Shia LaBeouf Pretends INDIANA JONES 5 Is Happening Soon; Says He Won’t Return for TRANSFORMERS 4

     June 10, 2011


So does anyone want to talk to Shia LaBeouf about his role in John Hillcoat’s upcoming Prohibition-era drama The Wettest County in the World?  Of course not!  We want to hear about sequels both real and imagined.  Let’s start with the imagined: LaBeouf tells MTV that he thinks Indiana Jones 5 is “not so far off” because—wait for it—Harrison Ford is going to the gym and George Lucas is ruminating on a MacGuffin.  Wow.  I’m amazed cameras haven’t already started rolling with that kind of pre-production movement.

In slightly more substantial but not wholly surprising sequel news, LaBeouf says he won’t return for a fourth Transformers film and he doesn’t expect director Michael Bay to return either.  I imagine you can only yell “Optimus!” so many times before it starts to sound silly.  Speaking to MTV, LaBeouf says, “It still is a hot property, I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they’ll reboot it at some point with someone else.”  Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens in 3D on June 29th.

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  • Cali Kid

    Sweet Jesus was Indy 4 an AWFUL movie. Can’t believe they are making a 5th.

    • TY

      What are you talking about? Indy 4 was a great movie, and a great addition to the series. It was more enjoyable than Temple of Doom anyway (not to say that was a bad movie. Not in the least bit).

  • gcm443

    starting to think indy 5 isn’t gonna happen. I’m one of the few who enjoyed the 4th one…but I’m a fanboy and I’ll never hate an Indy movie.

    • Vinyard

      There weren’t a “few” people who enjoyed the fourth film. Quite the opposite. It’s just the internet is a place for hateful people to spew their bile.
      These next comments aren’t directed at you, gcm443…

      At worst, ‘The Crystal Skull’ was as bad as the first three. At best, ‘The Crystal Skull’ was an interesting new way to enhance Indy with sci-fi. After all, the fourth film cleared almost $800m at the worldwide box office, so something connected with the rest of the world.
      Anyhow, I am getting irritated reading the Indy 4 bashing. It’s well-documented the internet geek community didn’t like it.
      And the Pirates of the Caribbean quadrilogy – with only four films – has made a cumulative $3.5b and is the fourth largest film franchise after Harry Potter, James Bond and Star Wars which all come in with a great deal many more films each. And yet there’s NO lingering debate over how poorly written and executed the POTC quadrilogy films are.
      See, your opinions don’t really matter.

  • nawtnt

    Indiana Jones 4 was awful, everything was awful from the cheesey fight scenes to the near miss car crash to the waterfall.

    Transformers 4 shouldn’t happen also because first Shia LeBeouf is a shit actor and they replace Fox so in the 3rd movie, they should explain her absent maybe she was killed by a Deception.

    Rosie Whitley etc. is the next Megan Fox who can’t act and looks like she in a photoshoot in the movie so Bay can fuck himself with the earned money from awful movies and stop directing Transformers movies.

    I wonder if he is the cousin of Uwe Boll who destroy the video game movie genre forever but if anyone is a fan, they should see Bloodrayne 3 with Ron Howards’s brother as the main villain.

    • M-Dawg

      Wow……you sound like a cool dude to hang out with….

  • Wolstenholme

    Oh f*ck you Matt…you’re such a smug asshole. I can’t imagine a mother ever loving you…

  • Wolstenholme

    Oh f*ck you Matt…you’re such a smug assh*le. I can’t imagine a mother ever loving you…

  • mrbatmatt

    Lucas should go to the gym, move some oxygen around in his brain and clear out the cobweb thinking that CGI and obtuse story telling makes for a great summer movie. If Indy 5 is going to happen, he needs to not be involved in the story.

    • M-Dawg

      Matt….when you move out of your Mom’s basement, then maybe some people will at least, briefly consider your opinions. Until then, go back to dreaming about that girl you liked in junior high, and how she really missed out on having you as a boyfriend. And how the last 26 years would have turned out if you two married….

  • Tarek

    Luca$ should retire on some unknown island.

    Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford is not Indiana Jones.
    If they had made the 4th while Harrison was still young, it could have worked ( but without the fridge nuke and the awful E.T story line)

  • Phile

    Wow Goldberg, so much for fair reporting. You sure come off like a dick in this article

  • opossum

    Clearly some people don’t like the way Matt writes and feel compelled enough to comment about it. It’s obviously driving readers away to the site, and as expressed by Matt and others, they couldn’t care less. Let them lose readers and continue down the road they are going, they obviously don’t give a shit.

    • opossum

      Make that away FROM the site. Would hate to have a mistake I’m not allowed to edit and be called out on it by idiots thus making my opinion wrong.

      “You mean away FROM the site, you fucking moron piece of shit go die you asshole and learn grammar good.” *that mistake was intentional

  • skivington

    “Pretends”, thats awesome. Matt, you rule.

  • Kid Arkham

    Erm…..has anyone else on this site noticed that Matt isn’t even funny-sarcastic?
    Just bitter, “my dog died yesterday, my child was molested by my father, my girlfriend fucked my father and child in a three-way, God hates me and I am alone” sarcastic?

    Jesus….lighten up, bro.

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  • SteveMoody

    Shia actually comes off pretty well in interviews… like here

  • Dogg

    Indy 4 was awful, but not much worse than Indy 2. I think people forget what a disappointment that one was.

    • tarek

      The temple of Doom was the best Indy after the Lost Ark.
      Spielberg in his golden age.

  • Wow

    Since he is promoting Transformers I would expect that no one would want to talk to him about a movie that doesn’t involve giant robots or about someone who is not directly involved with the giant robots. Weird concept I know but you can’t get those silly hollywood types to do anything as well thought out as this insightful post.

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  • CJ

    Why was Megan Fox fired from Trans 3?

    • Bheaya Emortalis

      To sum it up: She hurt Michael Bay’s feelings.

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  • Joe

    I’m a huge Transformers fan and I can’t wait for the day this shit movie series is rebooted WITHOUT Michael Bay.

    I realize it made a ton of $ and people generally don’t care for anything other than the mindless action but this series could have been so much more.

    At the moment, I’m skeptical if anyone can remake this series anything beyond the Bay ‘style’ since it seems embedded.

    Ok, rant off. =P

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