Marc Webb Discusses SINISTER SIX Plans in the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Blu-ray Bonus Features

     August 22, 2014


The Amazing Spider-Man franchise is a bit all over the place right now.  There was the Amazing Spider-Man 3 release date shuffle, Sinister Six landing in the November 11, 2016 slot and all this talk about the Venom Carnage movie, too.  On top of that, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn’t really do the best job of teasing what’s to come – but perhaps that’s just because they didn’t even know which movie would actually hit theaters next.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 just arrived on DVD and Blu-ray a few days ago and even though I haven’t had the opportunity to plow through the bonus features myself, many have and they’re sharing what Marc Webb said about building the mythology to prepare for Sinister Six and future films.  Hit the jump to check it out.  WARNING: There are Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoilers in this article.

sinister-sixA video compilation from YouTube user Amazing Spider Man (via CinemaBlend) puts together some of the best bits from the “Something Sinister This Way Comes” disc, beginning with:

“Special projects is where we’re setting up the Sinister Six and all the different crazy technology from Oscorp that’s been developed sort of off the grid and this is our cryogenic – obviously this should be seen only after the movie – but this is our cryogenic head case for Norman Osborn so we can bring him back for the sequel.”

Even though Webb flat-out says that they did this so that they can bring Norman Osborn back in the next film, it seems as though things are constantly influx.  Check out the evolution of the man in the hat from The Amazing Spider-Man:

“Here’s the real story.  At the end of the first movie, there was some lightning with the man in the shadows … working on it with Jamie Vanderbilt, there was an idea that maybe this would be the Electro character, but, again, we shot it and it kind of emerged into some other situation, which, the man in the hat is now, we think of him as The Gentleman who is a benefactor of the Sinister Six.”

Webb also added this regarding The Gentleman:

“My inkling of it is that they all emerge from Oscorp and that they are corralled by The Gentleman who is a character that’s somewhat more recent in the Marvel universe, but someone who I think is intriguing … they are sort of the mercenaries of Oscorp and the most unruly, beastly set of characters.”

The_GentlemanAfter that, the video moves on to audio during which Webb discusses working with Blur Studios to design those symbols we see during the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

“In Oscorp’s Special Projects, we get hints at, there are glimpses of, there are implications of the accouterments of villains that will either be in the Sinister Six first iteration or will eventually move through the Sinister Six … So we’ve got this company called Blur, Tim Miller to start designing the elements of the Sinister Six , the hardware of the Sinister Six, which is something that’s hinted at in the movie.”

That’s when Webb reveals that the cat-like symbol is actually a spear, teasing Kraven the Hunter’s involvement, and also points out that Mysterio is in the mix as well because he’s a personal favorite.

“It’s tricky because we’re not exactly sure if all those people are gonna be in the Sinister Six, or even in the next movie.  Like the Mysterio mask, I just think looks really cool.  And I love Mysterio, but we haven’t all agreed on it, but I just forced it in because I thought it looked cool.”

You wanted to squeeze in a personal favorite; I get it, but something like that doesn’t really fly when the whole point of doing it would be to tease what’s to come.  Including something that hints at a particular character just because it looks cool doesn’t really seem fair.  However, what’s done is done and all that really matters is that Sinister Six is a strong film, but it will make me think twice before taking another Spider-Man end credit tease to heart.

You can hear all these quotes for yourself in the video below:

Sinister Six Movie Details from Marc Webb

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  • Drake

    TASM 2 totally screwed up whatever chances this franchise had. And now we’re stuck with back peddling instead of confident story continuation.

    • Travis Gowen

      Just saw the movie this week and couldn’t believe that in an era where studios annoyingly drag out franchises for money (ex. breaking up The Hobbit into 3 films), TASM 2 did the complete opposite and stupidly made 3 movies into 1.

  • Mulvi

    Translation: We really have no clue what the fuck we’re doing.

    • Josh


  • scheebles

    So much for all those people who said the mask was Chameleon. It was obvious from day one it was supposed to be Mysterio.

    Not that it matters. ASM2 was horrible. #electrodeathmetaldubstepinnermonologue

  • Jack Dennis

    I thought this movie was great.Dane Dehaans Harry Osborn was far superior to James Francos version.The one scene I thought was weird was the guy in the youtube video explaining a battery over charging.A slight improvement over the first one in my opinion and can’t wait to see what Drew Goddard has to bring with The Sinister Six.

    • Lex Walker

      To be fair, Franco was the weakest aspect of Raimi’s cast. Even Dunst had her moments. Franco was just bland from start to finish.

      • Jack Dennis

        Just looking back at Tobeys Peter Parker he was always kinda dopey and less a scientist and obsessed with MJ.Still the first two are great movies and every actor had there moment with the exception of the villains in Spider-Man 3.Completely underwritten.They had Thomas Hayden Church for christ sake ,but they fucked it up.

    • dodge hickey

      I enjoyed Dane Dehaans Goblin, would love them to flesh him out more.


    as much as i like drew goddard i hope sinister six bombs and all the sequels are cancelled

  • tarek

    ASM2 Was such a disappointment. I feel bad for Marc Webb

    • Gerry Rock

      yeah, Webb looks very excited about all this, but the franchise is just a huge mess

    • GunzOfNavarone

      Why feel bad for him ? He has to take some accountability for the direction and editing.

  • Davis

    Who is in charge of this franchise make up your goddamn minds, what do you want to do?

    • Damn

      “We want to throw everything at the screen . . . . then we want to do extensive research to see what parts people liked and what parts they hated . . . . then tailor make the sequels based on the common consensus. You’re welcome”
      -Sony Execs.

    • Jack Dennis

      I really don’t think one person has to be in charge of the CU as long as there is continuity.I’m fine with multiple people putting there own stamp on this franchise.

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  • Devin Reed

    Watching the Sinister Six bonus content made me even less optimistic about the future of this franchise. Nobody seems to have a clue about its long-term plan, and Sony’s just cranking out release dates at this point to keep up with Marvel Studios. It just pains me to think of how much more potential the franchise would have in the hands of Marvel.

  • unsean

    In other words, unlike in the case of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, Sony has no clue what they’re going to do with Spider-Man.

    Why don’t the sell the license back to Marvel before they run it into the dirt? That way, they make a few hundred million and Marvel can treat the character with the respect that he’s due.

    • Human … Work

      They’re already making a few hundred million without selling him back.

      • milo

        Are they? The budget for ASM2 wasn’t exactly cheap and it’s not like the studios are making 100% of the box office gross. When all is said and done they’re breaking even but not making “a few hundred million”. And with each movie they’re making less and less, domestic and foreign. They need to somehow turn things around or they’ll be losing money before long.

  • D

    Wow…this explains a lot. That is so funny, because I remember thinking at the post credit scene in Amazing #1, I wonder who that guy could be. There was a lot of speculation, but I always thought the people that bothered to create that entire scene and use it as a teaser had something in mind. I almost can’t believe it….they actually admitted they are MAKING THIS UP AS THEY GO ALONG. Sure does explain why they cut both movies to ribbons in the editing room months before the release. It’s no way to create a good franchise, and it’s obvious they are scrambling now by pushing back ASM 3. Who is going to want to see a sequel to a movie that completely underperformed and disappointed fans 4 YEARS from now? I don’t see that happening, movie will never get made.

  • mattinacan

    this sounds like a man with no plan at all, no wonder these new spiderman movies are so awful

  • dodge hickey

    AMS2 wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great either. I would like to see these characters face off against Spider-man but first they need a solid script with real character motivations (looking at you Electro…).

    I like how everyone is blaming Webb for the problems with the Spidy franchise, the studio has too much input into it and it looks like they don’t trust Webb to have the creative control to make it his own.

    • LEM

      The Electro motivation was a total copy of the Jim Carrey Riddler from Batman Forever but it was as believable as a black guy with a comb over. You are right though that Webb probably has very little input or control over the end result.

      • Human … Work

        Originally Posted by Marvel…s-wrong-sequel
        The Electro/Riddler comparison is annoying as it isn’t that true. Let’s compare them shall we…

        Edward Nygma aka The Riddler:

        Idolises Bruce Wayne the Man not Batman the hero. Wants to be in business with him and is rejected. Starts his own company. Goes on to become all suave and villainous. Blows up Batman’s vehicles and kidnaps Bruce’s girlfriend.

        Basically he wants to be Bruce Wayne.


        Now let’s look at some others compared to this character:

        Aldrich Killian aka The Mandarin:
        Idolises Tony Stark the Man. Wants to be in business with him and is rejected. Starts his own company. Goes on to become all suave and villainous. Blows up Iron Mans armours and kidnaps Tonys girlfriend.

        Basically he wants to be Tony Stark.

        Buddy aka Syndrome:

        Idolises Mr Incredible the Hero not Bob Parr the Man. Wants to be in business with him and is rejected. Grows up to become all villainous. Starts his own company. Captures Mr Incredibles wife. Kills off all Supers in order to build a Super robot, plans to unleash the robot and be the only one to stop it so that he can be the best Superhero.

        Basically he wants to be Mr Incredble.

        Now let’s look at Max Dillon aka Electro:

        Idolises Spider-Man the hero after being rescued by him. Imagines months of time as the BFF of Spider-Man as he is an unhinged man with un-diagnosed mental problems,. He become mutated and is rejected by Spider-Man when Spider-Man doesn’t respond as this (imagined) long time friend. Goes on to plan to kill Spider-Man while depriving New York of power so they’ll love him when he gives it back to them.

        Basically he wants to be appreciated and loved.


        This is the fourth time that there has been a Villian who started idolising the alter-ego or the hero.

        Out of all four it’s the one that is least copying the Riddler archetype.

        So of the Six main parts (Idolises, Rejected, Becomes Suave, Starts Tech Company, Kidnaps/Captures Girlfriend/wife, Wants to be the Man)

        Riddler – 6/6
        Killian – 6/6
        Syndrome – 6/6
        Electro – 2/6

        He doesn’t become suave looking, he doesn’t start his own tech company, he doesn’t kidnap/or capture the girlfriend, he doesn’t want to be the subject of his idolisation.

  • LEM

    They should forget all this bullshit and just have the next movie feature Kraven hunting Spider-man. They could go real dark and brutal with the fight scenes.

    • Travis Gowen

      That would be great, but they have made it abundantly clear they are more concerned with selling toys and making teenagers laugh than they are making a movie that is actually worth something.

  • salfie

    It’s just abundantly clear that the people who are making these movies don’t have a firm grasp on who the Spider-Man character is. The idea that Peter is ostensibly destined to become a hero is flawed. The theme of the character is that Peter is in many ways the last sort of person you’d think would become a hero but CIRCUMSTANCE pushes him down that path. It’s because of his upbringing with his Aunt & Uncle that he EXCELS as a hero.

    Even if you prefer the Webb versions I still think the Raimi films are thematically stronger films. Peter is well meaning nerd and outcast who is serendipitously granted amazing powers. Prior to his transformation he would be content to mind his own business, keep his head down, and merely get by in life. After becoming Spider-Man he steps out into the larger world and adulthood. The Webb films seem to keep the Peter character largely the same throughout his transformation. He doesn’t really learn any lessons, which is a major letdown of the reboot.

    • LEM

      Peter is exactly the same as in or out of the suit in the Webb films. The studio doesn’t give a shit about being true to the character and it’s abundantly clear they really don’t care what the fans want.

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  • travis_k

    I feel bad that I didn’t have a chance to see this in theaters. I had to wait for the blu-ray and it’s nowhere near as horrible as it’s made it out to be. I can understand it lacks some character development because it is rushed in some places but holy shit, it’s really not THAT bad. If this franchise doesn’t go anywhere beyond this movie, it isn’t because Webb and gang screwed it all up. It’s because of all the naysayers on the bandwagon who scream their opinions louder than anyone else. And no studio is going to finance a movie that they hear no one wants to see.

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