SHERLOCK Christmas Special Confirmed for 2015; Will Be Followed by 3 New Episodes

     July 2, 2014


If you want to get your fix for Sherlock season 4 , you’re going to have to wait a while.  A couple days ago, we reported that a Christmas special was in the works for the popular BBC series, and today the network has confirmed that there will be a holiday episode.  However, they’ve gone a step further and announced that season four, which will consist of three new episodes, will follow the special.  While it’s not surprising that there will be a fourth season (in addition to the show being wildly popular, season three ended on a cliffhanger), it feels like we’re now getting a bonus thanks to the Christmas episode.

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sherlock-season-4According to Deadline, production on the Christmas episode will begin in January 2015, and the three new episodes will shoot later in the year.  Although the Christmas episode will air at the end of 2015, we still don’t know when the BBC will premiere the fourth season.

While it’s a long wait, it’s always important to remember that Sherlock isn’t really a normal TV series; it’s three 90 minute movies that air back-to-back-to-back.  While you could argue that HBO series have no problem coming back annually and can produce 10-13 hours of serialized content, that’s the prerogative of their showrunners and the network.  The BBC is willing to give its creators time to feel satisfied with their episodes.  Also, it’s not like the BBC is going to cancel Sherlock if it doesn’t return on a predetermined schedule.

Furthermore, there are the scheduling issues for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  Cumberbatch, in addition to being on every shortlist in Hollywood (he was recently rumored for Doctor Strange) signed on last month to replace Guy Pearce in Black Mass starring Johnny Depp.  As for Freeman, he found time to do another TV series with Fargo, so he has no problem filling the time between seasons of Sherlock.

The game is still afoot; we just have to be patient until it’s time to play again.

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  • Josh King

    Sherlock was such a pleasant surprise. I was boggled by the quality of the writing and the performance of cumberbatch. But as the second season went on and then the third, things started to get unbelievable and even lazy (so there not even going to bother giving a straight answer to the events and the end of season 2?) ill definitely still watch it because relative to the alternatives it is still great, but..

    • theseeker7

      I really don’t know how the debate on this is still alive. It seemed incredibly clear to me that the third story they gave is the real truth on Sherlock faked it, the story he told Anderson.

  • The Flobbit

    Definitely looking forward to more Sherlock. I am probably the one person who has stayed staunch in their love of the show through Season 3, which I will admit was not perfect. Still, the show is awesome, and I’ll take more any day!

    • Drake

      I agree! Season 3 was perfectly solid. Yes, it’s probably the worst so far, but I don’t think it’s that far away from the first season.

      • Dan Bowen

        I mostly agree. Aside from ep 3.1, I liked season 3 a lot.

    • Hunter

      I’ll take as much Sherlock as I can get. Was shocked at how quick I fell in love with it. Sure, maybe season 3 wasn’t the best, but it was still great and superior most other shows that come out. The performances and chemistry by the two leads is just hard to beat.

    • Kyle Chandler

      From the comments, looks like you aren’t quite as alone as you thought :)

      I definitely love this show, even though season 3 was more uneven than the others. Even then, it was only episode 2 (the wedding) that drove me a little bonkers. The mystery was pretty weak, though Sherlock’s best man speech was worth the price of admission.

      Even the lesser episodes of this show are better than pretty much anything else on tv, and they only stick out because the show sets the bar so high.

  • Adam

    The quantity thing is also to do with how the Beeb is funded. It just can’t afford to spend the money HBO does on drama.

  • Aquartertoseven

    Hopefully season 3 will be the lowest the quality will sink to for this show.

  • appolox

    More Sherlock? For Christmas? Wow. Who needs Santa Claus when you’ve got the BBC?

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  • reindeer

    Collider is only concerned with film and TV, but it should also be noted that theatre creates additional scheduling issues for Cumberbatch and Freeman, as the former will start rehearsals for Hamlet in June/July 2015 and the latter has just started performances in Richard III.

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  • theseeker7

    They blatantly explained the answer, giving virtually every detail of how it was done, it couldn’t have been any clearer.

    In fact, when they have Anderson present his couple of questions at the end, I believe the point they were trying to make is that, ultimately, it’s simply not possible for it to have been perfectly planned and a 100% guarantee of it working precisely how Sherlock and Mycroft wanted it to. As basically, nothing in life is that way. But they set it up as close to perfection as is humanly possible. Yea okay, if John had not paid attention and moved from that spot, and/or of the bicycle rider hadn’t hit him at the right moment and taken him out of commission, then it wouldn’t have worked as well and John would’ve known (or at least had an inkling) of the truth. But both of those DID occur the way they needed them to (& it’s not totally unreasonable for them not to have), so overall the plan was successful.

    The whole bit with Anderson being “oh I’m the last person you would tell if this was the truth”, well first of all the argument could be made that that’s exactly the reason to tell Anderson of all people, but really that was just Moffat’s way of being cheeky with the audience. We have every reason to believe the way it was explained there is how it was done.

  • Sten

    Especially as Anderson says, that he’s a bit disappointed. I guess to please everyone was not possible as everybody had their theory and they even presented some in that episode. Incl. a fan fic kiss between Moriarty and Sherlock which is the best cheeky response to an audience ever IMHO.