Watch One of the Most Elaborate Dick Jokes in History from the SILICON VALLEY Season Finale

     June 3, 2014


Creator Mike Judge’s new comedy series Silicon Valley just concluded its freshman season on HBO, and while arguably the best part of the series has been lost (Christopher Evan Welch, who played the eccentric Peter Gregory, sadly passed away during filming), there’s still a lot to love about the show.  Case in point, the season finale included what is quite possibly the most elaborate dick joke ever told on film, and it is glorious.  The clip landed online yesterday, but as of right now HBO has not yet pulled it down.  I assume this means they’re fine with everyone sharing it because it’s so damn funny.  If you haven’t seen Silicon Valley, take a gander at what your missing, and if you have, the joke is still just as funny the second time around.

Hit the jump to watch the Silicon Valley clip, and click here to read Allison’s review of the season finale.  HBO has already renewed the series for a second season, which will likely debut early next year.  The show stars Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Amanda Crew, and Zach Woods.

Click on the image below to watch the aptly named “Silicon Valley dick joke clip” on YouTube.  We’ll update the article with an embed as soon as one’s available.

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  • JCubs79

    I haven’t laughed this hard at a joke in a long time.

  • Lex Walker

    All of them pausing to contemplate girth similarity gets me every time.

  • Doug_101

    This episode was absolutely hilarious. Love this show.

  • Cedhollywood

    Great show,great cast and one of the most memorable and hilarious scenes ever. The way they played it was genius. This is a great “nerd” series that I was hoping would come one day and now its here. Looking forward to season 2.

  • Joey Robinson

    I haven’t been watching this show. After seeing this I will be!

  • Joey Robinson

    I haven’t been watching this show. After seeing this I will be!

  • enzofloc

    This episode was relentlessly hilarious and brilliant. These parasites who do nothing most of the time get inspired to exhaustively formulate the most efficient way to handjob 800 people, prompting the real genius to invent a new breakthrough compression code. Freaking excellent! I felt like I died and gone to hell (a good thing).

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