New Line President on SHAZAM Movie’s Unique Tone; Darren Lemke Penning the Script

     September 3, 2014


We’ve been talking about Dwayne Johnson and the Shazam movie for a while now, but this morning, it became official; Johnson will portray Black Adam in the film.  Now that the news is out, New Line president Toby Emmerich is talking about the project and teasing its unique tone.

There are rumors floating around that Warner Bros. has tentatively scheduled Shazam for a 2016 release, just after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and if that really is the case, they’ll probably get moving on this soon enough.  Hit the jump for more on what Emmerich said about the project.

shazam-black-adamNew Line is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. and will be producing the film, so shortly after word got out that Johnson would be taking the role of Black Adam, EW hopped on the phone with Emmerich who told them:

“It feels to me like Shazam will have a tone unto itself.  It’s a DC comic, but it’s not a Justice League character, and it’s not a Marvel comic.  The tone and the feeling of the movie will be different from the other range of comic book movies.”

Emmerich added that the movie will have some fun and humor to it, but also stressed the importance of having stakes that feel real.  Of course, Emmerich didn’t divulge any information on the plot of the film and also didn’t hint at any actors in the running for the hero role, that of Shazam, but he did dub Black Adam an antihero and further explained:

“Black Adam is a complex character.  The villain in superhero movies is often, I think, what makes the movie.  And I thought Dwayne’s take on the character, and the way that he saw Black Adam, was really compelling and fun.”

Jack the Giant Slayer and Goosebumps scribe Darren Lemke is set to pen the film.  Once his script is in, I’d like to bet they’ll move pretty fast with this one.

Shazam Movie Tone

  • mattinacan

    DC/Warner’s plan seems awfully risky. MOS was one of the worst superman movies i have ever set through, and it wasn’t exactly a box office smash. Now they are getting the writer of Shrek Forever After, Jack the Giant Slayer and Turbo to pen the follow up after BvS? I don’t know, i hope for the best but I could easily see this flopping.

    • Tom.

      Man of Steel was certainly better than Superman III, IV and Returns. Quit shitting on it like it was the worst movie ever made.

      • Batt Damon

        It was way worse than Returns, probably on par with III.

      • mattinacan

        It’s not the worst movie ever made, but it is bad and got the character of superman completely wrong. It was worse than Returns and I thought that was mediocre.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        You are exactly right. They couldn’t of made Superman, and especially Clark Kent, less likable if they tried. At least Returns got that aspect very right.

      • Oliver Queen

        You didn’t like him cause of the dark tone which is not what you’re used to with Superman, not the actual character, cause Cavill was great, admit it.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        I was honestly surprised by how wooden Cavill was. I didn’t like him as Supes or Clark at all. His scenes at the farm with Diane Lane were painful to watch.

    • Darth

      It made 290+ million in the US. That’s more than Cap 2, all X-Men films, Thor 2 and sequels usually do much better internationally at least. Man of Steel was NOT expected to make 1 billion dollars. Seriously it was a REBOOT.

      • mattinacan

        yes $290M on a $225M budget. The studio was unhappy with that. I remember reading that MOS2 was likely until the box office disappointment, which is why they’ve turned it into a justice league film – they were worried about it flopping and wanted to make the sequel pop.


      DC/Warner aren’t making Shazam; New Line are. Warner will be the distributor so it may not be part of the DC cinematic universe.

  • appolox

    I think this will be fan friggin tastic! Not too familiar with the writer but I adored Jack the Giant Slayer. And with The Rock as Black Adam, this is a recipe for success. But now I wonder who will play Shazam. Maybe Jon Hamm or Karl Urban.

    • The Other

      The fact that you say you adored Jack the Giant Slayer kills any credibility you had

      • DeathoftheEndless7

        I doubt you saw it.

  • Ryan Marsh Thunder Fairweather

    The writers are not blowing my skirt up. I like Dwayne a lot but he can’t make up for a script that might as well be diarrhea on the sidewalk.

    • Tommy Boy

      I know, he wrote the worst Shrek movie, Turbo which is about as generic as a CGI animated movie comes, Jack the Giant Slayer (which I haven’t seen, but only heard bad things about) and this Goosebumps movie which looks like cheesy kids fare. So based on those movies, I expect a cheesy kids movie.

  • Jack Dennis

    So will Shazam be apart of the DCCU?

    • gar216

      That’s the way it sounded… And that’s a mistake.

      • Shawn T. Nicholson

        Agreed, would love to see Black Adam be the villain in Justice League. Set up similar to how Loki was in Avengers and allows for them to save Darkseid or Doomsday for a follow-up.

  • TheMuppetManiac

    The fact that DC wants to be darker and more real, less humorous than Marvel make me worry about this movie. Shazam shouldn’t be dark. Out of all the main DC characters, Shazam should be the most like a Marvel movie. Shazam should be more like an 80′s Spielberg movie and nothing like a Nolan or Snyder movie. It needs some hreat and not the melodramatic nonsense they tried in Man of Steel.

    • Tommy Boy

      Well they hired a kid movie writer to write the film, so my guess is that it’s going to be a mess and a flop.

    • Anthony Michael

      This article is pretty much about how this ISN’T going to be “darker and more real.”

    • Strong Enough

      don’t believe everything you read on the net kid. that was a rumor

  • Faptain America

    Still not sure why the Rock just can’t play both Shazam and Black Adam. He has the range, just.

  • Ozweego

    “Jack the Giant Slayer and Goosebumps scribe Darren Lemke is set to pen the film.”

    And there’s your problem

    • HG2012

      yup we need to guys who wrote the captain america movies you know they also did right Michael bay’s pain and gain

  • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

    i hope capt. marvel catches with the rest of DCCU’s characters at some point; one of the things i love about SHAZAM is that it is every little boy’s fantasy; who didn’t dream as a child of becoming a superhero? billy batson did that and his childish interaction with his personal heroes was always priceless

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  • CaptainCarl

    I think this could be great, I know there’s a lot of hate for DC movies here but I think there is potential here for a more unique, fun movie from DC that we haven’t seen before. Johnson as a villain is always intriguing to me.