Shane Black Talks IRON MAN 3, the Mandarin Reveal, THE LAST BOY SCOUT, DOC SAVAGE, and More

     July 1, 2013


A few days ago, we landed an exclusive video interview with Shane Black backstage at the Saturn Awards.  During the wide-ranging interview, he talked about working with Marvel on Iron Man 3,  the Mandarin, the fan reaction to the surprising twist, a deleted scene with Ashley Hamilton, did he have plans for a sequel to The Last Boy Scout, how the spec market has changed for screenwriters and his advice for writers wanting to get into the business.  In addition, he talked about his very first script, his Doc Savage movie, the brace on his wrist, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, an important bit of info before getting to the interview.  The other day we posted what Black had to say about Doc Savage.  Shortly after posting the article, he emailed us to clarify his comments.  So for a bit more clarification on Doc Savage, I’d read this article.

And a big thank you to Hunter Daniels, Tommy Cook, and Jeff Morreale for covering the Saturn Awards.

iron-man-3-shane-black-robert-downey-jrShane Black:

  • They talk about the brace on his wrist.  Says he’s a one finger typist
  • Did he ever get the mansion that he talked about.  Talks about how he’s been sober for 5 years now and the mansion is a little tame now.
  • Talks about Iron Man 3 and Marvel allowed them a lot of latitude.  Talks about the way he works with Robert and how they wanted to show a different side of Tony Stark
  • When did the Mandarin become who the Mandarin is in the film.  Talks about how Marvel couldn’t figure out how to get him into a movie.  Explains why he wanted to do Mandarin the way he did it in the movie and fan reaction.
  • Talks about a deleted scene with Ashley Hamilton
  • Is there a tie in for a future movie in Iron Man 3 with the sequence when they show the universe
  • Did he ever have any plans for a sequel to The Last Boy Scout
  • Since the spec script market has changed dramatically, how would he advise upcoming screenwriters to get into the business.  Talks about his first script called Shadow Company.
  • Talks about Doc Savage and how you adapt a character from the 1930′s to modern day.  For more on Doc Savage, click here.


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  • grlica

    useless interview. we never get to know what he collects.

  • dguvnorspecial1

    hated what he did with the mandarin.pretty disappointed with the movie in general.give shane a lesser marvel franchise…… howard the duck!!!

    • Yahzee

      … I don’t know why I read “howard the ‘fuck’” :P

  • NameNamerson

    Brilliant twist on The Mandarin. I would have hated it if The Mandarin (in the movie) turned out to be a cliche henchman or some shit like that… instead the Mandarin is a creation perfect for the times.

    • Yahzee

      … but the Mandarin was Iron Man’s arch nemesis not just some henchman…

      • NameNamerson

        i was referring to the Mandarin from the movie.

    • Ridge

      oh come on please, the mandarin “twist” was really funny, but after all the jokes and crap stuff in that scene, I was waiting that the Mandarin was going to threat Tony Stark with a gun or something else but then…. nothing happened. AlI the hints and preparation in Iron Man 1 & 2 for the Mandarin, the nemesis of Iron Man, all were just thrown away and burned. Sorry, but I consider “The Mandarin twist” one of the worst moments in movies history.

      • JudgeMethos

        …have you seen EVERY movie to compare that ‘twist’ too? Hmm…

      • NameNamerson

        You consider the twist the worst. I consider the twist different, new and bold, specially for the superhero genre.


        The Ten Rings terrorist from Iron Man 1 are not part of AIM, they are a real terrorist group. Nor is the Mandarin something Killian invented.

        The Mandarin is an ancient chinese war mantle Killian used to portray the face of terror.

        Sir Ben Kingsley nailed it btw. Even though I know the twist is coming, I still buy it. He is that good as The Mandarin. Brilliant job.

        So basically, everything that happened in Iron Man 1 and 2 is real, Killian simply used those events to his advantage.

        Killian used the existing threat of the Ten Rings terrorist and he used the existing chines war mantle of The Mandarin to accomplish his goal, which thankfully he didn’t, because that would be fucked up.

        The Ten Rings terrorist are probably planning their next attack as we speak.
        Maybe someone could take up the mantle of The Mandarin or better yet, what if there’s actually a Mandarin out there somewhere? There are so many ways Marvel could with it from here.

        The fact of the matter is, ”The Mandarin twist” has people talking, and it’s that word of mouth that has made the movie such a success.

        People like to see something they haven’t seen before.

    • The_Fanboy_with_No_Name

      I appreciate the reasons for behind the twist, but in the end it still didn’t feel like it justified taking a shit all over the legacy of Iron Man’s greatest villain.

      “Oh, I’m taking revenge on Tony Stark because he ditched me to fuck my assistant” has to be amongst one of the most pettiest motives in a comic book movie yet. Terrible movie.

      • NameNamerson

        you obviously should have payed more attention.

        Killian wasn’t trying to get revenge on Tony, Killian was playing out his master plan to own the war on terror. Tony Stark simply inspired him, but the difference is that Killian went about it through anonymity, while Tony Stark went about his fame through notoriety.

        It wasn’t until Tony Stark called out The Mandarin on live TV, that Killian saw an opportunity to solidify The Mandarin as a genuine super villainous threat and thus getting him closer to achieving his goal.

    • Matt Lane

      i respect your opinion but you are wrong

  • jk

    Loved his take on the Mandarin! Can’t wait to see what Shane Black does next!

  • Chris

    The guy is an idiot, he ruined a once great franchise and an interesting character for cheap CGI and unimaginative action sequences. Dumb popcorn flick for the masses!

    • NameNamerson

      I could have sworn you were describing Zack Snyder and Man of Steel… LOL

  • Fuckoon

    I am steel waitin’ when they gonna release extended soundtrack with extra track list:
    Trevor Slattery – Call me Mandarin Baby!
    Trevor Slattery – i slapped the Iron Bitch!
    El Mandarino – I am A Fucking Decoy!
    Mandarin – trevor is Da Man!
    Trevor Slattery – I humped the 2 bitches!

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