exactly age well or hold up over the years.

      And Spider-Man 3 was atrocious.

      • shella

        Batman and Batman Returns are still good today and are miles better than the nullified batman films of nolans. There is no camp in Batman and Batman Returns, you clearly have not seen them.

        The Amazing Spider Man remake was total shiit and very bad.

    • RunnerX13

      Spider-Man 2 was a bore, fell a sleep through the middle, the reboot wasn’t any better, but I stayed awake.

  • Guest

    What really gets me is that they actually HAVE the best possible actress in all of Hollywood who could play Mary Jane.

    …But they’ve allready cast her as Gwen Stacy. :/

  • Joroelcapo

    After seeing The Descendants for me she is perfect for Mary Jane. I would prefer emma stone though but they screw it and put her as gwen

  • Action Movie Fanatix

    Assuming this is how she will look in the movie I am going to assume that it will be an ugly duckling scenario… She is Peter’s friend/neighbor and then gets a makeover and finally gets his attention. The girl isn’t what I would actually call ugly but it is clear that they are trying to make her look sorta unmakeupped.

  • Bob

    Wtf. Wow. She looks horrible lol. Strange cause I thought she looked pretty cute in The Descendants. I guess she look ok in the second photo, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to believe this is the same actress from (The Descendants) she was really pretty in that movie . did she get bit bye a spider her face look all swelled up ?

  • tom

    good god people. i assume you’re all models for the way you’re criticizing this girl. this isn’t a scene they’re shooting. she’s clearly ON HER WAY TO SHOOT THE SCENE. meaning she is wearing zero make up, is probably headed to the make up truck. i think this girl is gorgeous, but yeah, people don’t always look flattering without make up. this is just one of those cases

    • Merlin235

      If people are attacking her solely because they want a hottie, I agree.

      But MJ isn’t just a pretty girl from the comics, like Gwen. MJ’s beauty goes way beyond that. The fact that she’s a model is extremely integral to who MJ is and the life she’s shared with Peter. Maybe you don’t want that be part of who MJ is, and that’s totally fair. You can definitely change the character, which is fine. But as long as comments aren’t mean-spirited (“Oh man, she’s a dog”), I think it’s ok to question who they cast as the Supermodel. The problem is it’s lose/lose. Everyone has different tastes, so you’re going to end up with different opinions. But look, MJ is the one person in Spider-man where people are justified in questioning the casting choice based on appearance.

      The question is where is the line? Maybe there is no tactful way of doing it, really. Actresses aren’t meat, they’re people. But this is a unique circumstance and like Kirsten Dunst before her, there are going to be crude comments made, unfortunately.

      • tom

        oh i understand MJ needs to be a model. i’m not THAT familiar with Spider-Man comics (always more a Batman guy myself), but i watched the animated series as a kid and what not. but the point i’m trying to make is that Shailene Woodley is an actress, meaning, unless you’re Kathy Bates or Gabourey Sidibe, you’re probably also a model. i could go up and down the internet and show you pictures of Shailene all made up and touched up and she looks like she should be in ads for burberry or something

      • Merlin235

        Point taken.

    • Ur mom

      You speak the truth!!

  • filmquack

    Behold world! The comments above represent everything wrong with America…

    • filmquack

      Minus tom who beat me to the punch.

    • shella

      By liking the shiity prohomeatues, by liking the shitty star trek remake, by liking the shitty doctor who remake, by liking the shitty bond remake, by liking shitty nolans batman, by liking the shitty spider man remake, by being religious freaks, by not having patience in movies or tv, those are the things that represent what is wrong with pathetic stupid racist, egotistic americans. religion is what causes shiit in the world, I shitt on your and all humans religious beliefs, because religion is shiit and you all shall die!

      • shella

        By liking the shiity prohomeatues, by liking the shitty star trek remake, by liking the shitty doctor who remake, by liking the shitty bond remake, by liking shitty nolans batman, by liking the shitty spider man remake, by being religious freaks, by not having patience in movies or tv, those are the things that represent what is wrong with pathetic stupid racist, egotistic americans. religion is what causes shiit in the world, I shitt on your and all humans religious beliefs, because religion is shiit and you all shall die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • daveyboy

        You are a very strange person.

  • Merlin235

    Ah, the inherent difficulty of trying to cast the type of character from a comic that doesn’t exist in real life. MJ is just about the perfect woman in the comics, at least that seems to be the writer’s attempt. And it’s very clear from the beginning of her arc that one of her characteristics are her looks. Her physical appearance is almost a character in and of itself. I feel bad for the actresses that are cast in the role, especially because everyone is attracted to different types. It’s lose/lose.

    Normally I’d seriously frown on any comments that say, “She’s not hot enough” or “This is the girl they cast?” With Gwen those comments would be inappropriate. But with MJ, her appearance is a huge part of her character. It’s not just a casual “oh well that’s nice, she’s a pretty girl.” The fact that she is a model has been a story arc almost from the beginning. To ignore that fact is to betray one facet of who MJ is. The girl the cast, she needs to posses that ‘it’ factor. Not because we’re shallow, but because that’s who the character is.

    Gosh, I still feel dirty typing that though. Obviously PC culture has affected me.

  • cnaps

    Nice giant neck….horrible choice. but then again, snaggle tooth was a horrible choice in the first one! I dont know what they cant get mary jane right!

  • Junierizzle

    Hate to break it to you guys but girls don’t naturally have on makeup.

    • Dan

      Thank you! Glad I’m not the only one pointing it out.

  • Haha


  • Haha

    ^^^get a life u fucking nerds!!!!!

  • Monsieur Calvin J. Candie

    Is that Danny Bonaduce in drag?

  • mad man

    Peter Parker your new girlfriend ……………………wolf?

  • Steven

    Its pretty sad how people can be so shallow.

    This girl is really beautiful, make up or not.

    • Andrew

      With a neck like a linebacker…

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  • Gerry Von Ridge

    god damn it!! TASM was awful and now they cast this girl as MJ? …come on Sony, bring back Raimi and the rest of his troop and shoot SM4.

  • Collin V.

    She makes Kirsten Dunst look like Catherine Zeta-Jones.
    That said, she’s not too bad-looking.

  • Ty

    I didn’t like dunst I doubt I will like this girl, I feel they miss cast her, not a huge fan of Tobey , not digging the new suit it’s more of the same. We needed change for a reboot , the screwed up the first film with editing out the story to have it included in the sequel

  • Johnny Romita Sr

    Relax! This isn’t DC or Green Lantern.
    I kind of think they may know what they’re doing.

    She is probably being made to look “plain-Jane” and frumpy on purpose. So (presumed spoiler alert) after Gwen dies, she is made up to look gorgeous at the end of the story when opening Peter’s door (and heart, and zipper) to say something like (and I’m taking a wild guess here): “Face it, tiger, you just hit the jack pot.”

    Which sets her up as Spidey’s muse in the TASM3.

    • Anonymous

      That’s how you do spoiler alerts… I glossed right over yours.

      • JR SR

        the movie isn’t out yet, genius

  • lemovie

    Looks like Channing Tatum sister, but i think the franchise its safe anyway!

  • shella

    Uh……Shailene Woodley is butt asss ugly

    Makes sense though, she goes along with ugly and giraffe neck andrew garfield.

    Where is the real spider man 4? Oh that’s right, it ain’t happening!

  • Anonymous

    Wait, is Spidey going to steal that car? He apparently has a slim jim in his hand…

    • Sander

      You apparently need glasses. Those are wires holding him in the air…or did you not notice his feet…aren’t really on…the… ground?

      • ScaredForMovies

        You apparently don’t know what a slim jim is. In the pictures of Peter Parker by the car he has a metal rod in his hands. It’s used for breaking into cars. Next time try not to be such a smart-ass.

  • Patrick

    And one didn’t think it could get any worse than Kirsten Dunst. Ouch!

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  • Grayden

    The thing I always got from MJ was that despite Peter being somewhat of a dork, albeit a genius dork, she went after him. She was a strong feminine presence. She didn’t beat around the bush or play hard to get, she pretty much told Pete what the hell was up. We didn’t really get that from Raimi’s MJ, and I’m hoping we get that from Webb’s. We also have to remember that the MJ we expect to see was in college; here they are still in high school so she just hasn’t filled out yet.

    Also, the theme of having your heroes wear their alter-ego’s costume colors as their everyday wardrobe is tacky now. It was fun for Clark Kent on Smallville, but c’mon…really? Peter Parker is gonna wear red cords and a blue puff….whatever that is?

  • Anthony

    Emma Stone would have been a better MJ.

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • spike

    Oh dear. Looks like they can never get the right MJ or Rogue, or Storm for that matter.

    At least this reboot is better than Raimi’s lame ass “spiderman”. Sam dissapointed me very much..

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  • terry

    Who cast that b**ch!!!!!
    OMFG! I guess my girl Emma was too expensive this time around. No worries. She is as A-list as they come. She is were coke head Lohan should be but according to Micael Lohan she’s too busy selling her freckled hoochie to Arab oil pimps.
    I didn’t see the first part of the new re-boot and I ain’t going to see this sh** either.

  • Guess What

    Oh no, they cast someone that actually looks human and not a shop window mannequin! What is the world coming to. Congratulations, nerds, you’ve officially negated your already worthless opinions by judging someone on their looks, not their talent. Pathetic.

  • LEM

    This is now the second time they got it wrong. Mary Jane isn’t supposed to be the girl next door, she’s supposed to be model gorgeous and out of Peters league.

  • Andrew

    Look guys, this isn’t about being shallow, this is about casting the right person for the part. The right person for this part MUST be excessively hot. This girl just doesn’t look ultra-attractive so I wouldn’t expect her to be a convincing MJ. She looks like a 5 on a 10 scale. She has manly features. I don’t think she is ugly, and I wouldn’t ever call a woman ugly but at the same time, not everyone is Grace Kelly.

  • Matt

    When I drooled over her in THE DESCENDANTS and then heard she got this role, I was VERY happy. But these shots make her look like Ginny Weasley. I wouldn’t call this a step in the right direction from Kirsten Dunst (well, okay, to be fair, casting Kevin Spacey as MJ would be a step better than Kirsten Dunst)…. it’s a step in the SAME direction…. Agreed – Emma Stone should have been saved for MJ because she’s a naturally gorgeous redhead…. a shame they already used Howard because she would have been PERFECT as MJ, albeit too old for the part now. Oh, well. I wasn’t impressed enough by the first reboot to have a real stake in this game anyway. I’m still waiting to be impressed by Marc Webb, alas. Though this version of the costume is AWESOME.

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  • chcoei

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I can’t believe i am going to say this, but, bring back Kirsten Dunst, and bring her back, now!!!!!

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  • gimpsuit

    She should be modelling corn flakes or something.
    This vs Emma Stone is like Tyson vs Paulie Shore.

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