Special Presentation of THE SHINING to Be Shown with Original Coda [UPDATED]

     September 19, 2011


Rochester, New York’s Dryden Theater will be showing a special presentation of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining on October 22nd at 8:00pm.  But what makes this presentation even more special is that it will include the original coda to the movie.  The coda played in a few theaters back when the film was first released in 1980, but Kubrick went back in and edited it out.  Kurbick was meticulously about editing his films and he famously (or perhaps infamously) went back and removed 19 minutes from 2001: A Space Odyssey after its original premiere.

If you want to know what’s contained in the coda, hit the jump.  If you live in the New York area and want to check out this screening (and you should), The Dryden Theatre box office opens 45 minutes before a given screening. [Update: The Dryden Theatre has informed us that the movie will not include the original coda.  The print being shown is the 142-minute extended U.S. version that includes footage Mr. Kubrick subsequently cut from the European release.]

The coda reportedly takes place before the final shot where Kubrick pushes in to the Overlook Hotel’s old photograph.  Here’s a description of the coda via Bleeding Cool:

Firstly, there’s a little moment where some state troopers look for Jack, frozen in the ice, but don’t seem to be seeing him – for whatever reason.

Then a longer scene.  It’s set in a hospital, where Ullman, the Overlook’s manager, tries to convince Wendy and Danny that nothing supernatural had happened in his hotel. He explains that Jack’s body was not recovered, and he gives Danny a tennis ball – presumably the same one that he followed into room 237.

I’ll be interested to hear how the new addition plays and if Kubrick was right to axe it from the movie.


  • mrbatmatt

    Oh man! Why is denver so friggen far away from New York! Geography sucks so hard right now.

    • Bubba

      Think yourself lucky you don’t live here in London! :-/ lol

  • Ryan

    I could have sworn that on TV one time I saw a scene near the opening where Danny was being tested on treated in a doctor’s office. Anyone else se that?

    • enjaysim

      Yes I saw that scene in a print shown here in Ireland. Wendy tells the doctor about Jack’s violent tendencies with them. I think there may have been one or two other things. I’m thinking aloud but there’s a scene with Scattman Crothers in a motel having a psychic moment which prompts him to check on the family. Maybe this was always in it.

  • chuck

    I watched The Shining last month at my local community theater with a friend who runs it. Watched it off the blu ray projector with the remastered blu ray and it looked incredible. That is one of the best looking blu rays out there. The Shining was made for a big screen.

  • Warpcrafter

    Those scenes would, in my opinion unnecessarily drag out the ending. It’s perfect the way it is.

  • Doug

    I live in Rochester, but I’m probably not going to see this movie. That theatre is always playing older films. It’s a big center for film preservation. I feel lucky!

  • brennan

    im from rochester and its october 22nd not septmeber 22nd

  • slikkwon

    Has anyone seen “Kubricks Odyssey?”

    this guy says Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo 11 landing.

    pretty convincing …