Simon Kinberg Talks X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, Calling It a “Disaster Movie, Extinction Level Event”

     May 25, 2014


X-Men: Days of Future Past is off to a grand start with a $90+ million opening weekend, but screenwriter Simon Kinberg is already looking ahead to the follow-up film, X-Men: Apocalypse.  He’ll reteam with director Bryan Singer on the next X film, which aims to follow through with the timeline-altering events of the current mutant movie.  There’s a lot to keep track of over the entire slate of X-Men films, but it feels like the universe is ready to leave some of the confusion behind and move forward in a big way with the inclusion of what is arguably the comic series’ biggest bad.

Kinberg not only talked about the post-credits scene of X-Men: Days of Future Past and how it leads into X-Men: Apocalypse, he also commented on which characters will carry over and how they’ll impact the story, as well as the ambitious “extinction level event” they have planned.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say, but mind the spoilers.

simon-kinberg-x-men-days-of-future-past-interviewFirst of all, if you missed any of our recent coverage of Kinberg’s comments, you can get caught up with his reflection on X-Men: The Last Stand here, and Steve’s interview with him for X-Men: Days of Future Past here.  As for the newer content, Kinberg recently spoke to IGN about the tone of the 2016 film X-Men: Age of Apocalypse and its title villain:

“The thing that we’ve spent the most time talking about is not just the visual execution of the character, which is its own challenge – creating a character that’s the most powerful I think of any mutant villain that we’ve seen in the X-Men movies so far. More powerful than Magneto. The kind of scope and scale we’re talking about is like disaster movie, extinction level event. Sort of Roland Emmerich-style moviemaking, which you’ve never seen in an X-Men movie, or any superhero movie, which I think is exciting.

But we’ve also been talking about how to give him a real emotional and philosophical underpinning. So he’s not just somebody who’s out there destroying the world because he can. What he’s doing is – in his mind – justified and validated by a real compelling, coherent philosophy. He tries to proselytise and convert people – maybe some of our most familiar characters – to come to his cause. “

x-men-days-of-future-past-josh-helmanIn another interview with Vulture, Kinberg talked about the continuation of characters from X-Men: Days of Future Past and how they’ll stay honest to those moments in Apocalypse:

Stryker is a character that keeps reappearing in the franchise, perhaps because he’s one of the only identifiable bad guys the X-Men have encountered. And then, in the final beats of the film, it turns out he’s Mystique — the ultimate “WTF.” Will that payoff in the future?
We really wanted to do something subtle with Stryker in this movie. We wanted it to be the beginning of the origin of him. He’s in the shadows most of this film. In some ways, Stryker was included in order to trigger something for Wolverine. How would it impact Wolverine, going back in time and seeing this guy who is going to manipulate him in the future. That was just interesting. Stryker’s been interesting in the books and the Brian Cox version was fantastic. But the last moment in the movie with the Mystique reveal… there’s for sure more to that. As we follow the characters in to X-Men: Apocalypse, we have to address that and make it a real thing.

apocalypse-x-menAt the end of this movie, you tease Apocalypse, one of the Big Bads of the X-Men universe. Is there a lot of pressure shooting one of these introductory, post-credit stingers?
The hope of Days of Future Past is that people like it and, even though we changed a ton from the original comic, we stayed true to the essence of it. But the hope is also to broaden the audience, people who aren’t necessarily hardcore X-Men fans, or maybe haven’t even seen an X-Men movie, go see this movie. Hopefully the event of the cast draws people in. So the pressure on Apocalypse is to do something similar. Broaden the audience and stay true to the core ideals of the comics and fans. I don’t approach this stuff as a business, I approach it as a writer and an artist, so how do we do something different?First Class was so different in tone and character. Days of Future is a completely different movie. Science fiction and ambitious. I want Apocalypse to feel ambitious.

How does that character complicate the world for you? We know he builds pyramids with his mind.
It’s more of an opportunity. For most of these X-Men movies, Magneto is the villain. Or Stryker. So the idea of having a new villain and super powerful villain. It’s extinction stakes, which these movies haven’t visualized before. The best superhero movies have subgenres. Days of Future Past is time travel sci-fi. Apocalypse is a disaster movie mashed up with superhero movies.

X-Men: Apocalypse opens May 27, 2016.  Here’s more with Kinberg:


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  • enderandrew

    X-Men 1 – Magneto almost kills all the leaders of the UN. Not quite an extinction event, but would lead to World War 3.
    X-Men 2 – Magneto tries to kill all humans on the planet.
    X-Men 3 – Full on open war between humans and mutants
    First Class – Shaw tries for nuclear war and human extinction
    Days of Future Past – Post-apocalypse and near extinction

    Wait, how is this different?

    • Person

      “The kind of scope and scale we’re talking about is like disaster movie, extinction level event [...] which you’ve never seen in an X-Men movie, or any superhero movie, which I think is exciting.”

      I also vaguely recall seeing extinction-level events in other superhero films.

    • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

      I think different in the sense that we are going to see the destruction that all of those events could have created or, no pun intended, the Apocalypse itself. I’m picturing it as 2012 destruction scenes within the movie.

    • Farrell

      It will basically be like the destruction at the end of X3, but through more of the whole movie. He’s talking about more direct actual destruction rather than potential destruction,

    • Brent Stires

      Because in order for this movie to work, it won’t be an “almost”. There’s going to be a lot of on-screen death and mayhem. There has to be.

    • Valeri

      remember,nobody realized what happened,or what the glowing light was,that was seen. All were clueless.magneto didnt tell them anything after he failed.He was taken in simply because he was known to be potentially dangerous. Mental attack in X2 yes,but First Class proved that eric knew nothing about source code software or hardwiring of cerebro,it was all Hank,and they didnt develop it in the mansion either,at all,they wouldve used it otherwise to find angel,azazel,riptide etc pronto,so no cerebro,hank was too busy with synthesizing Ravens dna for serum,building banshee wings,havok energy focuser,training himself etc.

      Eric left and in 63 was imprisoned until the 80(in original timeline),we saw in 73 cerebro was long finished(and dusty from years of no use),Eric had no part in it,so cant give any intel to Stryker to build cerebro replica,and cant switch all the plates precisely to focus exclusively on humanity either,because original cerebro had no missing plates,and only engineer/developer of source code software and electronics of replica cerebro could even do it.

      X2 events dont occur,so no phoenix/magneto attacks in X3,no mental attach either,so government has no political excuse/fear to weaponize the cure,which was rushed after X2 global attack,and sentinels were put into production after X3,which were unfinanced for decades due to no political incentive(human rights wouldve destroyed the government polls,even senator Kelly couldnt get the government to agree to it),in 2011 we see(,official site) the sentinels now killing mutants,and by 2013 Mark X came out,financed after X2-X3 events. Mark X is the reason for 2023 sentinel future we saw. None of it can happen because in 62-80s(originally) Eric was in prison and cerebro was developed without him,he has no knowledge of source code or hardwiring,so X2 events cant occur.

      trilogy showed no extinction level event, neither did cuban missile crisis show any such event,even nuclear bombs falling on Russia and USA wouldntve resulted in extinction of humanity. X2 was potential extinction,mentally,but thats like 2 minutes,not a whole movie.

      • Johnson

        So, if Eric was in prison when Cerebro was being built, how are the events of X2 explained then? This is getting really confusing. Maybe somewhere along the way Eric found out how Cerebro works of maybe even Charls told him himself in a rare occurence when they were friendly to each other again?…

      • Valeri

        thats the sad thing, they ignore all huge inconsistencies which make First Class impossible to exist in same universe as trilogy. And writer/director of First Class even said its a reboot,for a new franchise,that he made it different. If you watch DOFP,in cinemas now,you will see Charles never spoke to Eric,or met with him,nor did Hank,ever again after he left in First Class. no contact,Eric was sealed off and nobody was allowed to visit him. DOFP movie dialogue reveals how they never met,Charles hates Eric still,10 years later,for what he did in 62.

        Finding out how Cerebro works is not enough to give Stryker actual blueprints and intel to build a live replica that works,he would have to develop the original source code software and electronics,tech,wiring that was developed for Cerebro,and Eric wasnt part of it. Otherwise Charles tells me and I can build it too ? No I can’t,nor can Eric. Hank can,and Charles helped for sure,but not Eric. Also in X1 Xavier says he met Eric at 17. But in First Class we see timestamp of 1944 for kid Charles and in end credits it shows actor- ”Xavier(12 years old),so born in 1932 confirmed,and in 1962 he was 30,not 17. This is because director of FC made a reboot. Then we have Moira Mctaggert, a 30+year old CIA agent in 1962,and a 30+old scottish scientist in 2006.

        I mean yeah, Origins:Wolverine can’t even exist because they made Stryker ~23 years old in january 1973,a lieutenant working for Trask, not a 46(actors age,but looked older)year old in late 1972,which is when Stryker met recruited Logan(when Creed raped a girl in Vietnamese village),and at earliest he left team X in feb 1973 ,latest ~aug 1973,because timestamp saying ”6 years later” means the film ended in march 1979,historical event of ”3mile island accident”,in the film they make deadpool cause it,much like in First Class Shaw caused missile crisis,eric blamed for JFKmurder, in DOFP vietnam war ends in jan 1973 as we see. So trend shows all is historically same time. But Logan returns to January 1973,in time, and he is in NY/San Fran,working as part-time bodyguard,part-time loverboy to rich chicas,he wouldnt have time(or desire),because he was too determined and found a ”family” in his team X ,and in january 73 was on missions with Stryker and team. And Stryker being 23-24 makes sense,because in X2(studio says late 2005) he is 56-57(actor is 56),and not 79(as Wolverine film Stryker would be)

        So I loved the DOFP film,but it can’t really exist as one universe,First Class has a different history,but I guess most viewers dont care for logic,just action,humor etc.

        They couldve just had Logan end up,accidentally,in a parallel universe history,or have someone go back to 1920s and change history,butterfly effect,so that the trilogy events wouldnt exist. But they didnt,sad.

    • The Flobbit

      Because X-Men 1 had zero disaster. No human extinction whatsoever.
      Neither did X-Men 2, short of a dam blowing up. Attempted extinction.
      X3 – NO extinction.
      Origins – NO EXTINCTION.
      First Class – Shaw wasn’t trying to kill all humans.

      Next time read what the man says. He’s talking Roland Emmerich, world-ending, genocidal extinction. That is unlike anything we’ve seen here before.

      • McA

        Do you really want an X-Men movie that has Roland Emmerich influences? I know I don’t. Emmerich hasn’t been relevant since ID and that sucked ass. I mean, rewatching it, it’s not a good movie.

        I don’t mind destruction but it’s gotten a bit over-used in recent years. I’m looking at you MOS and Avengers!

      • The Flobbit

        No, I don’t want an Emmerich-esque movie. But if anyone can pull off tasteful, thrilling destruction, it’s Bryan Singer.

      • McA

        I like the idea of it being tasteful – isn’t Singer friends with Emmerich as well – but I’m not sure Singer will be around for the next one if his legal matters are pursued. Maybe they might get Emmerich for the next X-Men! Oh dear lord, no!

      • The Flobbit

        Well, Singer is confirmed to direct it, so he wants to do it quickly, and those legal accusations are so full of holes they’re leaking like a sponge. And I really doubt they’ll get Emmerich. They can’t get Emmerich – another X3 or Origins and half the fans will jump ship.

      • McA

        I never saw official confirmation about that, Kinberg and McAvoy were asked recently (by Variety I think) and McAvoy wasn’t sure and Kinberg replied that ‘You’d have to ask Bryan that’. So, I think it’s still up in the air. Yeah, the legal thing on the Egan front looks shaky but Fox might be worried by the fact that stuff like this gets out;

        For it’s part, Gawker – hardly a bastion of great reporting – heavily indicated that Egan was likely lying but if the stuff about the Ashmore twins etc are true, then it’s a bit icky. Legal but icky. Hugh Hefner icky. Fox will have done their due diligence with regards to Singer. They wont want anything tainting their money maker.

        If I were to pick another film maker besides my obvious first choice of Vaughn, then it’d be Rupert Wyatt. No question for me. Good film maker.

      • mbmarquis69

        Emmerich-level world destruction is not the problem. World destruction through the lens of Roland Emmerich is the problem. Same story told by smarter talents would be great.

      • McA


      • mbmarquis69

        “First Class – Shaw wasn’t trying to kill all humans.”

        He was attempting to start a nuclear holocaust that would wipe out humanity and leave only mutants. So yeah, he wanted to kill all humans.

    • Donny V.

      Don’t care….TAKE MY MONEY I WANT TO SEE IT NOW!!!!

  • Jesse!

    actually speaking of Stryker, that reminds me of one of the moments that didn’t seem to make sense to me. Logan was fully aware prior to being sent back that they were projecting him to 1973. He knows from his own history this was before he was experimented on by Stryker and given the adamantium claws. So then why is he so surprised when he goes to “flash them” upon waking up in 1973 that it’s only the bone claws that he’s got?

    • SomeGuy

      He’s been through a lot. Give the guy a break. lol

    • Lance

      I want to know how he got the Adamantium claws back after The Wolverine? He can’t grow back the adamantium, can he?

      I guess since it’s the future a lot could happen between then and now. But the post-credits scene in The Wolverine made it seem like the Xavier/Magneto team up was in the present. Come to think of it, that post credit scene doesn’t link up well to DOFP, does it?

      CGI of the pyramids being built was cheap-looking.

      • Grayden

        You have to remember, only the ends of the adamantium were cut off. His bone claws likely regrew, requiring only the adamantium being recast over the ends of them. Easily accomplished by Magneto.

        As for The Wolverine post-credit scene, there’s no reason why it doesn’t segue into DoFP. It was probably just five or ten years after that when we get to where DoFP opens.

      • McA

        I think he means that how did Magneto and Prof X know this ‘terrible evil’ or whatever it was…’dark forces’ were rising etc. The simple answer is that it was supposed to be an enticing set-up for DOFP…and it kinda was. But since when has making sense ever mattered to Fox.

      • Grayden

        I’ts a stinger, by design it’s a teaser. To me, how Xavier and Magneto came to know about the “Nimrod” Sentinels is a moot point. It’s some years after X3, since The Wolverine showed Logan being on his own for quite some time. So one could extrapolate the possibilities that after the Alcatraz incident that the Sentinel program was initiated finally and it took some time for them to be deployed.

    • Nosferatu83

      Remember that he lost his memory, beacause Stryker shot him with a adamantium bullet on his forehead. So that’s why he forget that he had bones claws.

      • dodge hickey

        You could swear Origins was so bad that people forget about that. ha!

  • Strifeshadow

    The continuity is just so messed up between multiple films, I’ve just stopped caring.

    Also, it’s pretty depressing they’re making an Apocalypse movie before any real attempt at Gambit on screen. What does Fox and Singer have against Gambit? Gambit is awesome.

    • Grendal Sven

      The continuity is messed up in the comics, most honorable adaption of the source material ever.

      • McA

        The comics have been going for much longer than the X-Men movie series – you’d like they’d give a little more of a fuck about what happens from one movie to the next. It’s a serious lack of care on Shuller Donner and Fox’s part.

        Still think the 90s cartoon had the better DOFP adaptation. At least Bishop was a legit character in that one rather than ‘Hey other mutant, hit me up with your power’. Was kinda lame.

      • World’s Finest Comments

        To be fair, all Bishop did in the animated series was calling Gambit a traitor over and over again, and getting yelled at by Wolverine…

      • McA

        Yeah but that was kinda fun to watch, no? Wolverine and Bishop in the animated show also seemed to display the same level of intelligence too which I thought was quite funny. But I what I suppose I’m saying is, it was a kind of a waste of Bishop. He’s a cool character.

      • Strifeshadow

        Exactly. I think Bishop was miscast in this, and should have been a key figure in the future scenes.

    • Slade

      Gambit’s going to be in Apocalypse. Played by Channing Tatum. Hopefully its better than Gambits last movie experience.

      • Strifeshadow

        Wow, I have been away for awhile. That news has really sucked my week up. So much for getting Tim Riggins back, who was a great Gambit in a trainwreck of a movie.

        So if Gambit is in this, think they will do a 4 Horsemen plotline?

      • enderandrew

        The 4 Horsemen are in the post-credits teaser, so I’m guessing yes.

    • R0yBatty

      Channing Tatum is Gambit.

  • Arthur

    I know everyone’s attention is focused on Apocolypse cause its the next announced sequel but what i keep hoping someone will ask Kinberg or Singer which they haven’t yet (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong) is that after that ending of the future, will there be a sequel for the original cast or was that ending supposed to be ending/closure to the original trilogy that we never got?

    • Lex Walker

      I’ll confess I found it incredibly cathartic. It was a fairly well done and satisfying retcon. I hope the.y resume the original cast in some way, but if not…I’m content it all got fixed

  • Grendal Sven

    –> Skims through the front page, hits the jump, skims some more, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda… holy SHIT, STRIKER IS MYSTIQUE! Flies into a HULK rage and starts throwing things about the room…

    –> Scans back up through the article, see’s the spoiler warning… kicks himself in the ass and moves on.

    • DEADP00L

      And people think I’m nuts just because I hear a voice in my head.

  • Scullibundo

    I’m so glad Singer has brought Dougherty and Harris back to write Apocalypse. Hoping they can filter most of Kinberg’s bullshit out of the script.

    • Stefan Bonomo

      My question is why didn’t he also ask back David Hayter, who also wrote X1 & 2. First Konami doesn’t bring him back to voice Snake, then Singer doesn’t bring him back for Apocalypse. What do people have against David Hayter?

      • ʝoe ßloggs

        Loved David Hayter as the voice of Snack in the Metal Gear Cookie series!

      • Stefan Bonomo

        Oops, i feel dumb…

      • ʝoe ßloggs

        No you’re not. Just teasing. :D

  • DoremusJessup

    This might end up being a terrible movie. How can an X-men movie contain an “extinction-level” event and still maintain the schmaltzy tone of the first seven movies?

    I’m not saying it has to be dark a la the batman series, but there just seems to be so little weight to these movies that would give it a more grave tone. They just aren’t very serious. Short of killing off Wolverine, Fassbender’s Magneto or McAvoy’s Professor X, I’m just not sure that I would care about any of the “consequences” that this movie teases.

    Do something that is going to surprise me, for once, in an X-men movie. Just once, please.

  • agent777

    ‘Sort of Roland Emmerich-style moviemaking’ I’ll pass.

  • Jones6192

    Hey guys. I’ve actually written up my absolute best attempt to make sense of the utterly insane continuity of these movies. And I think I’ve done a good job of making it all seem sensible. That said, I did need to do a ton of guesswork and inserting my own ideas to fill in gaps, but otherwise, its all based on what the movies have given us. I’d love feedback on this, and possibly suggestions as to what to improve or bits of info I missed. Here you all go (copied and pasted from a Word document, FYI):


    This is my best attempt to
    make a reasonably coherent timeline of events of the X-Men
    film series by 20th Century Fox, using all the information given by
    the films, in an attempt to reconcile the varied continuity issues
    into a fairly logical narrative. I have chosen for now to ignore the
    events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine simply to try and focus on
    the events pertaining to the actual X-Men films and The Wolverine,
    seeing as that film does technically act as a sequel to X-Men: The
    Last Stand in that it deals with the aftermath of Jean Grey’s
    death. Here goes:

    1. X-Men: First Class events occur, ending with the Cuban
    Missile Crisis’ mutant involvement being covered up by the

    2. Xavier becomes a recluse out of shame and despair, and Magneto
    is captured after trying to rescue John F. Kennedy from assassination
    but failing, and thus being blamed for the murder. Meanwhile,
    Mystique assassinates Dr. Bolivar Trask, who has experimented on her
    old mutant friends, and she is captured. Her DNA is used in Trask’s
    Sentinel research, which will see protracted development for decades
    due to various setbacks.

    3. Eventually, somehow Xavier comes out of his depression and
    re-starts his School for Gifted Youngsters, with Beast aiding him as
    one of his original teachers. To do so, Xavier vows to never use
    Beast’s serum, sacrificing his legs to keep his powers. while Beast
    finally comes to terms with his mutation and also decides to never
    again use the serum. Meanwhile, Mystique succeeds in escaping Trask,
    and breaks out Magneto somehow. Sometime afterward, Magneto possibly
    has a change of heart, and so returns to Xavier, reconciling with his
    old friend. They both agree to work together recruiting new students
    for the school, and also collaborate on an improved version of

    4. During this period, Xavier chooses to use a new version of
    Beast’s formula that restores his legs but keeps his powers, and so
    he and Erik succeed in recruiting many young mutants, among them Jean
    Grey. But then, shortly after, Erik fails to properly adjust to this
    new life, and reverts back to his old ways, and so parts with Xavier
    yet again. Possibly, in their split, Magneto injures Xavier yet
    again, crippling him permanently, and Xavier is either unable to use
    Beast’s serum thanks to the proper formula being lost and Beast
    unable to replicate it, or he simply no longer cares about walking as
    long as he has his powers to help others. Magneto reunites with
    Mystique, and they begin their Brotherhood of Mutants.

    5. The events of X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand
    and The Wolverine all carry out as they did. But concerning
    Xavier’s death, he surived being vaporised by Phoenix by transferring
    his mind into a temporary host body. During that time, he learned
    that Trask Industries had finally completed their development of the
    improved Sentinel program, and knew that if they were unleashed it
    would be a threat to mutantkind. We will assume that even though The
    Last Stand ended with mutants supposedly being granted better
    reception and rights by the government, something must have ocurred
    to either turn the public against them again, or the administration
    simply was lying and/or their new stance was wiped out by a new
    Presidency that still wanted mutants exterminated.

    6. Xavier in a host body tracks down Magneto, who has regained his powers but
    has yet to try to take on humanity again, and Xavier tells him of the
    Sentinel program. Magneto, seemingly genuinely and permanently, sees
    the error of his ways, and agrees to help Xavier both recover his
    body and gather as many mutants as they can. They possibly enlist a
    mutant with a power allowing them to re-create Xavier’s old body
    (sans walking ability, possibly by Xavier’s request, as he thinks
    being wheelchair-bound is an important symbol of his dedication to
    his values over his own body, and also explains why he doesn’t use
    the tech of the future to fix himself). They both then seek out
    Wolverine, who a year earlier had gone through the events of The
    Wolverine, and they enlist him as part of their gathering of all
    mutants to try and combat the Sentinel threat.

    7. The Sentinel program is approved, but the machines begin to
    take their programming too far, and so begin a full-scale conquering
    of the planet. In the ensuing war, millions of both humans and
    mutants are killed, and so by the time of the future sequences in
    Days of Future Past, mutants are nearly extinct, and all that
    remain are Xavier and Magneto’s band, desperately trying to survive.
    One day, they come up with the plan for Kitty Pryde to send Xavier’s
    mind back to his younger body to try and stop Mystique’s capture by
    Trask in the 70′s, but then Wolverine volunteers, as his healing
    factor makes him more able to handle the mental stress.

    8. Wolverine travels back, and the events of Days of Future
    Past happen. And now this is where things get very wonky, vague,
    and hopefully will be better explained in X-Men: Apocalypse.
    When Wolverine re-awakens in the future, things have been drastically
    altered. We see Jean Grey and Cyclops alive again. We see the School
    for Gifted Youngsters going on as normal. We see Iceman and Rogue a
    couple again. We see Xavier still the head of the school, and
    Wolverine is now apparently a teacher. Judging from Xavier’s
    comments, he remembers the events of Days of Future Past, and
    states he will fill in Wolverine on this new alternate history he
    lives in.

    So, the situation seems to be thus: it seems that
    X-Men and X2 still happened, but X2 must have
    had a radically different climax, in which Jean Grey never sacrificed
    herself, and so Cyclops was never killed by her when she returns from
    the dead. Since Jean survived, the events of The Last Stand
    could have possibly still happened but only in a very broad
    sense, now without Phoenix’s involvement (and by extension, the entirety of The Wolverine has now been totally erased from existence). At this time, there is no
    way to ascertain what became of Magneto and his followers in that
    case. But for now, at least until Apocalypse comes along to
    hopefully answer these questions, we should assume that X-Men
    and X2 still happened as they did, but with these primary new

    1. The Sentinel program was not being developed during the time of
    X-Men and X2.

    2. Magneto’s involvement in the creation of Cerebro possibly no
    longer is mentioned in this altered timeline, since it didn’t occur,
    or somehow there was still a time when Magneto and Xavier
    reconciled and they built a new version, and together recruited
    mutants like Jean Grey (with Xavier again being temporarily able to
    walk), before Magneto went his own way again.

    3. Jean Grey survived the climax of X2, and so The Last
    Stand either didn’t happen at all, or still did but with multiple
    story elements no longer in existence. Such as Rogue and Iceman’s
    relationship issues, since they seem to still be a couple in the
    altered future.

    Lastly, as for the effect of Days of Future Past on the
    First Class era’s characters, its probably easiest to assume
    that Mystique’s act of mercy resulted in not only the warping of the
    original timeline into the one Wolverine wakes up in, but now that
    altered timeline is now its own seperate universe. Everything that
    happens in the First Class era after the events of Days of
    Future Past is now completely free of need to match up with the
    original films’ events. A complete clean slate. Things can go in any
    direction now.

    Thus, X-Men: Days of Future Past effectively
    acts as a goodbye to the era of the old X-Men films (assuming we no
    longer will see films centering on that cast) while also allowing
    this new timeline to do what it wants without problems of
    predestination plot points. Both an ending, and a new beginning.

  • R

    no one has even mentioned anywhere how absurd it is that the whole world changes from X3 to DOFP. Shouldn’t sentinels have at least been around in X1-3? How does a world reach a state of apocolypse in like 10 years? DOFP was enjoyable but a headache for all big fans of X-mean…and continuity in general.

  • Lewida Funji

    DOFP is not extinction level at all?

    • the king of comedy

      I would call it a post apocaliptic world, where there are few survivors but we never got to see the events that lead us to that. I guess in this movie we`re going to see cities being destroyed as in an disaster movie, events that might lead us to a possible apocalipsis.

      • Lewida Funji

        I’m crystal clear now. Thanks.

  • Pacula Allen

    Uh oh, the decision to go big and bigger doesn’t seem to be that interesting, continuity wise.

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  • mbmarquis69

    My concern is when the events of the next movie take place. SPOILERS: If it follows the cast from First Class (probably adding younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, et al), then it’s going to be robbed of all tension because we’ve seen the “present” at the mansion. They all seem to have survived the extinction level event hunky dory.

  • Seth

    Thats the key: having sub-genre’s within the ‘super hero’ genre. Marvel figured this out, now others, like Fox, will follow. Thor is fantasy. Captain America 2 was thriller, Gaurdians will be sci fi and so on. I was really looking forward to their first comedy/action in Ant Man. A good horror/action would be cool too.

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  • ʝoe ßloggs

    I find it sad though that such a great villain like Apoc is being handled by the younger less accomplished versions of the X-Men.

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  • Timothy Tang

    X-Men Days of Future Past: Logical Explanations for Various ‘Plot Holes’ …

  • Economist2011

    Let’s agree on something…”Roland Emmerich-style moviemaking” is a laughable description.

  • Economist2011

    Let’s agree on something…”Roland Emmerich-style moviemaking” is a laughable description.

  • ItsAnt

    He shouldn’t be writing another X-Men movie. DOFP was good but Fox passed up a golden opportunity to reboot the franchise.

  • ItsAnt

    He shouldn’t be writing another X-Men movie. DOFP was good but Fox passed up a golden opportunity to reboot the franchise.

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