First Trailer for Real Time Horror Thriller SILENT HOUSE Starring Elizabeth Olsen

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The first trailer for the horror pic Silent House has gone online. The film centers on a young woman trapped in her family’s crumbling, secluded lakeside house. While the logline sounds pretty generic, the catch to this horror movie is that it plays out in real time and is designed to look like it was shot in one take. The trailer’s pretty intriguing, and it definitely plays up the real time angle. Olsen broke out in a big way at last year’s Sundance Film Festival with Martha Marcy May Marlene, but Silent House also screened at the time. While I’m not really the biggest of horror fans, the real time aspect and the “one take” technique, combined with Olsen’s involvement, are enough to entice me to buy a ticket once this thing hits theaters.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer. Directed by Open Water helmers Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, Silent House opens March 9th.

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  • Carlos

    I doubt this was shot in one take. I saw the Uruguayan film that this one is based on, and even though that one looked like it was shot in one take, there are three or four scenes where the lights go out and it’s complete darkness so you still can’t be sure if that technique was genuine. Something tells me this remake will have those same moments to disguise the “one shot” thing.

    • MikeHutnan

      Obviously. It is impossible to record an entire movie in one take, even if it was a documentary. Seriously, silliest thing I’ve heard all day.

      I’m interested in this movie, if only for Elizabeth Olsen’s work in “Martha …” but I doubt that it will be all that effective, at least for me personally. I have yet to see a horror film that has been truly frightening.. Or even had frightening parts.

      • John

        I guess you haven’t seen the trailer to Albert Nobbs.

      • Chad

        Wrong. Russian Ark was shot in 1 take. So careful about throwing around words like impossible until you study film history.

      • sense 11

        Timecode was shot in one take, actually four takes shown at the same time.

      • Dsimolke

        Nobody said it was in 1 take. It’s designed to APPEAR as if it was completed in one take for dramatic effect.

        And to who said “I have yet to see a horror film that has been truly frightening.. Or even had frightening parts.” – Wow, you’re cool. I guess nobody is as tough as you are. In fact, why do you even see horror movies since you’re so badass none of them can scare you. Man I wish I had brass balls like you.

        Chad, thank you for clearing the one-take issue up (no sarcasm for this last statement).

      • Dsimolke

        And possibly props to sense 11 as well, I’m just not that familiar with Timecode. Mike Figgis, right?



    The father is dead and Olsen killed him.

    I saved you 8 $.

  • James

    Seems like an interesting movie. The trailer to the original film is far creepier, though.

  • riksmits corsonika

    It sounds so scary movie. Last movie I saw was West Wood. Now I am very excited to watch it too. I like horror movies and It looks like a great horror movie. Thanks for the trailer.

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