BBC Series SHERLOCK Will Return for a Third Season

     January 17, 2012


While this news actually broke a couple of days ago, it’s still sure to put a smile on your face: The excellent BBC series Sherlock will indeed be coming back for a third season. The second season of the show recently came to a conclusion in the UK, and shortly afterward the show’s creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss took to Twitter to announce that a third season was actually commissioned at the same time as the second (cheeky bastards).

I absolutely loved the first season of the series, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are outstanding. The show is incredibly entertaining (moreso than Guy Ritchie‘s films, in my opinion) and masterfully written. The second season hasn’t aired here in the States yet, but Steve has seen the season’s three episodes and said that the second season finale is the best installment of the show so far. Hit the jump for more.

sherlock_bbc_image_02_Benedict_CumberbatchThere’s no word on when production of season three would begin, but Cumberbatch and Freeman are deservedly becoming quite in-demand at the moment. Freeman and Cumberbatch both star in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit as Bilbo and Smaug, respectively. In addition to the monster work (which will be done via motion-capture), Cumberbatch just began filming the high-profile villain role in J.J. AbramsStar Trek sequel.

Needless to say, it’s going to be tough to find time in both actors’ schedules to film three 90-minute episodes for the third season. Given their sudden decreased availability and the penchant for UK shows to end after a couple of seasons, I would expect season three to be the last of Sherlock. Season two of the show will premiere on PBS in America on May 6th. If you haven’t yet seen the show, I highly suggest you watch the first season (three 90-minutes episodes) on Netflix Instant Watch immediately. Here’s a trailer for season two.

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  • Oliver

    This is actually quite a big spoiler for you guys in the US. The reason Steve didn’t announce season 3 until season 2 had finished is because the finale of season 2 is based on ‘The Final Problem’ …

  • jessie

    Best series ever. The last episode of series 2 had me on the edge of my seat. Cumberbatch is an acting god as far as I’m concerned

    • Jamesy

      Glad someone else feels like this! I atually moved from the “edge of my seat” to the floor right infront of the tv because i was too excited ha, great tv…I heard a rumour that a feature length movie was in the works but considering each episode is 90 minutes long…we already have 6 feature lenghts! Which i certainly can’t complain about.

  • jessie

    Youve just posted a fan video. Thats not the trailer.

  • Jason Campbell

    I have seen all three of the second series as well and I have to say that while the closer is top notch, twist, turns and nail biting aside, I haven’t enjoyed any of them more than I did the series 2 opener. I didn’t stop smiling throughout, though I rarely do with this show.

    I want for more than three episodes a series terribly though.

  • Liam_H

    This series being more entertaining than Guy Ritchie’s films is not just an opinion but fact.

  • Mark

    Don’t bother waiting. Buy the blu-ray which comes out in a few days. It’s region free.

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  • Ccraw

    Couldn’t agree more. This series is insanely superior to Guy Richie’s.

  • Grant keanan

    Saw this on BBC player using VPN, Awesome show. The season one was good but the Episode one of season 2 was the best so far. Didn’t really care for episodes 2 & 3 BUT you can be sure its a damn sight better than loads of stuff on US TV at the moment.

    And please stop knocking Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock, I love them.

    Honestly I wish CBS will hire some British writers with an American director and sets that will be a winner .Frankly the Brits do a lot better writing with their crummy sets and low budget approach to flicks than Americans.

  • Agent_Black

    Having read the books I have to agree this version simply pisses all over Guy Ritchie’s ‘effort’ from a great height, being entertaining yet remaining faithful, admittedly Downey Jr and Law are great actors and entertaining to watch 1st time around, but when I saw the 1st movie for a 2nd time it got boring by the finale.

    Have seen the 1st 2 episodes from S2 and although Hounds of Baskerville was good, Scandal in Belgravia was the best thing I’ve seen in years.

    Cumberbatch and Freeman certainly are national treasures and my only concern now is that they choose creatively stimulating output rather than be pushed towards Hollywood glitz by their agents.

    It’s great for the bank account but what a fat of lot of good that did Simon Pegg’s credibility.

  • Alex

    Hey guys! does anybody know when the 3rd season is coming?
    LOVE the first two!!