Showtime Order A Fourth Season Of THE TUDORS

     April 13, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Showtime has ordered a fourth season of their historical melodrama “The Tudors” which stars Jonathan Rhys-Myers as England’s King Henry the Eighth. The news comes two weeks into the series’ third season and will apparently allow just enough time to introduce and kill Henry’s remaining wives.

According to Variety this renewal order will “wrap up” the saga of Henry – and you know what that means! Jonathan Rhys Meyers is going to have to get fat. We all knew that the pretext of wanting to show Henry in his handsome prime would have to fall away if the show went past a third season. The King was big and nasty in his final days… unless he had a fetish for ordering unflattering portraits to be painted of himself.

The fourth season of “The Tudors” will begin production this June in Dublin with episodes set to air on the cable channel in spring 2010.

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