Should Will Smith Play Captain America?

     January 6, 2010


It‘s a rumor that’s been circulating within the back channels and undertows of the internet for a couple of years now.  Discussed and endlessly debated on message boards, argued back and forth by comic book fans, it’s caused so much distress and excitement within fan circles that you’d think they were arguing about a film that had already been shot and released into theaters.  And the rumor is this:  That Captain America, Marvel’s iconoclastic leader of the Avengers whose due for his own film in 2011 by director Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park 3, The Rocketeer) is going to be played by none other than Will Smith.

In some circles, Smith is believed to have been at least offered the title role in The First Avenger: Captain America.  If true, it’d be one of the most bold and daring casting decisions undertaken by Hollywood in recent years.  And also, by the sound of the voluminous fits being thrown by fan-boys all across the country, one of the most contentious.

And with the film set to go into production this summer, we can expect casting announcements any day now.  While I have no idea about the veracity of this rumor, of whether there’s even a hint of truth to it or an entirely fabricated suggestion which curiously gained traction within the echo chamber of the internet, I do have an opinion about the matter.  And the opinion is this:  Will Smith would make an incredibly awesome Captain America. To find out why, read on after the jump.

So far, Marvel has played it incredibly safe in the casting of their super-hero franchises:

captain_america_comic_image_01.jpgTobey Maguire in Spider-Man?  Makes perfect sense.  Tobey perfectly embodied the nebbish Peter Parker that we all grew up with in the comic books.

Robert Downing Jr. in Iron Man?  Spot on casting to play the smug middle-aged billionaire.

Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk?  While there was a mixed response to the Hulk’s first cinematic outing in Ang Lee’s Hulk, the second time around they definitely got it right.  Norton’s slim physique and mild-mannered persona offered the necessary and precise counter-balance to the raging muscle-bound Hulk.

But in his own way, Will Smith would also be a perfect casting decision.  There are three reasons for this:

will_smith_01.jpgThe first is that while die-hard comic fans have been having apocalyptic fits about the mere idea of making Captain America black, the larger movie going public isn’t as concerned about playing fast and loose with the source material.  Especially when the source material is a comic book.  Having the Fresh Prince on-board could serve as a box office insurance policy towards a super-hero that doesn’t have a lot of cosmetic flash.  While the film is sure to be endowed with a healthy budget and plenty of explosions, at the end of the day Captain America just doesn’t have Iron Man’s suit, Spider-Man’s ability to web sling his way in-between Manhattan skyscrapers, the visually interesting mutations of the X-Men, or the ability to transform into an angry green goliath when his feelings get hurt.  Is mainstream America really going to want to shell out money to see a super-hero whose origin involves only the drinking of a super-soldier serum and whose sole power is seemingly the ability to throw a shield?

All of which is to say that, both aesthetically and visually, Captain America is one of Marvel’s least interesting characters.  And not to mention, most boring.  Spiderman’s Peter Parker struggled with getting dates and paying the rent.  Iron Man’s Tony Stark got to play a womanizing alcoholic.  The X-Men had to hide out from a world that hated and feared them.  And the Hulk’s Bruce Banner was a man perpetually on the run from both society and himself.

Meanwhile, Captain America’s alter ego Steve Rogers was never portrayed as much else than an over the top patriotic boy scout with an unwavering belief in, to borrow a phrase from another overt morally absolute do-gooder, “Truth, justice, and the American way.”  All of which, unless you’re a raging Bush-era neo-conservative, may be a hard sell to a cynical public which has undergone a decade of war and one of the longest recessions in national history.

captain_america_image__2_.jpgHaving Will Smith play the shield wielding Avenger changes everything simply because Will Smith is one of those actors who exudes a seemingly inexhaustible supply of both charm and charisma.  A potentially very necessary attribute to have when playing an otherwise personality deprived super-hero.  And the exclamatory change in skin hue could help to alleviate the lack of super-power dazzle.  (It should also be noted that X-Men and Spider-Man aside, at least within the Avengers staple, only Iron Man has been a box-office success with both Hulk films under-performing.  Without a dynamic casting choice, Captain America would seem more likely to follow the route of the Hulk than of Iron Man in regards to ticket sales.)

The second reason is that Marvel has already experimented with an African-American Captain America.  Truth:  Red, White, and Black was a six-part mini-series by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker where they envisioned one of Marvel’s many alternate Universe world’s where Captain America was African-American.

The third reason Will Smith would make a great Captain America is that his skin color could provide the film with a certain political and cultural gravitas that would otherwise be missing from more traditional bleached casting.  This would be a resonance made all the more powerful if Marvel had both the imagination and the courage to set the film in the 1940s when Captain America was first created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby to fight the Axis powers in the pages of comic books.  Captain America’s origin story involves drinking an un-tested super-soldier serum , and with some slight variation, this could be transformed to reflect real-life periods in some of America’s darker corridors of history.  Places like Tuskegee, Alabama where the government used African-Americans in medical experiments.  Having Captain America both, fight Nazis overseas, while also being discriminated against on the home front could add considerable dimensionality to what would otherwise likely be a flat action film.

Will Smith image.jpgHowever, knowing that Marvel is trying to roll-out all of the film adaptations for the individual characters before the 2012 expected The Avengers, it’s probably safe to assume that like Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, The First Avenger: Captain America will also be set within this modern era.

On a final note, it’s important to remember, that there’s nothing about Captain America’s character that is dependent upon him being portrayed as white.  Captain America’s always been less a flesh and blood character than a representative avatar of the American ideals of liberty, equality, and freedom.  Seems to me that having Captain America be played by an African-American symbolizes those ideals quite nicely.  In an era when we’ve seen our first African-American President, why not also have our first African-American Avenger?


John Rico is the author of Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green and Border Crosser.  You can follow him  on Twitter at:  Johnny_rico99.  Agree or disagree with what he wrote or just want to leave a comment?  Feel free to contact him at

  • kenegan

    my only concern is that the film will open in WWII and it stretches the realm of believability that an African American would lead the troops when everyone knows that blacks were segregated into their own units and were treated like second class citizens back then. I see the point your making and its an interesting choice but overall this is one time i believe that Cap should remain caucasian.

  • SkinnyD

    No, No, No, No. Would it be fair to make a Black Panther or Luke Cage movie with a white actor?

  • Pete

    Ummm, ok. Sorry to break it to you bud, but this really makes no sense.

    1) Captain America is very well know worldwide. He is just as popular a character as Spider-Man or Wolverine.
    2) Casting a black man to play Captain America will only come across as a politically correct move. That's it. There's no other way general audiences would look at it.
    3)Will Smith has repeatedly denied any rumor that he was up for this role. He has even said that it would be unacceptable to have a black actor play the part.
    4) The First Avenger: Captain America has already been confirmed to be a WWII period piece. It will not take place in modern times.

    On another note, Marvel did not cast Tobey Maguire to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Sony did because they own the movie rights to that character.

    You should really do your research before crapping something out just because the topic is popular.

  • manuelberk07

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  • Digifreek

    Sure, Luke Cage. Not Black Panther. Panther's the king of an African nation that was never been conquered by Europeans. There's no way making him a white guy would ever make sense.

  • Ronin1013

    I truly dig Wil Smith, he's a talented cat, but this too big of a departure (and a gamble) and would bum me out… make him The Falcon, Cap's best friend.

    Rico clearly is pushing his own agenda, and has little regard for the source material… I can believe his following statement:

    “Captain America’s alter ego Steve Rogers was never portrayed as much else than an over the top patriotic boy scout with an unwavering belief in, to borrow a phrase from another overt morally absolute do-gooder, “Truth, justice, and the American way.” All of which, unless you’re a raging Bush-era neo-conservative, may be a hard sell to a cynical public which has undergone a decade of war and one of the longest recessions in national history.”

  • TLawrence

    your absolutely right

  • Scott Roberts

    Casting Cap is really the toughest and most important decision Marvel has to make for its films. An unknown would be best but Marvel really needs a strong actor above all else. The actor that plays Cap needs to be somebody that the audience will believe Iron-man(RDJ) and Thor (a norse God) would follow. If the actor that plays Cap cannot go head to head with RDJ's Stark and make you believe a God would respect and follow him, Avengers is a lost cause and all of Marvel's plans are shot. Will Smith would fit this description. I understand the outcry about Will Smith's color. Most comic book fans are purists that get made about costume changes so changing the color of one of the biggest marvel characters is blasphemy (Fury is not even a major player and he was black in the Ultimate line and fans are still up in arms) but if the movie is good and Smith nails it no one will care. In addition, the color of his skin could be used as another reason he was used as a test subject in WWII for the super soldier serum and b/c the serum was destroyed before another (white) soldier could be created, Cap (the first test subject) was the only one that could become the ultimate US soldier.

    • Alex

      Great response. I agree on most everything, except the purist thing — I’m not *that* picky — and Iron Man. It wouldn’t have to look like Iron Man would follow him. After all, Stark was on the exact opposite side during the Civil War. As far as I was concerned, the war was practically between those two, because they were, in my eyes, the figure heads of each group.

  • TLawrence

    HELL NO!!!
    just ridiculous

  • Michael Midnight

    Hey John, good article there. Just want to elaborate more on the second point. In that tale, it is actually an in-continuity story, whereby the *first* Captain America was indeed a black man, whose success paved the way for the Steve Rogers *white* Captain America. While the first Captain had some side effects, the serum was perfected with Steve. Personally I'm still conflicted with the idea but I love the last fact that you point out that Captain America was always an avatar for the ideas of America that knows no color, gender, or creed.

  • Allm0st

    I will not watch it, it is Captain America not Captain Africa America (not being racist here). But Cap is white not black, they can at least get the fucking skin color right. Will Smith is a great actor I enjoy a lot of his movies but he should not play Captain America.
    He can play Luke Cage or Black Panther or some other black super hero, but please not Captain America. It would just make me not watch it.

  • wheeliegood

    Honestly if they do it. I bet you he spend half of his time as captain america wearing a full face mask. Where no one knows that he is black. Then we get to watch the men that admire and fight along side this masked avenger; treat him as a second class citizen. Then during the third act he masked is removed (gasp) he is black. Everyone rallies behind him and he defeats the Nazis. Sacrifices himself and is frozen in ice. The army decides to keep his race a secret. Captian America dies a 'white' hero.

  • whatever

    I really think the better question to ask is – WHO IS YOUR ALTERNATIVE? The whole black/white thing doesn't move me – Steve Rogers is a cypher; make him asian – don't care.
    I would like to see RYAN GOSLING in the role taking on pretty much the same persona he adopted in The Believer (one of the most underrated movies of all time). I don't see that happening, sadly. I really don't want to see Channing Tatum (and I suspect he is on the list) walk away with it, so, if these are my choices, let it be Will Smith if he wants it. (By the way – the douche who suggested Smith take the Falcon is…well, like I said, a douche…)

  • Mike

    If he doesn't get cast, there still is a way of doing a Will Smith as Captain America movie. That way would be by doing a movie based on the Red, White and Black comic, in which African American soldiers were used as guinea pigs for the super soldier serum. And personally I think it would be an interesting way to expand on the Marvel film universe, than going on to make say, a Defenders movie or what have you.

  • [A]

    Exactly my thoughts!

  • Anonymous

    I am pretty sure that in Truth: Red, White, and Black, they were trying to recreate the serum that transformed Rogers and only one person lived, Isaiah Bradley AKA Black Captain America. So it wasn't before Steve.
    I think the only time where there was anyone who took the serum before Captain America, was in the Six Forgotten Warriors story arc in the Spider-Man cartoon. One of those “Six Warriors” was black by the way.
    Now if they want to make a movie about either of them it would be cool, but changing a classic character like Cap is just wrong to me.

  • Just A Guy

    I have to agree, I wouldn't want Channing Tatum to get the role either.

  • Allm0st

    I still won't see it because it still sounds like a politically correct film which is not what I want to see. I'm sure black men fought in WWII but it was a time when blacks were treated with racism and extreme prejudice.
    While I wasn't alive during those times it goes without doubt that a black man even born in America (African American) would not be recruited as a super solider nor allowed to have the title Captain America.
    It doesn't fit at all, if they want to do a modern Captain America I still won't watch it, because I just cannot see Will Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Samuel L. Jackson or even Morgan Freeman playing Captain America. Those are all some of my favorite “African American” actors.
    I am a comic book fan and it's stupid to even think of a black man playing Steve Rogers, to be honest I would rather see a unknown cast. I know you was just making a point but damn it's just annoying to think of it.

  • Aeonstrife

    Making Captain America black leading the Allied troops during WW2 would be a very hard sell unless you change his costume to cover his face fully. This said no way should Will Smith be Captain America. If you are going black you need someone that can really play the role legit and not as a gimmick. I would say then to go with Denzel Washington.

  • Serg

    Captaibn America is white…bottom line.

    And I a life-lomng comic book fan, and I am Mexican, but we need to be truthful to the source material. Such as if they decided to make a Black Panther movie, and her happened to be white, I would appose that, the Black Panther is black and ruler of Wakanda.

  • james

    Personally if Marvel are going to the top of the A list for this movie, then Brad Pitt is probably a better option.

  • bunny

    HELLZ NAW!!!!! He'd look funny with blonde hair…
    As much as i love me some will smith,he just don't need this particular role…Have him play Luke Cage..that'd be cool

  • Michael Midnight

    Aw snap. I just checked Wikipedia. I only read the the single issues and didn't know the author commented on the whole “who came first” argument in the collected edition. I am wrong and you are correct sir!

  • Fantomas

    No. No. No…. and No! Just cast the character as portrayed in the comics and don't try to over think this thing. There is nothing racist about that. It would be weird to me to see a white guy playing Blade, Nick Cage or T'Challa as well. In fact, the more I think about it; casting Steve Rogers as a blond blue-eyed white male IS very important to the plot. There is a massive amount of irony in the idea that the mythical Aryan Superman that WW2 Germany dreamed about comes to fruition… and he shows up to kick their Nazi asses!

  • fnaber0412

    As for Captain America not being interesting or having some sort of obstacle to overcome like Spider-Man and the X-Men, how about the fact that he was frozen and woke decades later. Him not being in his own time and seeing how the world has changed is interesting enough.

    Also, I agree with the fact that in the 1940s there would be no way American soldiers would follow an African-American leader. And I strongly agree that film will just be seen as politically correct, and this would draw the wrong kind of attention to the film. Honestly, it's just plain cheesy.

  • darksiddous

    Three Words: Wild Wild West. Will Smith is a great actor. If they were to make it a modern day movie, he would work. But the idea of an african-american leading WWII troops is like…well like a black sheriff in old west…it only works if your making a comedy like Blazing Saddles.

  • whatever

    Biggest thread this site has ever had is hinged on race…lame. Wait – what? You're not racist? You don't care about race but the Captain America canon (what? I mean, seriously – what are we talking about, again?) must be defended. Cap has pink skin and yellow hair and blue eyes…do or die; ok, you win, young Hitler. Please – climb out of your mother's basement and go kill yourself. Do it now…I'll wait…

  • rsetlock3

    Nick is a white guy and an actor. However LUKE Cage is a black Marvel comic book hero.

  • Darrell Will

    You are obviously just a raging niggerlover that wants to destroy comic book history. Perhaps we should use your logic and make a movie about Martin Lucifer Coon and get David Duke to play him in the movie.

  • Sinew Jack

    Nice try. You'll need to be more clever than that however.

  • whatever

    No, not really – I think I made myself clear. We can open it up to any of your mildly downs, redneck buddies if you care to discuss the matter.

    • Anonymous

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      Nuff Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whatever

    No, not really – I think I made myself clear. We can open it up to any of your mildly downs, redneck buddies if you care to discuss the matter.

  • Reformed_Geek

    I agree with most of the statements below – that the casting of Cap needs to be a relative unknown. He'll be spending a great deal of time under a mask and I think Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon are all too big of names for this.

    You've got to remember that Robert Donwy Jnr's star is rising now, but before Iron Man he was still living in the shadow of his drug problems and most younger cinema goes didn't really know who he was. This is the biggest his name has ever been.

    As for having a black Captain America. I think it is a great idea, but one that should be saved for a later film. There have been black Captain America's who were used as test subjects for experimental versions of the super solider formula. A plot with a white Steve Rogers having to deal with this fact would be a great story.

    Also as Kenegan points out, all rumours I've heard point towards the film being set in WWII, and it would be historically impractical to have a African American leading tropps.

    Also, Steve Rogers is so much more than an “over the top patriotic boy scout with an unwavering belief in, to borrow a phrase from another overt morally absolute do-gooder, “Truth, justice, and the American way.” Maybe back in the 40s when all superheroes had flat characterisation, but the modern Cap is very different and often disagrees with his Government's stance which is what lead him to become Nomad and to standing against the hero registration act.

  • Reformed_Geek

    That was done with the Blue Marvel last year. African American superhero what I think was the 60s who wears a full face mask that everyone think is great, until during a battle his mask is torn and everyone turns against him.

  • repoman311

    If I had to go with my choice for Capo it would be Jeremy Renner (the Hurt Locker). Those who saw it know what a powerful actor he is, and I personall think he would play Cap as well as anyone. Will Smith is a fantastic actor, but i think the film will be marketed as HEY ITS WILL SMITH IN WORLD WAR II, BUT HES A SUPERHERO, kind of like how hancock was marketed, and we all know how that turned out. i agree with some things the writer of the article states, but my thought are this guy has never really read any of the major Cap storylines, or truely has a sense of who Cap is as a character. Yes cap cant sling webs or have a cool suit that can fly, but the serum allows him super human strength and cognitive ability. I think it is during the civil war storyline they explain the trajectory and Geometry needed to throw the shield. as i do appreciate the authors opinion, I due believe if it were a true journalistic look at this subject, it failed.

  • Reformed_Geek

    When I was watching Hurt Locker, I was thinking he'd be great for Cap.

    As for this abilites, if we presume that the serum injected into Emil Blonsky by General Grant in The Hulk was based on the super solider serum, we can see how Captain America will be able to move.

  • Steve Rogers

    Just because a character is fictional doesn't mean you can change his race just so a big named actor could play him.

    It wouldn't happen with a historical character. Nor would it happen with a character who was traditionally drawn as being black without there being a massive outcry from both the comic book and back communities. I'd have the same problem if they wanted to cast a caucasian actor as Blade, The Black Panther or as Luke Cage. I had the same problem when they cast an dark haired American as the blonde hair, English John Constantine.

    If you going looking for it, you can find racism everywhere. While I don't doubt that some people would be against the casting because of a racist mindset, I would say the majority are comic book geeks like myself.

    • Octorypus111

      LOL, a Caucasian Blade…. just can’t picture it. Every time i see blade I see Wesley Snipes. That guy is a great blade!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!

  • Staar84

    What about Wild Wild West? The character of James West was white in the original, and Will Smith worked there. And he was a sheriff that was during the Civil War. You know, the war about slavery…I think they should pick the best actor for the part, based on personality and athleticism, regardless of race. And if that happens to be Will Smith, then so be it.



    That Scientologist prick turns every film he's in into an anaemic piece of shit. The guys casting this: WAKE UP!! Are you fucks gonna ask Brett Ratner advice on directing too? Fucking retards..

  • InfiniteMonkey

    LOL! I love it! Well said mate!:D

  • filmguy

    Look, Will Smith is cool in my book. He has showed that he can perform drama, comedy, or action. However he IS NOT right for Captain America in any way shape or form. He does not have anything about that even remotely resembles that character both internally and externally. Someone like Sam Worthington would be a good choice. I heard a rumor back about Jensen Ackles being considered and I don't think he would be a bad choice either.

  • Keola

    “That Scientologist prick”

    Last I checked he was a christian and was just friends with a scientologist.

    “The guys casting this: WAKE UP!! Are you fucks gonna ask Brett Ratner advice on directing too? Fucking retards..”

    If anything they have already cast someone and just don't wanna say anything. This is probably to avoid getting shit from people like you. You know people that love to insult others and rant about something they have no control over.

  • I think I'm turning Japanese

    If Channing Tatum gets the role, I will never watch this movie.

  • I think I'm turning Japanese

    What about that guy from the TV series “Human Target”. He looks the part. Isn't that show based off of a Marvel comic anyways? I could be wrong.

  • Seratei Giburim

    NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!

    Please stop this KA to PC insanity already. Captain America is white and blond. Nick Fury is black.

  • jony_e

    Casting Will Smith as Cap America? jeez, why dont you just crap all over the comics 40 year history.

  • mike


  • Bob


  • Aaron Sullivan

    Good points in the article. I have to quibble about the notion that Marvel’s casting choices have been safe, though. That’s not how it played out with fan reaction at the time of the announcements. Iron Man’s entire casting in particular was genius and made the movie, but not safe.

    I’m not a big fan of the Captain America comics, so I’ll just say that using an aryan looking hero in WWII era to represent American values DOES seem a bit odd, no? The character is a bit of a blank internally, and making him a black man during WWII would be SO much more interesting to me as a viewer. Especially when he turns up in modern society later. It’d be a great duality where he sees Barrack Obama as president and yet people are very touchy about patriotism and nationalism, and then there is the effect of welfare, etc. Ripe material made even more ripe with the Red White and Black angle.

    Anyway, I get the negative reaction to it, but in this case I think we aren’t talking about being PC, we are talking about a way to make this hero more compelling.

    • Anonymous

      I would not call RDJ casting as safe by any means. Greatly cast, but not safe. But yeah, I agree with your last point.

  • Anonymous

    I think you bring up some valid points but I think that Christopher Pine should play captain america. He would need to gain a lot of muscle but I think he could pull it off.

  • Learned Hand

    Niggerlover?! Martin Lucifer Coon?! Did you come here in a time machine from 1950's Alabama? And people wonder why America is hated…

    • Optorypus111

      Who is Martin Lucifer Coo…. Oh, never mind!!!
      Wow, that’s so hateful geez, I never thought America was that bad!!!

  • David Duke

    Captain Watermelon!!

  • Anonymous

    No way for Will Smith as Captain America, we need a younger actor who’s white as Cap.

  • David Duke

    Captain Big Lips!

  • Red Skull

    S-plosions on a huge set peice punctuated with one-liners………….
    As to it being the “PC” choice, come one it is Hollywood they have full departments to sell this as a “brave new world.”

  • Thom

    This article was EXTREMELY well written! Kudos to you for mentioning the under-looked Red, White, and Black. Although I am hesitant on Will as Steve/Cap your article made me see this idea in a new light. The sign of any good writer. Great job! This is why I love this site!

  • matt


  • David Duke

    Captain N*gger!!

  • Anonymous

    The first african avenger is Black Panther, why not a real african hero instead of subverting an iconic character fo sake of political correctness?

  • ChadRo

    Politically correct in this case would be a deal breaker for many people and it just wouldn't work. It would be another example of Hollywood screwing up a good story to try and expand their viewership base. Stupid. Point in case: The Wild, wild waste.

  • duck

    Color is not a big issue. But Smith is not a good cast for the role. I suppose any charismatic actor can be twisted to fit any role for box office sake but this is a poor choice. Yes, Zac Efron may play Forest Gump. Yes, Sam Jackson can play Norman Bates in Psycho. Yes, Jet Li may play the Green Lantern. But just because they can does not mean they should. Hell, Will Smith can play the Joker from Batman. He can play anything you want, he is an actor. But this is just wrong. Cap America is a role that demands a more subtle performance. It needs quite characterization beneath the powerful persona of a symbolic figure. Of all marvel properties Cap America perhaps has the most complex and relevant story. Through him we see the growth and changes of America itself between WW2 and present. And if allowed, we can see the death of “truth, justice and the American Way” through his eyes and perhaps a rebirth. Will Smith does not fit this role. His Will Smithness is too much. And when people see Smith on screen, there is too much of him and less of the character.

  • Mike N.

    The best I can do here is give Rico the benefit of the doubt that trying to be sensationalistic was his sole intent. It’s appallingly clear that the man has no idea about Captain America. If he’s read any of the source material I can only guess he’s chosen some of the worst.

    As he’s apparently done essentially no research, and so has created some straw man version of Captain America/Steve Rogers, the piece is a sham.

  • typical liberal trash

    typical liberal bullshit. john rico is the epitome of hollywood hypocrisy. he wants everyone to be “open-minded” about race and he wants to force feed that notion down our throats, but given the chance, he’d just hire another white guy to direct and star and get the girl in his movies. you want the rest of america to be “as open-minded” as you, john? try getting your hollywood buddies to actually change their bullshit “white only” mentality first, douche bag.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, for this movie to make money and draw people it needs star power of someone like Smith to bring them in at least. And with a somewhat good story and action word of mouth will hopefully bring it to scale of like iron man. I mean they have Samuel Jackson playing Nick fury so people who might complain should think about how skin color doesn’t matter as long as the person can play the part. Also, It might also appeal that since we have a African american president now that having smith play captain america is almost like a representation of whats happening now in the world.

  • Anonymous

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!! Wild Wild West was an ABOMINATION of the original and race WAS a part of it. STOP THE PC CRAP!!!!! Would you make a “Shaft” movie with a white guy? Leave the character alone-or else I (and MILLIONS more) will not go to it.

  • Anonymous

    Captain American should be cast as a white man. I have no problem with it. But as a Afican American I would like to make one comment about sci-fi. I’m 53 years old and have read hundreds if not several thousand pieces of sci fi literature and almost with out exception when the future is pictured or written about 95 to 99% of the characters are white. Why is that ? Considering that the earth is made up with a larger percentage of people of color and growing .Can’t writers picture a future where other races, even if they are Asian, Hispanic, Indian, or Middile Eastern particapate ? Or is it generally just about making dollars ?

  • Learned Hand

    Actually, Captain America is an extremely interesting character. He has quite a rich, layered history; and far from being a ‘boy scout’, Captain America has had many run ins and showdowns with the US Government (his famous statement: I swear allegiance to no government, only to the American Dream). In fact, he just recently lead the superhero rebellion against the government (and Tony Stark) in the Civil War saga. As for ‘only being able to throw a shield’, he’s the leader of the Avengers! The dude is a strategist of the highest order and frequently called the best hand to hand fighter in the Marvel universe. And I echo another posters comments, it’s known to be a WW2 period piece and, disgusting as it is, blacks were segregated at that time…

  • Danny Boy

    Thanks Pete, you clearly realized (as I did) that the way this gu is talking about Cap shows me that he knows nothing about the character or its place within pop culture history.

  • Jon

    Let’s not forget that Nick Fury is currently Black. He was white up until very recently (as I understand it, at least), and his Black version image was even fashioned after Sam L. Jackson. This is a clear example of Marvel allowing skin color to change for a film, then doing some pseudo-retconning with the comics. If they could do it with Fury, why can’t they do it with Captain America?

    I agree with all points made in this article. Will Smith is the man, and who else has played savior of America (or the world, universe, etc) with anywhere near as much charisma and box-office return as Smith (Men in Black, Independence Day, Hancock, etc, etc, etc)? He’s perfect for the part, and I hope they do end up casting him! Sorry, purists, but Marvel has never stuck absolutely 100% to the source material, as evidenced by every adaptation (Spider-Man no longer uses web cartridges to sling webs; they are part of his body, for one example). Why is skin color any different? It’s not. It’s a minor detail, as minor as Spider-Man’s cartridges or updating time periods of origin stories.

    • Steve Rogers

      The Nick Fury used in the films is from the Ultimates Universe, which is an update of the original MU. The Ultimate Nick Fury was a ‘Nam vet and not a WWII vet.

      The Anvengers movies seem to be taking their inspiration from, so the black Nick Fury works, however in the Ultimate Universe, Steve Rogers is still white. If you want to black Captain America, hold out for a sequel and deal with Isaiah Bradley.

      Even if the movies was about Isaiah Bradley, I’d still not want Will Smith playing the role. He’s too big of a star and as already pointed out, Will Smith tends to play Will Smith. I love many of his movies, but he’s just not right for Cap – white or black.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t really read all that many compelling arguments AGAINST having an African-American actor play Captain America, Will Smith or otherwise. They seem to be boiling down to unqualifying comments of “well you just don’t understand the comics.” The only valid points I’m hearing are historical, and that’s of the unfortunate reality of how African-Americans wouldn’t be made military leaders in the 40s.

    That being said, I remember early news about they wanting to group Captain America with more international teammates for the film, so that gives some leeway there about varying ethnicity being more acceptable. It’s also been mentioned about the possibility of having him wear a mask covering his full face which COULD work. Points already made about the underlying tensions of the era and somehow discovering Cap isn’t white could play well. Cinematically, I think the jadedness of the loss of the American Dream would be more compelling coming from an African-American perspective than a necessarily caucasian one once Cap arrives in the 21st century. It’s still possible with a white Cap, for sure, but there’s more gravity when it’s coming from a historically oppressed minority.

    With Will Smith himself, I think the baggage remains that he’s “Will Smith.” I think he could play toned-down and not be over the top, but he still has the fan base that sees him more as a caricature of “Will Smith” than anything else. A subdued and sober performance is doable and I think it could work with him, but the tensions of fans expecting a certain performance and non-fans fearing the same kind of performance wouldn’t go away.

    Marvel Studios has already shown a willingness to take risks with their actors, and casting Will Smith would definitely be one of them on multiple levels. However, it could work.

    • Learned Hand

      It’s not so much about keeping him white, it’s about the time period the movie is set in. As much as we hate it now, back in the 40′s the government wasn’t about to make a black man Captain America. That’s when the film is set. If it was set today, totally down with a make over. But, it’s not. Beyond that, Will Smith is too much of a cocky wise ass to play the gravitas of the character…

  • matthew young

    wow, you really didnt reseach this piece did you? all of the examples you gave are false and not properly researched. E.G. “Marvel’s many alternate Universe world’s where Captain America was African-American” = wrong (read it) “Captain America’s alter ego Steve Rogers was never portrayed as much else than an over the top patriotic boy scout with an unwavering belief in, to borrow a phrase from another overt morally absolute do-gooder” = Wrong (reaserch it)”The First Avenger: Captain America will also be set within this modern era” = Wrong (its was released months ago it will be a period peice)

    and making will smith cap because of his wit and charsma, also his bankability? by that logic we could have brad pitt or any other A-list celeb.

    sorry man but do some reseach to find the real answers. you could even wiki it and get better ones. all of this is opinion based on false statments presented as fact.

    i hope you dont get paid for this

  • Anonymous

    The problem isn’t with his race. The problem is that his name is too big. If he was Captain America, we wouldn’t be watching a Marvel movie. We’d be watching a Will Smith movie.

  • Anonymous

    This guy has no idea what he is talking about! This movie HAS to be set during WWII to explain the backstory. Anything else will be a screw up of Wolverine proportions. The logical conclusion of the movie (just like in the time jump of the movie) is Cap falling into the ocean and presumed dead. Really encased in a block of ice and revived in modern times to join the Avengers.

    Love Will Smith movies…except when he plays characters made for a honky. Anyone remember the Wild, Wild West?…and def not as Cap. He could be Cap’s sidekick The Falcon though.

  • Dylan

    Just a quick correction. We already have our first black Avenger. Nick Fury is being played by Samuel L. Jackson. Just throwing that out there

  • Learned Hand

    Uh, no it didn’t work. Wild, Wild West was garbage.

  • Learned Hand

    Ps. And all of you can forget this corny business about the mask covering his whole face, no matter who they cast they’re not gonna keep his chiseled mug hidden from the audience for an entire movie…

  • taguro

    This is like saying that nelson mandela could be played by brad pitt. I understand that more roles are going to actors with african decent, but what`s next a black lesbian Hitler?

  • Bob P

    Make him black, that’s fine. But Will Smith plays Will Smith, and he’s one of the most well-known actors in the world, so looking at the screen, you’ll see Will Smith, not Steve Rogers. Unknowns or semi-unknown actors work way better for these types of roles, it’s been proven again and again.
    An interesting, and controversial way to bring this plotline from Red, White and Black into the movie is have the origin scene with a black kid, taking the Supersoldier formula, and cutting to the regular Cap on a mission, like the beginning of Ultimates. Then, you reference the previous origin, the first Supersoldier formula didn’t take, they tested it on African Americans, there were side effects/deaths, Cap feels conflict over this knowledge, but there is still the mission at hand, etc.
    I don’t know, just a thought. Not against that angle using a Black guy as Cap throughout, just not Will Smith.

  • Jbakes40

    Actually the enitre film is supposed to take lace in the 40s. Thats why Joe johnston was given the job, because of his work on the Rocketeer. At the end of the film Captain America get frozen and is supposed to wake up in the modern day for the Avenger film. Get it right moron.

  • Matt

    Captain America as popular as Spidey or Wolverine? never. Certainly not overseas.

  • 24mambas

    It's believable that they would make a black man Captain America because the super solider project was ultimately an experimental procedure the same way the Tuskeegee syphilis study was an experiment conducted on African-Americans. Not too far fetched by any means. Not to mention, in the Marvel canon, they did experiment on the “first captain america.”

    Point is, casting Will Smith as Captain America would make the character socially and culturally relevant again in addition to the fact that having Will Smith as Captain AMERICA would be one great way to sell this movie overseas.

  • Anonymous

    First of all i would just like to say this: Stop with the “African American” crap. If you were born in America then guess what…you are American. I am not “Euro-American”, just American. If we want to be one nation, no matter where we come from, why must we always label ourselves? /rant offHere is the reality, whether or not the cast Will Smith as the Cap’t, Sony (or whoever has the final decision) is going to cast who they want. My humble opinion is that unlike most of the other comic book characters, Captain America represents an ideal, and it isn’t defined by who he is. Sounds corny I know, but that’s what it is. If Smith can come in and do a good of job as RDJ did, the no one will care if the Captain is white or black.

  • Allm0st

    Marvel actually did make a black Captain America some time in the 90's I think which any comic fan should know the 90% of the 90's was filled with shit and if you have a bunch of them they're most likely worth LESS than COVER PRICE.
    So it may sell the movie over seas but it will not sell the movie to their main audience which is comic fans. Old and new alike wouldn't want to go watch Will fucking Smith play Captain America. Will Smith has even stated he doesn't think it is likely that he would even be considered for the role as well as denying casting rumors that he is Captain America.

    I see your point with hem experimenting on a black person but my idea of far fetched is they would rather kill the black than to give him a super serum let alone make him a super soldier. So you can keep paying for Will Smith to be Captain America I will pray for someone else more…white. More fitting for the roll and I honestly think Chris Pine would make a good Captain America.

  • notgoingtosay

    A certain editorial writer should really read Ed Brubaker’s recent take on Cap before claiming him to be the most boring character…. not going to name names here but do yourself the favor and pick up the Winter Soldier TPB

  • Anonymous

    I guess Will Smith isn’t American. He’s AFRICAN American. Meanwhile, YOU, whose parents immigrated from Italy or Germany or wherever, get to be just AMERICAN.

    Many ppl here who probably dont identify as racist, are carrying around this racist notion and its hilarious to watch this issue bring it to the surface.

    There’s nothing in the concept of Captain America that makes it mandatory that he’s white. Let them cast Will Smith so I can laugh while all you closeted-racist geeks seeth. The movie will probably suck anyway- Marvel is running out of characters that are easy to make believable, like the monster and the robot suit guy..

  • 24mambas

    What about Cate Blanchett or an African-Amercian boy playing Bob Dillon?



    • ferguson

      stfu you race baiting haitian idiot

  • Allm0st

    This is a clear misunderstanding of racism, people like this are quite retarded. See I stated earlier that Will Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Morgan Freeman AND Samuel L. Jackson are ALL some of my favorite actors, and I do believe they are all black unless I was mistaken.
    I actually supported America's current President which is our Nations FIRST BLACK President.
    Stupid kids think because you want something to stay true to a comic that you must be a white racist. If I am racist I am racist against my own race. Thanks for your amusing e rage over a comment of me not wanting a black man to play a white hero.

    • Optorypus111

      Sad to see that some people of my race are just as racist. Really contradictory. I think your points are all valid and should be seriously considered. Me as a black person think this has nothing to do with colour. Captain America should remain that same colour as the one in the comic. This is about respecting a great American comic character. I don’t thing the creators of Captain America were thinking about colour when they chose him to be caucasian. They were thinking of commonsense and what character would fit the role of their superhero. This is what the film should do, it is clear that the comic originates from an era and/or is also based on an era where that specific figure of Cap’n America was in congruence with the national ideology of the time. A black Cap’n America would make a huge contradiction and the story would lose its meaning.
      However, if they really desperately want a black Cap’n America, they need to do it right. There actually exists a black Cap’n America, a predecessor of the current one. If they want a black Captain America, they should first make sure they use that story rather than take the current captain America and turn him white. Look up on google Black Captain America, it’s actually got a good, interesting storyline as well.
      The film industries when they decide to take comic or cartoon adaptations for their movies they need to stop trying to mush up things like race and stick with what the original material shows. I mean look at dragonball and the last airbender.

      Why don’t they just stay true to the sources and watch the story come to life!!! It becomes so annoying, “This film has a white guy, but we want to make it our own so we’ll make him black, ooh this one has an Asian, but its a fantasy and it didn’t specify that their Asian, besides the makers of the show are American, lets make them Caucasian and say we want to make the film more diverse, we’ll just scrap all the calligraphy and other obvious stuff.”
      Makes me sick!!! Why do they have to change characters, If they did that to my comic I would sue them!!! LOL.
      The bottom line is if the character is Caucasian, make him Caucasian. They shouldn’t even try to change such aspects in an adaptation. The original creators made it like that for a specific reason, unnecessarily change things like that, then the movie will lose its meaning.

      • Kensei

        At least someone agrees with me, funny that its a black person after being called racist for a month. I almost ignored my notification thinking it was another racist comment but you agreed with me so I read your whole post.
        I agree with you, Dragonball Evolution was horrible and they had bad actors, Last Airbender looks somewhat accurate but not enough to make me super excited about it. I just hope they don’t run off and ruin Bleach next because of it being a popular Anime/Manga.
        But I mean I think Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury works well, for one he was based off the Ultimate Nick Fury who is black, who is in turn based off Samuel L. Jackson, that worked out amazingly well if you ask me.
        And yeah I know there’s a black Captain America, I think it was done in the 90′s where most comics began to decline and it kind of went under the radar. But I always feel a character should be the same color in a movie as he is in a cartoon/anime/comic.
        If they had chose to make Michael Clarke Duncan (the big black guy from The Green Mile :3) Batman I do not think it would have worked well. I also don’t think an asian could be Nick Fury (I was going to say Bale but fuck they have a white version of him so invalid).
        But thank you sir for your comment and your respect and understanding. :)

  • shane davies

    You say you're not being racist, but Captaon Africa America for a black man playing Cap is a little racist. That's pretty much saying Black people aren't as American as white people.
    If a black man playing Cap in your mind is called Captain Africa America then a white guy playing Cap should be salled Captain Europe, seeing as that is where most white people came from.

    I think the WW2 argument is genuine but I don't like the Captain Africa America comment.

  • Guest

    “All of which is to say that, both aesthetically and visually, Captain America is one of Marvel’s least interesting characters.”

    Are you kidding me? You even said it yourself, he stands for America. His death in the comics was even reported on the news. I don’t know about you, but to me it seems that the news find Cap a lot more interesting that you think.

  • Anonymous

    I think what would also be interesting is that Captain America is essential a man from a lost time. In the Avengers movies or possible sequel. Captain America would have to adjust to the current times. I think it would really send the point home how the world has changed since the 50′s. I still don’t think Cap should be cast by a white actor also I am interested to see how they would protray cap once he found out about 9/11.

  • dswilla503

    I would like to point out to you that Truth Red, White, and Black is part of the history of the Captain America not an alternate universe. Will Smith is a great actor and could really pull of the leadership of Cap. Captain America is not a neo con or a dem, he is the American ideal. He stands for all men being created equal and all of the ideals of what America should be. Captain America fights for those who can’t fight for themselves. That’s why he must remain a blond haired blue eyed 1930′s Brooklyn boy. Physically he is everything the Nazi’s praise, yet he fights them because there wrong. If Captain America is black than it becomes about race and not about the man who believes in his countries potential to reach its on high standard. He is not fighting for his cause he is fighting for the just cause. I’m a long time comic fan and a proud black man and I telling you Cap must be white so that we don’t see race, we see a solider fighting for whats right.

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

  • JusVen

    “Bush-era neo-conservative”

    Wow, what a stupid comment. I love movie news/gossip and have frequented this site for awhile; but your idiotic liberal interjections are getting increasingly ridiculous and numerous. I’ll get my movie news elsewhere from now on.

    • james mcmillan

      While i can understand why attracting a star like Will Smith would be a real coup financially, i think if the direction of the film is directed towards an african american character, i actually think Anthony Mackie would be a better choice.

  • Matt

    Will Smith can shine Captain America's boots any day!

  • Anonymous

    Ironic how all these people want Captain America to be blonde, white, and blue-eyed. Pretty sure he was supposed to be fighting the Nazis, not be a poster boy for Aryan supremacy.

    I would be all for Will Smith being Captain America were in not for the fact that this movie does take place in WWII. Having him as the character would just take the audience out of the historical context. They are after all making The First Avenger, not Inglourious Basterds.

    Also, I do not see the problem with casting big-named movie stars.

    • Anonymous

      ‘Ironic how all these people want Captain America to be blonde, white, and blue-eyed. Pretty sure he was supposed to be fighting the Nazis, not be a poster boy for Aryan supremacy.’

      That was sort of the point.

      • Anonymous

        True that. In the story, was that really the reasoning behind why they picked him though?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think it was part of the story, but I’m willing to argue that the Joe Simon and Jack Kirby had it in mind when they created him.

  • Calhiker

    Will Smith was good battling aliens in ID4 and Men in Black while using sarcastic humor and four letter words but he will not make a good Captain America. It would also be re-writing American history because the military was segregated and it didn’t change until 1948 when President Harry S. Truman issued executive order 9981. And I even read somewhere that it took about 10 years to fully be implemented.
    Comic fans and the general public despise it when Hollywood gets politically correct and makes significant departures from fictional characters origin, personality, and ethnic background. That’s why Fox is rebooting Fantastic Four and Daredevil. That’s why I didn’t like GI Joe.
    Captain America needs to be a caucasian male and also be in the 20 – 30 age range in order to be eligible for the military. Please Hollywood, get it right. We fans of Captain America have waited far too long to see our favorite character on the big screen. Don’t screw it up.

  • Allm0st

    I am not trying to sound racist but in all honesty I don't give a shit what someone calls me, I always have heard most black people referred to as African American, Black, colored or a slew of racist comments and African American seems to be the most polite suddenly. So forgive me for trying to not seem racist when making a valid point about racism in America int he 1940's.
    I want all comic heroes to be played as their own skin color in the comics, Storm (X-Men) should not be played by Jennifer Aniston, Black Panther should not be played by Sylvester Stalone, I stand by this no matter the skin color I want it to stay in it's context.

  • Anonymous

    You seem not to know the character particularly well sir.

    Part of the reason for the blonde hair and blue eyes was that he was, in essence, the ‘Ubermensch’ – The Nazi’s idea of the ultimate man – To take that away removes an important story element, if not actually a rather important character point.

    Further to this there is the historical innacuracy, already pointed out by a number of posters. In a period where regiments were segrogated throughout the army, and it was considered undesireable for black officers to command white enlisted men, it would make no sense for the character, who commands troops in the field, to be black.

    The other major flaw in your argument is that Captain America/Steve Rogers is a bland, one-note character. He simply is not.

    During the World War Two time period he is an idealist who is unfit for service, and gives up everything for the possibility to serve his country. Even still he is only one man, and can only do so much. The idea of him reading through casualty lists, and, despite his incredible skill set, still being incapable of doing much to reduce them is potentially fascinating.

    In the post-war period Rogers is a man out of time. Having sacrificed everything to preserve his way of life, he has returned to find a world changed, almost beyond all recognition. The recent ‘Ultimates’ comics dealt with this beautifully, and could easily translate onto the screen.

    One of the really interesting arcs that the film could offer the character would reflect the ‘Civil War’ series of comics. Roger’s ideals are anachronistic. He idealises freedom, while the society in which he has found himself is obsessed with security. He is a product of hope, in a world increasingly governed by fear. In the comics this has caused him to turn against his government on a number of occasions. Again, this is potentially a fascinating posibility for the film.

    Ultimately the success of the film, like Iron Man and Hulk beofore it, is dependent on the audience sympathising with the character. By making him a walking flag, or for that matter, casting an actor who the casual viewer knows far too well, the character would be lost. For all of these reasons casting Smith would be an unmitigated disaster.

    • Osmoryslysk976

      I agree with everything you say in this post, if they really want a black CA, it shouldn’t be Will Smith, but on the whole they should just keep the character as in the comics otherwise changing the ethnicity of the character will make the character himself lose a whole lot of meaning.

  • Matt

    No he shouldn’t. Captain America has to be blond haired, blue eyed and over 6 ft. tall. When Hollywood deviates from the original comic book story, they fail and the movie flops.

  • Anonymous

    Will Smith has already played a superhero in the movie Hancock. I thought there was going to be a sequel to that. I just don’t think it would work with him in two films of the same genre. Kind of like having Toby Maguire play Spiderman as well as Superman. Fans wouldn’t accept it. That’s my only problem with it.

    • Osmoryslysk976

      Good point that is as highly logical as it isnt racist like some of the other posts here.
      Nice one (thumbs up!!) :)

  • Tony

    Don’t just go willy-nilly changing the source material!
    Be brave and bold, don’t be all egotistical and change the characters from books just because you think you’re better than it is. It’s all ego!

  • John W.

    Wow. What a bunch of racist readers. The real reason they don’t want a black captain america is they don’t think blacks are “real Americans.” Nice website. Nice readers you got here. John Rico you should really take a mental note of the sort of people you have here. make no mistake this isn’t an anamoly. This is how they really are. A bunch of white racist pricks.

  • nate


  • Bri

    not directly related to the point but…
    “having apocalyptic fits”? Is apocalyptic the word you really meant to use? Or apoplectic? Because apoplectic fits are a real thing, and as far as apocalyptic fits, there could really only be one in theory. And “Robert Downing Jr.”? “Our first African-American avenger”? Nice fact-checking, buddy.

  • omarangel

    you are so wrong, cap is one of my favorites and I live in Bolivia.

  • Bryce

    I’m so glad this story had the reasoning I was thinking about. There is so much subtext and issues you could raise with putting a black man fighting for a country that hates him in WWII and then bringing him to the future (Obama president etc) and seeing how he reacts. Anyone who says otherwise just isn’t thinking hard enough.

    • Learned Hand

      I agree. If that’s the direction they were taking the film, it’d be great. But, I’m a little iffy on the casting Will Smith. Handled right, though, that’d make a great story arc to Avengers (remember, the entire Captain America film takes place during WW2).

    • Anonymous

      another good idea!

    • Osmoryslysk976

      Yeah, what if Captain America as a black person occurs because in relation to the time period, black people’s lives were regarded valueless and so they would first do human testing experiments on black people, however this one turns out to actually work and not kill the person unlike most others, hence he is sent to serve the Army.

      There, a twist story of Capt’n America as a black person, he is the american hero, but also an afro american victim of oppression.

  • Anonymous

    I’m white! And I don’t care who plays Captain America. However…its still a tricky Character to pull off in movies and Will Smiths typical characterization will need to be a more serious one… or failure will be almost a given. Captain America has always been a no nonsense kind of serious type! The Will Smith jokester role wont work with this character.

    Thor will have the same fate if not done well! If Marvel could learn one lesson its to not SCREW up Characters.. LIKE DR. DOOM. The casting wast perfect…except Doom and how his character came to be…

  • Anonymous

    I want Nathan Fillion to be Captain America. That boy is brilliant.

    • Anonymous

      Now that is a fantastic idea!

  • Anonymous

    Well, Capt. America needs a reboot! Since we didnt have any super soldiers in WW2 after all!

  • Anonymous

    Your drunk…Smith would be as lousy as Captain America as he
    was as James West in the Wild, Wild West. Get off the booze and
    get real.

  • Jason

    how many white super hero movies do you want ? in a time were almost all the biggest stars are Black ! people are still caught up on color it's sick. Trust me that's why Marvel has been hiding who they cast, cause it should and will be will smith. Not because black but because they want the best to portray Captian America.

  • Allm0st

    Lol in that case lets put Denziel Washington as Green Lantern and Laurence Fishburne can play Superman! And hell why not Tom Cruise can play Black Panther and Laurence Fishburne looks good bald so he can be Professor Xavier, Morgan Freeman is old so he can be Magneto and Michael Clark Duncan can play Juggernaut. This would be your ideal super hero movie since I am so high strung on white super hero movies.
    Sorry to break it to you Will Smith is not the best choice, and I don't mean because he's black. But I said that give hundred times already and people like you still argue about racism. So I will drop my argument here preach away at my racist comments, please do entertain me.

    I still stand by Chris Pine being cast as Captain America but that IS a matter of OPINION not RACISM.

  • jason

    How many white super hero movie do you need !! give us one Damn !! like you don't like Will Smith !! maybe you do but not enough to play a comic book hero ! Will Smith is the biggest star in hollywood and the most paid ! marvel wants the best for this part ! it has to be Will ! thats why they have kept things so quite!! so certain people won't kill the movie before they even start filming !!

    • Alex

      Just a few non-white comic characters, and these are just the good guys (last I knew…I can’t guarantee any Marvel character is still classified a hero)-
      Storm, Sunspot, Jubilee, Psych/Mirage, Black Panther, Surge, Prodigy, Karma, Dust, Tag, Araña, Empath, Firebird, Echo, White Tiger, Falcon, Luke Cage, Nico Minoru, and jumping out of the 616 continuum, Spyke and Magma, and many more.

      As for non-American, you’ve got Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine, Wind Dancer, Magma, Scarlet Witch (back-and-forth on sides, not sure which currently), Quicksilver (back-and-forth, not sure which currently), and many more, especially when it comes to the X-Men, because they take students from across the globe.

  • f*yocouch!

    Blasphemy! Rico must be either black or retarded. Im not even caucasian and to me, growing up with Cap’ as a white male will be the only way in my opinion will EVER be recieved by TRUE Marvel fans! If you wanna put smith in the Avengers, leave him as Hancock.

  • Anonymous

    Well I cant say anything bad about Will. Everything I ever saw him in, he does a great job.
    I also like staring at his black body.
    I guess I’m a bit gay there, I just think he’s so sexy.

    Denny Jr From Lebanon Pa.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter what Will takes part in, he does a great job.
    That, and I love staring at that black body.
    He’s just so sexy. (Hot!)
    So I’m gay.

  • Bogie


    • Osmoryslysk976

      C’mon stop being such a child and give your reasoning to support your opinion. You remind me of spoiled teenager being forced to do some chores.

  • amaslyo

    And the president of America is black.

    • ferguson

      You do know that Captain America was set in the 40′s, right? Not that I’d expect a race obsessed person to have a rounded education, but come on.

  • Get over it

    Dude, the man said he had no idea if there was even a hint of turth to this rumor. He was just writing about possibilities. Perhaps you should stop pleasuring yourself to Wonder Woman comics for a while you wouldn't be such an overly sensitive fan boy.

  • TLawrence

    “Perhaps you should stop pleasuring yourself to Wonder Woman comics for a while…”

    –Yeah, uh, you really shouldn't talk about your personal life in these places. AND the fact that this is even a rumor is lame. Stick to your “pleasuring” hobby and leave the comics/movie stuff to us fanboys.

  • Jason

    Who cares? This is going to suck eitherway… This is the same guy that ”Butchered” Jurassic park 3, You really think he can make Captain America Epic? This has fail written all over or will have way to much Cheap CGI in it…Personally i dont even like Captain America that much i might watch it for the Nazi Images and it taking place in WW2.

    Will Smith is just to sell $$$ Hollywood doesnt give a Shit about Facts, Origins, or whats faithful to Novels or comic’s. Will Smith sells and thats what they want, even if it IS NOT Will Smith it will be someone famous in Hollywood, Or a riseing star which is Garbage.

    They’ve run out of Idea’s for the most part which is why there remaking everything even films that really dont need it, An the same actors are being casted over and over again.

    Im just so discusted. I’ll be shocked if this film turns out any good, Doesnt matter if he person who plays Captain America is white, black, spanish, or a towel head it’s all about he sells and brings in the most $$$$$

  • Crizzle

    …and people say that color doesn’t matter :) or better yet :(


    to be honest I don't care if Chris pine gets the job I like him and john cena for the role but Will Smith is the biggest star in movies right now!! you know it and so does Marvel they would kill to have him play Cap! they dont care if you don't like it! they care about the 400million he would bring in. I never said the word RACISM you keep bring it up!! this topic must be killing you ! I can't wait to see what marvel's been hiding!! a Black nick fury and a Black captain america would mean 2 nigga's lead the avengers !! Sick White Fucks like you would probally finally put down your great white comic crying saying” first Barack Obama now this !!

  • jason

    who other then a black man would they test a experimental drug on back them they wouldn't give anything unsafe to some good white boys now would they!! learn your history the fact is in that period of time they would even trick blacks into experimental testing!! 2 words tuskegee experiment look it up!

  • Allm0st

    In response to your comment I cannot find..
    “jason (unregistered) wrote, in response to Allm0st:

    who other then a black man would they test a experimental drug on back them they wouldn't give anything unsafe to some good white boys now would they!! learn your history the fact is in that period of time they would even trick blacks into experimental testing!! 2 words tuskegee experiment look it up!”

    That is my whole fucking point, they were experiments not a fucking war hero. But some people can't get it through their thick skull that black people back then can be compared to our lovely mice today but in a more disturbing term.
    You got your guinea pigs then you got the guys who get awarded thanks to the guinea pig who goes unmentioned. You don't shake the guinea pigs hand and put a fucking star and stripe around his neck as he tells the world the government tricked him into being their fucking guinea pig. I don't give a shit what color your skin is it doesn't happen, they use the actual men who knew what they were getting themselves into to brag on them on suck their cocks in public and not under a desk while denying it ever happened.

    Do you get my point now or are you still going to argue that Will Smith is the best fucking actor in the world, because I disagree, on Samuel L. Jackson is actually portraying ULTIMATE Nick Fury as in Nick Fury from the Ultimate universe, look it up he's black, the character was actually designed after Samuel L. Jackson. So yeah you got a fictional version of Samuel L. Jackson playing his fucking self as he pulls his wallet out with three letters on it B.M.F.

    Don't know what that means? Two words: Pulp Fiction.

    If you want to believe all that black people were running around saying the government tricked me then awarded a purple star and some shiny medals for being guinea big of the decade for the new scientific break through then go right ahead. But personally after twenty four years of living or spending the last ten or so studying world history I choose to believe and think outside the box where reality and science fiction collide.

    A good example is that recently scientists created a Star Trek stun gun, it worked on worms they claimed to have not used it on a human yet but Bill Clinton also denied having sexual relations with that woman (Monica Lewinsky) so since you know so fucking much about experiments and who the best actors on the planet are, I will not leave it to you to tell the studios to hire Will Smith for his amazing talent which is not Wesley Snipes as Blade more like comedic lines or deep emotional dramatic movies. And for your fucking information sick white fucks like me supported Obama I was saying it would either be our first female President or our first black/African American President, but retards like you want to keep preaching about how I am some sick white fuck when you don't even know the color of my skin.

    If you still don't get my point then you only prove how stupid you are, I state I don't want Will Smith playing Captain America because of the time period plus he is black, but you insist he's the greatest fucking actor alive. And no Marvel does give a shit about it's fan base, it's Sony who takes a shit on us. You probably think Spider-Man 3 is amazing because he wore a black suit and it had a skinny white kid as Venom and just skull fucked the whole story as well as the movie.

    But what do I know? I only been a comic collector and fan for as long as I can remember, people like you would have a black man as Batman, because doing otherwise would mean you're some sick racist fuck who doesn't want to see a God damn politically correct film.

    Now for the love of God shut up.

  • brody

    “Bleached casting”? Really? Can we cease to negate white as an ethnicity? It seems absurdly offensive to liken the casting of white actors to the application of a caustic substance the sole purpose of which is to negate color and life. It is as if Rico is suggesting that to be white is to lack not only racial identity but any semblance of individual personality.
    I understand the author’s desire for a nuanced Captain America. I would absolutely pay money to see a film about a hero of color placed in the context of a racially intolerant era. However, I cannot abide the author’s binary system of black is good and white is bad. It is simplistic and tears at the foundation of argument.

  • Anonymous

    I know there is a shortage of blond haired, blue eyed actors but come on. I think Will Smith a good actor and all but this part is not for him. Are they going to have DJ Jazzy Jeff as Bucky? They already killed off Cap in the comic books don’t kill him on the big screen too.

  • Maul

    Captain America wasn’t just a super solider, he was a propaganda machine. The U.S government making a black super solider ICON during the 1940s, uh uh.


    Yo I don't care what color your skin is !! 4 real you have a problem with skin color!! ever you want to be white or you are!! but you have the most dumb ass comments on here!!I have been a fan of Captain America since I was 3 years old.and when i heard about the movie I never considered a black actor because I thought interms of the comicbook ! Marvel must see a bigger picture if they cast Will Smith ? if they don't thats cool to! but for you to act like Will Smith aint american and if he gets the job it won't be Captain america just show how you really think! may be you bellieve white americans are more american then black americans! so sad you probally have some of your black friends think you actually like them!!! can't hide from me tho!! spot people like you a mile away!! like myself Will Smith was born here in the USA just like my grandfather and his grandfather You don't even have the same values as captain america just the same skin color of the comic book character.IF MARVEL GIVES WILL SMITH THE JOB ITS BECAUSE HE THE BIGGEST,BADDEST NAME IN HOLLYWOOD AND OH YEAH!! HE'S AMERICAN!!!!

  • Snowdog

    Race should be not be a factor.
    Captain America was a leader. Can Will Smith lead? Does he have the cred/build/look of a supersoldier? Sure, why not? Casting against type (take Robert Downey Jr.) was not the first choice for Iron Man was a bold move. I liked Will in I am Legend and others, so i do not see this being a problem for me. My two cents.

  • Anonymous

    No. I don’t really have any logical argument for it and I’m certainly not racist, but I feel strongly that the Cap should be played by a Caucasian actor. He’s an american icon – don’t alter the formula…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Stick to the comic.

    • Osmoryslysk976

      Correction… White American icon

  • Anonymous

    Following up on my comment, I do want to say that I love Will Smith. He’s an extremely talented actor, but I think the issue lies elsewhere. It’s like how Harry Potter has green eyes in the book and blue eyes in the movie. You want the character to look how you came to know him/her to look in the original books/comics. I think that’s my reasoning, valid or not.

  • Allm0st


    Dumb ass.

  • David Duke

    Captain Nigger! Captain Fried Chicken! Captain Watermelon! Captain Cadillac! LOL!!

    • Osmoryslysk976

      WTF is that supposed to mean?

      That’s not funny!! :(

  • Jack Meoff

    Why not have Tiger Woods play Cap? Battles Hitler while fucking as many white women as he can! Don’t blame him who would want to fuck a nigger? LOL!!

    • Osmoryslysk976

      I can’t believe how many people claim not to be racist yet they write like you!!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Rico,I am African-American and I would like to thank you for being open-minded and for your eloquent advocacy for a Black Captain America to played by Will Smith.But I respectfully disagree.To change CA’s race and looks would be like having James Bond played by an American or The Black Panther played by an African-American instead of an African or Afro-Brit.You could do it.But there are essential intangibles of the character that would be lost.As a long time member of my country’s military and a firefighter in a large urban city,I can tell you that despite Mr. Smith’s obvious acting talent there is a lack of adult gravitas and command presence in his screen performances,especially when he has tried to portray a man in uniform or a man of action.Cap is a man who is able to give orders to an arrogant billionaire like Tony Starks or the prideful Norse thundergod Thor.And not only do they listen to his commands,they are glad to do so and trust his judgement.And there is another trait of Cap’s that has not been discussed at all in these message boards.Steve Rogers is an Innocent in a world of dark cynicism.He has an almost child like faith in his country and his fellow citizens to do the right thing.And dare I say,you don’t want the part played by a drug using felon or a Hollywood phony.On some level people want to believe Cap COULD be real,even if he is not.The want someone who actually seems to embody the wholesome characer they see on screen.That is why the part should be played by Mark Valley.He not only looks exactly like Cap.He’s a fine actor who handles action scenes with ease and is a genuinely nice guy with an “aw shucks” attitude that reminds me of James Stewart.Mr. Valley is also a graduate of West Point,a former U.S. Army Officer,and a decorated Gulf War veteran.Imagine,you could have a hero played by a hero.A Hollywood rarity indeed.
    Mr. Smith’s stardom has been largely based on his non-threatening persona.White America finds him charming and irreverent.A kind of harmless and inoffensive black man who wll never make a movie that rattles their sensibilities.That is why he makes more money and gets more roles than Denzel Wasington.
    The movie will sink or swim based on who plays Cap.Hopefully they get it right this time.
    But considering how smooth ladies’s man and proven warrior James Rhodes went from being portrayed by Terrence Howard to being played by Don Cheadle,I am not holding my breath:-)

  • Mike M

    Ahh I will be standing outside the theatre protesting any Marvel film from here on out if Will Smith is Captain America. The Easter Bunny would make a better Captain America before Will Smith. Hollywood is sickeningly obnoxious and this is by far the most outrageous suggestion ever!!! This is 3x the insult from the Nick Cage Ghost Rider casting. Will Smith can have his ridiculous Hancock movie not Captain America.

    Here is some of my personal ideas for a Captain America tell me what you think!
    Jensen Ackles– Supernatural TV Show really like this idea
    Paul Walker– maybe not high on my list
    Mark Wahlberg- I like this
    Vin Diesel– great personality for the lead role.. look maybe not
    Matt Damon– has to get in as a Marvel character somewhere
    Ryan Reynolds– great idea before he did X-Men Green Lantern
    Channing Tatum– has the look
    MMA– fighter

    Screw the Smith idea

  • lady_rinehart

    I love Will Smith, and totally think there should be a major superhero film done starring a non-white actor. I just think it should be one in which it makes sense the character isn't white or it doesn't matter. Hell, Spider-Man could have been any race because it wasn't central to his story at all. But because Captain America is set during the 1940s, he needs to be white. Historically, it just doesn't make sense for him to be anything else. He was a symbol to the white troops and white America during this time. Unfortunately, that limits us to a white actor.

    I was really routing for them to go with John Stewart for Green Lantern so they could finally have a black superhero.

  • HulkFan15

    For how crappy Daredevil was I was still pissed that they made the Kingpin black, I can imagine the rage I would feel if they made Cap black, and besides that there is a lot of good points about this being set during WW2 which would make no sense in having a black person as the basically the face of the whole United States during segregation times

  • Anonymous

    No one seemed to make a stink when Nick Fury was cast as a black man. It simply doesn’t matter what color skin the actor has. Just please PLEASE give this great character a great movie.

  • A guy who thinks more than you

    So many people are saying Will Smith as Cap for reasons that just don't work out.

    Reason 1. They did experiments on blacks in the past and the super soldier serum was an experiment. Well folks, here's the problem with that. “They” in this case would be the US gov. and if the US gov. tricked, conned or whatever a man into being in the super soldier program just because he was black, and they didn't care if he lived or died, why in the world would he be so patriotic? HE WOULDN'T!!! that would make him some kind of a psychopath.If it were me, the gov just risked killing me for their own gain, but now i am super human… The only way that plot works is if I went after the gov officials that used me.

    Reason 2. Kind of with reason 1, but not completely. It is important that Cap was a volunteer for the program. It shows his love for country, his willingness to do whatever it took to fight for what he believed in, and that he is a true patriot. If someone is going to say Will Smith is a good pick because he is black and his ethnicity fits in with the tuskegee experiments, then Steve Rogers didn't volunteer. If he didn't volunteer, than it doesn't show his love for country, his willingness to do whatever it takes, or that he is a patriot.

    Reason 3. Some claim he is the biggest actor in Hollywood. Maybe so, but who cares? With that twisted logic, Smith would need to be considered for Robin Hood, Dracula or spongebob. After all, he is the greatest actor out there, right? My favorite actors are Brad Pitt (mostly for fight club, Inglorious Bastards and snatch) and Denzel Washington (Because of almost everything he's been in), but i think both would be terrible picks for Cap. They fit a different role and Will Smith fits a different role. Thats just the way it is.

    And lastly, and least important in my book. Before anyone starts on me for being racest, i'm mixed more more ways than almost anyone you'll ever know. Anyways, I've seen a few people say “we need more black super heros” or things to that effect. If that is the case, we really need more female super heros. Why not have a woman play cap? Jessica Biel is a great actress; what about Rachel McAdams, she is awesome, isn't she? If you don't think so, you must be sexist, right? of course not. The fact is, it just wouldn't work. Let Caption America be who he is, not what someone else wants him to be.

  • Bunny

    There are a ton of black super-heroes, pick one and make a movie. I will support you 100% as long as it's a character that is supposed to be African American.

    How is it progress to ignore the actual Capt. America that was black in order to shoe-horn this in?

    • Donalyn

      Several Actors have played different roles in the Marvel movie franchise. Ryan Reynalds played a vamp in Blade Trinity, Deadpool, and now he’s playing the Green Latern for DC. Anyway, Will would be a good pick for the Patriot but not Cap. Also, I wished that he was War Machine but Cheadle bored the role for me (he wasn’t even better than Howard, bleh.)
      The fact is that there are a lot of African American and other minorities who are in the Marvel Universe and can be played by different actors. Finding the right actor to play their part is the problem. With Catwoman, yes, Halle played a black Catwoman, but she sucked at it. Bottom line.

    • Donalyn

      Several Actors have played different roles in the Marvel movie franchise. Ryan Reynalds played a vamp in Blade Trinity, Deadpool, and now he’s playing the Green Latern for DC. Anyway, Will would be a good pick for the Patriot but not Cap. Also, I wished that he was War Machine but Cheadle bored the role for me (he wasn’t even better than Howard, bleh.)
      The fact is that there are a lot of African American and other minorities who are in the Marvel Universe and can be played by different actors. Finding the right actor to play their part is the problem. With Catwoman, yes, Halle played a black Catwoman, but she sucked at it. Bottom line.

  • Bunny

    No. NO. If they want to make a movie about Josiah, okay, or if he’s Falcon I will jump up and down like a tiny girl, but NO. If you want to make movies about comic book characters – they would need to look like the comic book characters or you can go make some other goddamn movie.


    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Although Mr Smith is a very good actor (correction) a great actor I can not see him as CAPTAIN AMERICA He already had his shot at a super hero (if that’s what you want to call HANCOCK) so I think CAPTAIN AMERICA should go to someone eles hint hint CHANNING TATUM because he could knock this movie out of the park

  • Austin

    There is a very famous African American superhero, look at Static Shock!! That would be the prime opportunity to introduce a Black hero saga that would not only be profitable ,but damn badass considering the fact that it is the closest equivalent of Spiderman to date for DC Comics with the high school hero story and its unique mythology.

    • Chris

      i’ve never even thought of what that show would be like if it was made into a movie. that actually could be really cool if a good enough director is willing to take that up.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid premise for the article. You want a Captain America movie to devolve into a regrerssive, boring film about race relations which has nothing to do with the character? I think the fact that Will Smith is a boring actor who is the same in every movie, is a reason to not be happy with this rumor.

    • Osmoryslysk976

      Ouch!! Sum1 is a Will Smith h8tr! I never thought i would see the day…


  • Osmoryslysk976

    Yeah, why not just put will smith in WHITEFACE…
    It was fine to do that for white actors representing black characters, so what would possibly be the problem if it happens the other way round?

    Lol, im not trying to offend or anything, im barely just introducing something that can stir up this forum and make it more interesting.

  • KurtW

    I’m simply against this because it goes against the comics. Nothing too special about that reason. Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, and if Cpt. America was black in the comics, I’d want him to be the actor.

  • Steve Rogers

    There are many black superheros… Static, Falcon, Vulcan, (Marvel) Patriot, Green Lantern (the new one, not the original), Blade, Ummmmmm, HANCOCK just to name a few. I mean dang people, Will Smith even played the last one AND there is talk about a Hancock sequel. And, to the person that says “Can’t we have one”? Here you go! There is 7. Just not Cap!

  • Pete

    Cap not as popular as Spidey or the Ol’ Caknuckle head, that’s just dumb. Changing Cap to a black guy for political correctness is just stupid.

  • MattA7Xfan4Life

    EXACTLY! Cap was supposed to be the epitome of everything that Hitler wanted, yet he was fighting him. also, due to underlying social tensions during WWII [it has been confirmed that it IS set in WWII], a black Cap would never lead cap. I wouldn't mind seeing Smith as Isaiah Bradley, but not Steve Rogers! it wouldn't work.

  • Ashley

    cap aint boring, superman now he is boring!! As long as captINmerica stays true to his hardcore conservavtive roots it is all good. I do not want Will Smith to portray Captain ‘obama’ America.

  • MB

    I’ve been a Cap fan for thirty plus years. It has nothing to do with skin color, but more to do with the character I have grown up with. I don’t see how it is fair to change who he is just to try and send some antiquated message. Let it go. The more we do things like this, the more we actually increase these racial inequities by pushing people away from accepting each other. What??? its bad for Cap to be white now?? give me a break. Respect the character who has been around since Timely comics and do the right thing. We allready have changed Nick Fury (which is wrong). We do not need to change the best character in comics. Oh, and the part about being boring??? Give me a break. He fought in the greatest war ever. Imagine the problems related to waking up decades later to a changed world! so many plot lines from that. This writer knows nothing. It is a slap in the face to the writers to change something they created just to sell tickets. Cap has been selling comics for over sixty years.

  • TB

    If you don’t stick within the confines of the source material, there’s no reason to make the film. If Will Smith gets the starring role, I, for one, will not care to see the movie. People want to see a live action version of their favorite comic, not some liberal, Hollywood send up.

    • Osmoryslysk976

      This is the problem with Hollywood, they just want to change everything and in the end what is meant to be an interesting live action film of some famous comic or series becomes bland, boring including confused plots and characters!!! I mean look at what they are doing to The Last Airbender, an amazing story of a world vastly populated by asian influenced cultures (hence to make it make sense it would be logical to have Asian cultured characters played by asian actors (and i’m referring to chinese, japanese, korean (mainly) If you have seen the series you’ll know what i mean)

      But instead what do they do, they chuck in some white actors to play characters who are not obviously white and in a pathetic attempt to hush those complaining about the absence of Asians in a significantly Asian influenced series they just chuck in some Indians as the villains(where they wouldn’t have fitted in anyway) and randomly give the typical races reflected by the series minor roles as extras in the film. I mean this is Hollywood, that’s just how it is, all they think about is money and what actors will make the film sell the most even to the expense of ruining something that was well researched and created with a lot of hard work. Instead of reserving these films to some talented unknowns who actually struggle before they get a chance to be discovered they look for the well knowns, if they struggle to find them, then they just find the nearest white person they can get. Anyway I am obviously very skeptical about all these remakes and live action films that have suddenly become Hollywood’s focus this year.
      Its boring, unoriginal and they don’t even try to make accurate adaptations, i mean spiderman 1; okay that was quite fine, the second one was kind of an improvement and then all of a sudden we are forced to see
      a singing and dancing emo peter parker in spiderman 3 which is not what the black suit was about at all, last time i recalled, peter parker wouldn’t intrude into MJ’s performances and start singing and showing off his spiderman aerobics just to get back at her. Instead of a powerful and troubled symbiotic spiderman we got a childish idiot prancing around doing as he pleased, everything was messed up and twisted to a point where i started wondering if i was watching some kind of High School Musical with spiderman in it for some reason. I won’t even be willing to pay for the next spiderman.
      These guys need to stop complicating things for themselves and just stick to the obvious, the scripts. However, i have heard of a black CA side story that co-exists with the classic white one, I don’t know the hell that happened and to be honest as long as they stick to the plot of the white or black CA I don’t really think much of it, but its obvious whichever story they’ll take they are likely to mess it up anyways, so i would suggest its time we get over Hollywood and just divert our interests to the smaller and upcoming industries of film. We need to teach them a lesson by boycotting Hollywood’s films and then pirating them just to make sure they realize that the world won’t take anymore of their crap!!!

  • chuy

    i agree with everything you wrote and it does make great sense if some people don’t want to see it just because he is black then that’s there loss will smith would be awesome as captain America i know tons of people that would watch it

  • TB

    Will Smith is one of my favorite actors–period. If he got the Capt. America role I would not boycitt the film because of him but because of the producer’s miscasting. I would be equally disappointed with this film if they made a lame choice of a white actor such as Leonardo Dicaprio or Matthew Mc. I was ready to boycott the new Bond films just because they chose a “blond” actor because the character had black hair (kind of like a blonde Superman). My choice for this role has always been Tom Welling (with dyed hair, of course) because they’re never going to let him wear the Superman tights & he’s physically perfect for the part.

  • Carey

    Nothing personal, but hell to the no. People in Hollywood need to stop worrying about being politically correct and remember two things: STICK TO THE BOOK and Will Smith already has a superhero alter ego…hello Hancock anybody?

  • Brady

    Listen idiot…Will Smith already played a superhero in Hancock. Do you think anyone want's to see Hugh Jackman play any other character than Wolverine? I doubt it! Captain America can't be black because blacks did not lead white troops during WW2. Please study history so you can understand it. Now regarding your comment “How many white super hero movie do you need” If you want to see a black superhero movie, then write to marvel and tell them to make a movie about your favorite black character! Storm is black, Blade is black, The Green Lantern, Gravedigger, Anarchist, Bedlam, Bishop…they are all black.
    They already tried making a white superhero black in the Catwoman movie, and even cast one of the hottest actresses around in Halle Berry, and that went over like a fart in church. Nobody went to see it!
    In the Avengers movie, both 3-D man and Triathlon are black. There are plenty of black superheros, but if you want to see more, then start your own comic series. Just stop begging for black actors to play white characters. How would you feel if Drew Barrymore played Storm instead of Halle Berry. I'll tell you that I'd be pissed because it wouldn't fit the storyline! Now smarten up!

  • Anonymous

    hi i from tehran you have a power man I LOVE YOU

  • Isaiah Bradley

    Cat Woman isnt reaaly a Heroe. Did the movie flop because the main character was black or did the movie just suck ? Hint Indenpedence Day !!!

  • Isaiah Bradley

    While I agree that Scott Rogers should be portrayed as white. I disagree with your first statement. The willingness to sacrifice ones self in the name of freedom and liberty is not bound by color or a Nation willingness to honor that Heroe. It is soley based on that soldiers dedication to the ideals of America. Case in point:WASHINGTON, Jan. 16, 1997 – Tears streamed down Vernon Baker's face as President Clinton hung the Medal of Honor around his neck during White House ceremonies honoring seven African-American World War II veterans denied the medal until now.

    Baker is the only one still alive. The others honored were Staff Sgt. Edward A. Carter Jr., 1st Lt. John R. Fox, Pfc. Willy F. James Jr., Staff Sgt. Ruben Rivers, 1st Lt. Charles L. Thomas and Pvt. George Watson.

    Baker said he was crying because he was “remembering what happened on that hill” on April 5 and 6, 1945, near Viareggio, Italy. That's when he single-handedly destroyed two German machine gun nests and led an attack on two others. He also drew enemy fire on himself to permit the evacuation of his wounded comrades and led a battalion advance through enemy minefields.

    Characterizing Baker and the six deceased recipients as “among the bravest of the brave,” Clinton said no black soldier who deserved the medal during World War II received it until now.

  • Isiah Bradley

    Here a real black heroe:James Huston, an intelligence officer with the 35th Infantry Division’s 3rd Battalion, 134th Regiment, who participated in the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach. During his first battle, in Saint-Lô, with a five-man patrol, he took Hill 122, a heavily fortified and mined position occupied by the enemy. This act earned him the Croix de Guerre avec Palme. He subsequently served as a commander when his unit crossed northern France toward Nancy. He then led the battalion that crossed the Meurthe as an operations officer. He carried out the attack and capture of Malzeville, east of Nancy, to establish a bridgehead for the region. His strategic abilities, sharp analyses and personal involvement during his command of this action earned Huston a Bronze Star.

  • ferguson

    Should Ben Affleck play Muhammad Ali? What a joke.

  • Zee

    I think they should look at which actors would best suit the role, regardless of race. Hell he could be Asian for all I care.

  • Zee

    I think they should look at which actors would best suit the role, regardless of race. Hell he could be Asian for all I care.

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  • Nicksawlione

    No- Spawn stayed black, Captain America will stay white – seriously why do people have to mess with shit!!

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  • Jazzy Jeff

    HELL (to the) NO

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