First Trailer for David O. Russell’s SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK Starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

     June 28, 2012

The first trailer for David O. Russell‘s Silver Linings Playbook has gone online.   Bradley Cooper plays a former teacher who, after spending four years in a mental institution, moves back in with his mother and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife.  However, he strikes up a relationship with a neighbor (Jennifer Lawrence) who’s also mental problems.  I really like what I’m seeing from the cast, especially Cooper and Lawrence.  The trailer does make the film look a little sacchrine, but Russell has never skewed towards the mawkish, so I’m going to assume the heavy-handed feel-good stuff is designed to make the film appeal to a larger audience.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Jackie Weaver, Chris Tucker, Julia Stiles, and Robert De NiroSilver Linings Playbook opens on November 21st.

Here’s the synopsis for Silver Linings Playbook:

Adapted from the best-selling novel by Matthew Quick, THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is a touching, one-of-a-kind comedy about love and second chances.

Pat Peoples (Bradley Cooper) is a man always trying to look on the bright side of life – the title of the story takes it’s name from the expression that “every cloud has a silver lining.” Released from the hospital after losing his wife to another man, Pat believes this age-old adage is just the ticket to trying to win her back and get his life on track. Trying to remain resolutely undiscouraged, Pat moves back in with his parents and devotes himself entirely to becoming the man his wife always wanted him to be. But it’s an uphill battle. Until Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a beautiful young woman whose life also has not turned out the way she wanted. Together, the couple will try and navigate through their lives and stay true to who they are, always just one adventure away from a unique friendship, and possibly even love.


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  • junierizzle

    Looks good but Laurence is way too young to be the love interest.

    • junierizzle


    • Stephens

      She’s young in real life but doesn’t necessarily look it in the trailer. Plus she seems like she’s killing it so why complain?

  • Marie

    I’ll see this for sure! great cast! especially De Niro, Cooper and Lawrence!

  • Curbcooler

    Oh lord. David O’russel should have just gone ahead and directed the “Uncharted” film adaptAtion. At this point in his career he should be past this low budget dramady shit. Same thing goes for David Fincher. Fincher should just finally do 20,00 Leagues under the sea and forget the steig Larson movie sequels. I think it’s time these two directors bring there distinctive, stylistic, filmmaking techniques to the tentpole movie world the same way “Christopher Nolan” and “Alfonso Cuaron” did. Come on David’s, move the fuck on wth your creative careers already.

    • Alan

      You do realize that not all ‘dramadies’ are the same, right? And they can be very different? Still don’t get how you can equate budget with creativity. So, if O’Russell made a Zack Snyder-style comic book adaptation, that will mean he has creatively grown as a filmmaker? If he directed a freakin’ video game, then he would be suitably ‘creative’, huh?

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  • skinny81

    I didn’t know chris tucker was still alive.

  • Albert

    It looks like another killer performance by both Cooper and Lawrence. Can’t wait to check it out

  • Jimmy B

    I keep tricking myself into watching trailers just because it has De Niro in it. I should stop doing that.

  • Itgdr

    I can´t stand jennifer lawrence. Her acting is the same in all her movies, especially the way to mumble when she speaks and her face expressionless.

    • Marie

      I love Jennifer Lawrence. Her acting is always different in all her movies, and she has very expressive eyes. She is one of the best actresses out there. Itgdr…you obviously don’t know how to judge acting talent, but that’s ok. Everyone’s opinion is subjective…but just know you are dead wrong.

    • Marie

      I’m the 10:49am Marie. If there is a compliment you can do to Jennifer lawrence is to have a versatile acting, a lot of expression and screen presence.

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  • Jj

    Love the cast! Can’t wait for this.

  • Jj

    Love the cast – J-Law in particular. The trailer looks great. Can’t wait for this.

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