SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 on December 16, 2011; Rachel McAdams to Return

     May 27, 2010

Warner Bros. has set December 16, 2011 as the release date for Sherlock Holmes 2Heat Vision reports that Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Barry Meyer spoke to investors today provided the film’s release date along with other movies on their 2011 slate (although most of these dates had already been revealed).  Sci-Fi Wire also spoke with producer Joel Silver who said that Rachel McAdams would be “present” as Irene Adler, but wouldn’t be the leading lady in the sequel.  Silver once again confirmed that Moriarty would be the antagonist this time around.  Shooting is set to begin this fall.

Producer Dan Lin told Steve last year that the rumors of Brad Pitt cameoing in the first movie as Moriarty was just Internet chatter and that he was not in that movie.  We recently spoke with screenwriters  Michele Mulroney and Kieran Mulroney talked about whether or not Pitt would be in the sequel.

Here’s what the Michele Mulroney said about Pitt:

Well, of course, we’re gigantic Brad Pitt fans. I think he’s a brilliant actor and a particularly brilliant character actor. And certainly the role that you’re talking about of Professor Moriarty is a big character to bite off. I hope Brad likes it. Let’s leave it at that. To be political, we should say nothing. But, he’s wonderful. We couldn’t be bigger fans of Brad. So, we’ll see what happens. It’s going to be an interesting film to watch. We can say nothing about this.

I like Brad Pitt, but Moriarty is supposed to be older than Holmes.  I’m sure Brad Pitt could pull off the daunting nature of the character, but I would rather see a more left-field choice that gets people talking.

  • andrew gee

    christoph waltz ftw as moriarty

  • Mike.Hutnan


  • Thomas Beardsley

    I can't wait for the next Sherlock Holmes movie. I hope that Robert Downey Jr. makes a better sequel with Sherlock Holmes two than he he did with Iron Man 2. He is a great actor. Or maybe it was the script writers fault of what happened with Iron Man 2. Than I hope the script writers make a great sequel for Downy to go on in Sherlock Holmes than the script writers for Iron Man 2. Sherlock Holmes is my favorite character ever. I read books about this guy. He is more fascinating than what people make him out to be. Robert Downy Jr. depicted Sherlock Holmes perfectly than all the other actors ever did. I found Sherlock Holmes is perhaps better than Gregory House. Holmes maybe is just as logic minded, but he is more virtuous and more courageous. I don't know if Holmes is a Christian or not, but in the books, he shows mercy and humility. Even being aware of his own vices. Even prayed for God to help us whenever we come along situations that question our virtuous character. Plenty time he did that, if not all the time. But the most I'm hoping to see more of Sherlock Holmes is his eccentricity, the sparking witted sense of humor. He is maybe the first character to be virtuous, eccentric, and courageous, and full of action-packed heroism. Secondary, to his eccentricity, I hope also to see more deductive reasoning. It is so freakin awesome how he does that. Robert Downy Jr., I wish you luck on the next Sherlock Holmes movie.

    • Angela

      Wow…you are an idiot…who cares if Holmes was christian or not he is just a fictional character just like jesus…though I guess there is a chance he was based on a real person who helped others. However, the way he is portrayed now he is totally fictional. But the way you talk to people is not very christian like. But I have found that the ones who carry on about how religious they are tend to be the more hateful of people. More people have been killed in the name of religious beliefs then have truly been helped be religion.

  • Eatmyshit

    It is a myth that Sherlock Holmes is a Christian. Know how I know? He isn't a fuck1ng idiot.

  • Thomas Beardsley

    And you are one freakin “tolerant”. No, your right, intolerance does claim a lot of genius. That's how we us Christians know we're smart, on how we diss you atheists. Of your course if you're not, you're a fucking hypocrite. But that's say you are. To believe in God or a superior being is neither irrational nor rational. The thing is man itself without God is a power hungry bastard. Even if God doesn't exist, man is incapable of taking that place. Man is man, a table is a table, and a mutant shapeshifter is a mutant shapeshifter. And if we just succumb to we're just intelligent mammals/animals fighting for “survival of the fittest” than that phrase pretty much asks for itself. To have faith that you actually have a soul develops something better in all of us. To be honest, I'm not sure if Sherlock Holmes is a Christian or not. But a smart guy like you who is such a fan of Sherlock Holmes would have remembered a few times in Arthur Conan Doyle's books that Sherlock Holmes he mentioned a lot of Christion things. The Boscombe Valley Mystery:When the murderer confesses to Holmes at the end of the story, he employs Biblical concepts. He calls his victim “a devil incarnate” and prays for Holmes: “God keep you out of the clutches of such a man as he.” He then confesses: “Deeply as I have sinned, I have led a life of martyrdom to atone for it.” Holmes, in receiving this confession, is thrust into the role of a priest and, holding the man’s fate in his hands, delivers him from punishment with remarkable Biblical grace, showing forth the forgiveness and mercy which are the hallmark of Christ’s teaching and example. “Well, it is not for me to judge you,” says Holmes. And then: “I pray that we may never be exposed to such a temptation.” The man replies: “I pray not.” Both men speak throughout this dialogue in a common Christian discourse. The man has only a few months to live. Holmes speaks of the Ultimate Judgment. “You are yourself aware that you will soon have to answer for your deed at a higher court than the Assizes.” He expresses an intention to keep the man’s confession hid from “mortal eye” unless its use becomes unavoidable. The grateful perpetrator then observes solemnly that Holmes own deathbed “will be the easier for the thought of the peace you have given to mine.” In the words of Christ: “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Matthew 5:7. After the man departs, Holmes meditates for awhile and then exclaims: “God help us!” In a show of humility he states: “There, but for the grace of God, goes Sherlock Holmes.” The Five Orange Pips: In The Five Orange Pips, the first victim, upon receiving the pips, exclaims: “My God, my God, my sins have overtaken me.” This is the language of a Christian civilization where God’s reality and the dire nature of sin are accepted as fact. The story ends with Holmes client being the victim of foul play. Holmes was “depressed and shaken” by the news. His reflection on his own reaction to the news of his client’s demise reveals a mind shaped by the Christian understanding of human nature.

    “That hurts my pride, Watson,” he said at last. “It is a petty feeling, no doubt, but it hurts my pride. It becomes a personal matter with me now, and, if God send me health, I shall set my hand upon this gang.”

    The Blue Carbuncle: Confronting the perpetrator at the end of the story, Holmes analyzes his failing in Biblical terms: “Well, the temptation of sudden wealth so easily acquired was too much for you, as it has been for better men before you[.]” The wrongdoer then invokes the Bible in pleading for mercy:”For God’s sake, have mercy!” he shrieked. “Think of my father! Of my mother! It would break their hearts. I never went wrong before! I never will again. I swear it. I’ll swear it on a Bible. Oh, don’t bring it into court! For Christ’s sake, don’t!” Satisfied that the wrongly accused will be acquitted, Holmes permits the thief to flee without turning him over to the authorities. His reasons are thoroughly scriptural.

    Sherlock Holmes: I suppose that I am committing a felony, but it is just possible that I am saving a soul. This fellow will not go wrong again. He is too terribly frightened. Send him to jail now, and you make him a gaolbird for life. Besides, it is the season of forgiveness.

    In The Speckled Band the client recognizes Holmes moral perceptions, stating: “But I have heard, Mr. Holmes, that you can see deeply into the manifold wickedness of the human heart.” Commenting on the criminal, Holmes sighs: “Ah, me! it’s a wicked world[.]” When the villain falls prey to his own device, Holmes comments: “Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another.”

    The Noble Bachelor: Holmes again shows forth his forbearance. “I think that we may judge Lord St. Simon very mercifully, and thank our stars that we are never likely to find ourselves in the same position.”

    The Beryl Coronet: Holmes describes the villain as “a man without heart or conscience,” actuated by a “wicked lust for gold.” At the conclusion of the story he remarks on the behavior of the young girl who ran off with the villain. “[W]hatever her sins are, they will soon receive a more than sufficient punishment.”

    The Copper Beeches: In The Copper Beeches the Great Detective terms the statistics of crime a “dreadful record of sin” and remarks on “the deeds of hellish cruelty, the hidden wickedness . . .” All these strong moral terms derive from Doyle’s undoubtedly Christian worldview. They lend substance to his hero's character, elevating him above the level of a mere problem-solver.

    Holmes virtues as well as his mental ability create a well-rounded character — morally and intellectually. His pursuit of justice and his Christian humility make him a small, albeit fictional, hero of the faith. His sins, especially the use of hard drugs, are overbalanced by his recognition of the common frailty of others. His suspicion of pride is particularly attractive in one as mentally gifted as he is. He also eschewed the grosser sins of the flesh, referring in The Redheaded League to such a motivation for crime as “vulgar intrigue.” His courtesy is a hallmark of a Christian gentleman, careful of the feelings of others and gracious in manner. See A Case of Identity (“the easy courtesy for which he was remarkable”).

    If you can't stand character who's moral embrace of my Lord a Savior to be your role model or favorite character, than I'll take him as well as a butch of other fans to the world's greatest detective: Sherlock Holmes. If you still want to be a fan of his nobody's stopping you. Christians may not be tolerable of others. But I am, and not without my vices. God's children maybe free-willing ediots, but God isn't. And one day he's going to judge us all for better or for worse. But till that day comes I hope you and I can still be friends with something in common in one of our favorite character: Sherlock Holmes.

    If you hate world's formalities just as much as I do such as being polite, so do I.

    Not to be cruel, but in case you reject my friendly offer: fuck you. If not: I apologize.

    And good luck Robert Downey Jr. for your next Sherlock Holmes movie. And trust me, I know that they're are lot's of interesting things about Sherlock Holmes being a Christian. I just find it nice to find a virtuous counterpart of my once favorite character: Gregory House. Now he's pushed back to number 2. Go Sherlock!

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  • Thomas Beardsley

    Whoever wants Hugh Laurie to play Professor Moriarty, go to this website to sign the petition:

  • Humility Sought

    Why is it that man must always find themselves to be so intelligent as to judge the faith of men in God as idocy when it takes as much faith to believe in any explanaition of man's existence as none of us alive in the present day were around to witness the actualities of time in memorium. What is the problem with a man being a Christian? None is the answer which is sought as the very meaning of being a Christian is love and accept thy fellow man in spite of the their short comings and narrow mindedness. When is the last time you treated a fellow man with the decency and respect that I am sure you feel is deserved by you?

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  • Cmartz3

    Anthony Hopkins should be moriarty. By far more sinister and intelligent than Brad pitt.

  • Cmartz3

    Anthony Hopkins should be moriarty. By far more sinister and intelligent than Brad pitt.

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  • Whwatson123

    I must say that Mr. Downy has done a good job in his portrayal of my esteemed grandfather’s illustrious friend and associate. I am bothered with the implication of some kind of untoward romantic relationship existed between Watson and Holmes. This whole thing about Dr. Watson and Holmes being in some kind of unconventional relationship is preposterous and utter nonsense. Not that I have anything against those who would indulge in these types of behaviors. All for openness and tolerance. Some of my best friends dance about in togas, semi-naked and at times intoxicated, and fritter about with young, muscular men. As long as they avoid imposing their revelries upon me I have no problem whatsoever with anything of this type in which they may indulge.
    A few years back there was yet another one of these movies that portrayed Holmes as gay. The story line had to do with some fool going around and stuffing socks down some unfortunate woman’s throat. I did not care for the portrayal of my grandfather in this movie. The man they had playing his part was continually twitching and hoping around with a rather ape-like countenance, blithering and blathering at Holmes, and jabbering incoherent phrases I could simply not understand. Holmes, as is so often done these days, was portrayed as a frustrated and repressed homosexual. I have no doubt the poor fellow was both frustrated and repressed but he was never a homosexual, and my grandfather, Dr. Watson, was certainly not some twitching, jerking, and squinting, ape-like nitwit, constantly growling at Holmes with his teeth bared.
    Let us hope these producers get it right this time and produce a movie that at least make some feeble attempt at giving us a realistic Holmes and Watson.

    Your humble servant,

    Sir William Watson, late of Hong Kong

  • Darklancer

    I’ve been reading sherlock holmes novel since the 8th grade till now. ever novel. i must admit the movie did catch sherlock holmes’ finesse. although only if watson was slightly fatter that would of fitted the traditional… watson. none the less. exellently done. i wonder if they will add the small detail of holmes cocaine addiction. i wouldnt be surprised straight after blackwoods hanging is when he used it. but would of made more sense if they indicated it. and… brad pitt… ehh. hes a good actor. but he does know exactly… hold the tone and looks. but i must say. sean connery. would be a good moriaty. hes got the british accent. hes got the charm. but if he wants to, the sinister look. but alas hes retired.

  • SlipIntoMagik

    I really hope they inject some more traditional Sherlock Holmes into this sequel. Holmes was pretty awesome in the first one but to those who have made a lifetime love affair out of Holmes (like myself) the portrayal was more than a trifle unparallel to the Sherlock Holmes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle… in class, intellect, and in appearance. Jude Law as Watson is perfect, it’s about time Watson looked the was he is described in the original stories. (not a fat, bumbling oaf) I’ve observed that Moriarty tends to bring out the best in Holmes so I have high hopes. As to Irene Adler not being the leading woman, I am immensely peeved by it. To Holmes, Irene Adler was the only woman that ever mattered. She should be the lead. But…I’ll see how I feel for certain after I see it.

    As to this random Holmes as a Christian or not argument, he never claims to be of any faith. There is an undeniable spiritual element to his nature, but it’s not Christianity, in fact there’s quite a few proofs in the original stories that indicate he was staunchly against organized religion. I would venture to say that he was a Buddhist perhaps, since he claimed to have studied with the Dalai Lama in Tibet for two years. (you can read that in The Empty House by Doyle, if you’d like)

    There are arguments for both sides of the Christian debate, all are long and strenuous. I’d be happy to disuss them with anyone should they want to take me up on it. As I’ve said before, I’d say he’s spiritual, and well-versed in the bible, but not a Christian. Oh, and I’d like to recommend “The Gospel according to Sherlock Holmes” by Stephen Kendrick.

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  • Angelica Greenbay

    Although not how i portrayed Sherlock Holmes, I loved this movie. The sequel was almost just as good as well. Two terrific movies, go see them, because you won’t regret it.