Mondo Unveils Kilian Eng’s SILVER SURFER Screenprint to Kick Off Marvel Series

     October 9, 2013


Big news coming from Mondo today.  They have announced a series of prints for Marvel comic book characters that aren’t tied to the company’s feature film exploits.  This means there are endless possibilities for who and how your favorite heroes and villains can be immortalized on pretty paper.  Up first is The Silver Surfer from artist Kilian Eng.  Check out the print and all the pertinent info after the jump.

Ang was a perfect choice to kick this series off and he did a fantastic job capturing the essence of The Silver Surfer.  Be sure to follow @MondoNews on Twitter since that’s where they’ll announce when the poster is on sale, which will be at a random time on Thursday, October 10th.

  • Poster by Kilian Eng
  • 24″x36″ screen print
  • Hand numbered
  • Edition of 275
  • $50


There you have it, Mondo is bring the Marvel comic book universe to the walls in your home.  Let us know in the comments below what you think of this one and what other characters you hope to see in the future.

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  • ItsNotaSchooner

    Sweet, more awesome posters I won’t ever be able to buy because they sell out in fucking 2 seconds every time. Thanks Mondo, awesome job guys! Way to be.

    • SilentScope

      YES! Totally agree. 2 seconds is NOT even an exaggeration!
      Hey guys check out this sweet poster you most likely won’t be able to purchase. Instead someone will purchase 7 of them at a time on different accounts to flip them on eBay. Way to go Mondo!

    • SUUUUUP!

      Word, I love their work and yet at the same time I hate them. They are probably one of the most incompetent sales people I’ve ever seen. Good luck buying ANYTHING from these guys.

      • drewcadia

        they’re not incompetent at all
        limited edition means just that
        i’ve bought several posters through mondo
        i don’t have any sort of special internet connection

        i’m just patient and pay attention when the sales times are.

        they say random but it’s almost always 9-10am PST
        sometimes you win / sometimes you lose

        when you have the world (internet) trying to secure 150 of something… they’ll go fast. no matter what it is

        i’ll sell you my silver surfer poster tomorrow

  • flexx

    Get the artists last name right please.

  • John Storm

    Beautiful, we need a movie

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