$#*! MY DAD SAYS Series Premiere Review

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To say that the new CBS comedy series $#*! My Dad Says is weakened by the fact that its source material is that of a Twitter-feed-turned-book would be irresponsible if only because it presumes that there isn’t an abundance of other problems that make the show an unbearable sitcom. If you’ve been enjoying William Shatner’s Priceline commercials and need something to watch with your grandparents then the show will likely tickle your funny bone. But if you’re like me and prefer your comedies lack a laughtrack while still sustaining quality hilarity, then stay far away from CBS on Thursday nights. Find out the real reason why $#*! is not only the title, but an apt description of the series, after the jump.

The new CBS comedy series is loosely based on the Twitter feed @ShitMyDadSays where the off-kilter and sometimes vulgar and politically incorrect musings of a man’s father were posted for the online community to enjoy. Hopefully the new series will be seen by far less people so we don’t have to endure the PG adaptation of what was actually a source of some hilarious, albeit short-lived, entertainment. Here William Shatner brings some life to the words, but they don’t bite nearly as hard as the source material that inspired the show. Therefore, it’s lost most of its fuel for laughs. I haven’t seen the original pilot (it has been significantly rewritten and remade), but apparently one of the fixes was reducing how contrived and forced the short 140 character phrases sounded coming out of Shatner’s mouth. There’s a chance I may have preferred that over this Disney channel fluff that has been delivered.


I suppose I have to give credit to the writers for being bold enough to try and salvage this series by doing a complete overhaul on the pilot. From what I can tell the development of William Shatner’s character, Ed Goodson, into an actual person as opposed to a loudspeaker for the Twitter feed is undoubtedly an improvement. However, still present is the exaggerated acting and the phony pulling at the heartstrings when Dad’s vulnerability is shown with a complete lack of subtlety (the only thing missing are the sounds of slow piano key strokes). But the biggest problem with Shatner’s character is that it never seems to get past the fact that he’s a character and not William Shatner. There’s even an imitation by the show’s co-star, Ed’s son Henry (Jonathan Sadowski) to which Shatner replies, “Why can’t anyone do a good impression of me.” Why not just wink and look at the camera, Shat?

The fact that this is meant to be an adaptation of the Twitter feed of the same name creates expectations that a show on CBS can’t live up to. The series is no different than the countless dysfunctional family sitcoms that hit the networks every year. Seeing edgy Mad TV alums Will Sasso (Henry’s brother Vince) and Nicole Sullivan (Henry’s sister-in-law Bonnie) pushed into the censored box of a sitcom makes me even more of a sad panda as they’re given some of the worst material in the pilot. Even more weak is the story at the heart of the pilot which sees Henry finding difficulty asking his father for financial help as he finds himself unemployed and unable to help with the rent at his girlfriend’s apartment where he’s currently staying. Ed’s fake heart attacks are a cry for help, but the setup where Henry for some inexplicable reason actually finds himself concerned for his Dad’s health and likely moving in to Ed’s home is just sitcom garbage. I just don’t care where.


THE FINAL WORD: You can decipher the quality and content of $#*! My Dad Says just from the censored title and its home network alone. The censoring of the title alone is just the start of what should have been an edgy sitcom being reduced to family fare, canned laughter inducing trash. But the fact that this show is on CBS just goes to show you that this is simply a show that’s made for all the old people who love watching CBS from their recliners. The good news is that Outsourced on NBC won’t fare much better and easily takes the title of worst pilot of the season. However, this shit (there I said it) is a close second

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  • crowbar

    ten minutes into this shows premier and it has already tanked. I wont watch it again.

    • Giapetto2

      I agree. What crap.

      • http://twitter.com/Ethan_Anderton Ethan Anderton

        Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :)

  • Excpired

    I think it was pretty obvious this show was going to fail. Shatner hasn’t done anything successful since Star Trek and I’m sorry but Twitter is HIGHLY overrated. Basing a show off of somebodies twitter account is ludicrous, the blogs alone were a stretch.

  • Excpired

    I think it was pretty obvious this show was going to fail. Shatner hasn’t done anything successful since Star Trek and I’m sorry but Twitter is HIGHLY overrated. Basing a show off of somebodies twitter account is ludicrous, the blogs alone were a stretch.

    • Ml1

      apparently you never heard of boston legal

    • John

      Twitter is just a medium. An idea isn’t solely good or bad because it developed on a piece of paper or a blog. This show is about the idea, not twitter as a technology. Semantics – read up on it.

    • Anonymous

      I know John already basically said this but:

      Twitter is highly overrated?

      …rofl wut

    • RedPortiaOne

      GUess you’ve never heard of TJ Hooker and Boston Legal eh dipshit?

  • Kittykat06

    I was really excited about this… Bad casting, bad writing. William is a legend but not a good fit for this role.

    • John

      Lewis Black should have been the dad.

  • Outbroker

    I feel sorry for Justin. Good thing he’s young. The wound will heal. This is the worst piece of $hit I’ve ever seen. I can’t even blame Shatner. No actor could have saved it. Shatner, however, did make it worse. Another failed internet-to-t.v project. Reminds me of the attempt to take Odd Todd to the tube. Good internet, 3 minutes at a time concept. Not a 1/2 hour (21.4 minutes) television show. Not an anything, but a fun twitter, and a decent book, so long as it isn’t read cover to cover in one sitting.

  • Hubba

    I am surprised that people have lasted 10 minutes! I lasted until Shatner said something about blasting his kid’s ‘nuts’ all over his car. Ho-ho-ho laugh track. You know who’d love this show? People who love “Two and A Half Men” and “According to Jim” (is that still on?)

    • RedPortiaOne

      Get a life buddy that was a hilarious line, and there is no ‘laughtrack’ as the show is shot in front of a live audience. Go to YouTube and look at the behind the scenes stuff and see for yourself.

      • John

        First of all, why would one go to youtube to watch about a show they care nothing about. Second of all, if that’s a live audience they’ve either borrowed Two and a Half Men’s audience after doing some coke with Charlie Sheen, or are gassing them with Nitrous Oxide.

  • Bhartman36

    It’s hard for me to believe that this show even got off the ground. The Twitter feed is funny, and the book is *somewhat* funny (as Outbroker said, if you read it a little at a time), but it was never going to work as a sitcom. Sitcoms have dialog. The whole point of “Shit My Dad Says” (the Twitter feed) is that it’s all one-liners, delivered from a cranky old dad. Putting all of those characters and dialog around the one-liners actually take *away* from their power.

    • Guest

      Oh and a show that consists of one liners cant suceed? Ever hear of a show thats been on for over 20 years called The Simpsons? Shit my dad says will suceed believe it buddy

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  • Anonymous

    You know, and I was honestly thinking… Hey, Will Sasso, Nicole Sullivan, and William Shatner… must be something funny. Maybe they’ll play off his role like Denny Crane on Boston Legal. Nope – laughtracks and shat.. I mean shit.

  • Waydea1685

    i will not be watching any future episodes as this show stinks. but outsourced was actually funny so not sure why you think it is worse then this other crap

  • Anonymous

    This review is incredibly poorly written. “But the fact that this show is on CBS just goes to show you that this is simply a show that’s made for all the old people who love watching CBS from their recliners.” My second-grader’s homework is more intelligently crafted than this. Oh, and also, it’s “fewer” people, not “less” people.

  • Fff

    Love the book, hate the show. They should have put it on cable and done it right or not at all. there’s not chemistry with the actors and it’s weak. Episode 2 and i’m dropping it frm my DVR.

  • TV Viewer

    The son is a terrible actor, he is almost trying too hard. Shatner is hard to watch after his great performance on Boston Legal.

  • Steve S.

    Sorry to disagree… I just watched the first 2 episodes. Frankly, I really like this show. Great supporting cast (the scenes in the DMV were funny) and William Shatner has always been appealing in a quirky way. I’m looking forward to seeing where this show goes.

    • RedPortiaOne

      People in here are under the misconception that there is a laugh track. Its shot in front of a live audience. GO watch the making of Shit my dad says on YouTube. We love this show and the short one liners that are greatly timed. I hope this show makes it cuz it really is good. People are irritated by the one liners…what about the Simpsons? And theyve been on for 20 years. I know that Shit wont last that long cuz Shat is already 80 years old, but how about at least donig a 5 year mission :)

  • Joeymama

    hahaha awesome review! just saw the pilot and I almost yakked. ouch, this SUUUUUUCKS

  • Kilzan

    we enjoy the show

  • A

    This show is sooooooo scripted and the “acting” is so forced.

  • Jason

    I think the show is great! You can’t beat having Shatner belch out those great lines, and will and nicole are fun to watch. I hope they go for season two.

  • Jade

    I can’t help but wonder why people keep using the “it’s filmed in front of a live studio audience” bit as proof that the isn’t a laugh track? It’s filmed live…it doesn’t air live, fools. These things are added post production…surely you’re aware that canned laughter is a staple in almost any sitcom…live audience or not. I can tell you with 100% certainty that there’s a laugh-track at work

    • Trent

      Well I think the show works well. Shatner has a look of ignorance and arrogance and he plays the role well. Hope to see season 2 soon.—by the way 95% of sitcoms are not live to air!!!

  • liam

    i think it’s great. beats the hell out of dancing with the hasbeens 4 times a week.

  • Rebecca
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