Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Paul, John Turturro, and Ben Kingsley Eyed for Ridley Scott’s Biblical Epic EXODUS

     August 27, 2013


An Alien reunion is in the works.  Ripley herself Sigourney Weaver has been tapped to join the cast of director Ridley Scott’s Moses epic Exodus, along with John Turturro (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.  Scott is putting together an impressive cast for the pic, with Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton already set to play Moses and Ramses, respectively.  Variety reports that Weaver will play Tuya, the mother of Ramses, while Turturro has been tapped to play Ramses’ father Seti and Paul is in talks to portray a Hebrew slave alongside Bale’s Moses.  Additionally, Deadline reports that Ben Kingsley is in talks to join the cast as a Hebrew scholar.

Steven Zaillian (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) penned the script for Exodus, and Scott is looking to start production in September in England, Spain, and Morocco.  This will mark the first time that Scott and Weaver have worked together in quite a while, though Exodus will see Weaver playing a considerably different role than that of her Alien heroine.

  • Tom

    I’m glad that Aaron Paul after “Breaking Bad” is an object of interest such great filmmakers.

  • W

    Weaver and Scott worked together for 1492 …

  • -

    Aaron Paul and Ridley Scott?
    Holy fluck. He’s been especially brilliant in these most recent Breaking Bad episodes.

  • MorganFleurDeLys

    Cool, I love fictional stories. The bible is a great resource for those!

    • Ty

      I love how completely, blindingly ignorant you are.

      The Bible has been proven to be true time and time again. Moses actually existed, and record of his deeds survive both in Egypt and in the writings of Israel. The Bible writes of a kingdom called Hyksos, of the Hittites. Nobody believed the Hittites existed for hundreds of years, until BOOM, they were found exactly where the Bible said they would be. The Bible described the city of Babylon when it was covered by dust, and when archaeologists dug it up, they found the gates exactly how the Bible described them.

      Jesus of Nazareth was proven to exist in multiple accounts, not the least of which was Josephus.
      Joseph was proven to exist in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
      David, Solomon, and the Kings and Judges, all real, and all left their mark on history that is proven today.

      Of course, the accounts of Genesis are controversial, and both sides admit that nothing can be proved or disproved either way. It all comes down to what you believe. So what would you rather believe?

      • MorganFleurDeLys

        This is rather comedic in it’s irony.

      • RunnerX13

        Ha, lighten up.

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Can this movie get any more white ?
    I understand the need to cast the leads with recognizable faces but no need to do that with the supporting cast

    • Ali

      seriously. this film has the same problem as the one made w/Charlton Heston—white people playing north africans. at least the animated version in the 90′s had the characters have darker skin.

  • Tank

    This project needs Idris Elba as God… or the Burning Bush.

  • Strong Enough

    a white guy as RAMSES? LMAOO

  • Ty

    Wow. This cast just gets better and better. Exodus just eclipsed Noah as my most anticipated Biblical epic (of which many are coming out).

    Start with Ridley Scott, the most epic director alive (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven). Add Christian Bale, the greatest, most electrifying actor of his generation. Joel Edgerton, a solid Australian player. Aaron Paul, amazing dude.
    Sigourney Weaver, back with the director who made her a star. John Turturro, a great actor. And Sir Ben Kingsley, and awesome thespian. Combine with a consistently excellent screenwriter – Steven Zaillian.

    Shoot pretty much on location, perhaps get Hans Zimmer to do the freakin’ score. Epic cinematography, grand scope, large setpieces. An incredible story about a man determined to liberate his people, and their epic journey of survival.

    I hope Exodus will be amazing.

    P.S. This movie needs Russell Crowe as Aaron. Michael Fassbender as Caleb.

    • Pierre V. Wilson

      I think the same.

      Sir Ridley Scott is my favorite filmmaker of all time.

      Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton are two of the greatest actors worldwide.

      And I love Michael Fassbender and Russell Crowe too.

  • Nickflick

    Let’s remake Django with Russel Crowe as Django then…since historic accuracy has become unimportant in Hollywood..

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  • MainFragger

    As Aaron Paul says, “Let my people go…Bitch!”