SIR BILLI Trailer (Sizzle Reel) – Sean Connery’s Animated Film

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Back in November, we first introduced you to Sean Connery’s animated-film Sir Billi.  At this point, Matt’s thesis was that the premise sounded “batshit insane.” In April, Matt also brought you the first images from the film.  By then, he had modified his theory saying that “the movie sounds like someone came up with it while enjoying every drug ever made.”  Today, seven long months after the initial news on the film, the trailer for the film has appeared online and, I must admit, I am proud to carry on Matt’s work by claiming that the film looks like it may be Sean Connery’s (he voices the title character, an 80s something, skateboard-wielding, retired veterinarian) way of telling the world that his career is over and he just couldn’t give a damn less anymore.

With all of this in mind, if you are in need of a great laugh because the “Ke$ha / Star Trek” video is starting to lose its luster, hit the jump to watch what may be one of the funniest 2:45 you will spend for quite some time.

To be fair, the film is being produced by Glasgow Animation as Scotland’s first animated feature film. As a result they are working with an infinitely lower budget than say a Pixar and/or DreamWorks. Nevertheless, a solid dramatic pull doesn’t have to be expensive – and sadly, “Can this octogenarian, AND his goat, save the day?” is well…let’s say, less than stellar.


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  • Cyberdyne

    That looks like shit

  • Winchester

    Yeah, that looks like pure junk.

  • Octoberist


  • The Trickster

    jesusfuckingchrist!!! I had to watch 5 Pixar trailers to erase that from my mind.

  • jeet

    Looks kinda cute to me. One would think that people writing about upcoming flicks would take the 2 seconds required to find out the backstory of the making of the film. This has been in the works minus sean for a decade… first as a short film.
    Connery came on board mostly to help fellow Scots and of course he has been a tireless promoter of scotland as well.
    Obviously this is aimed at family's with young children.
    Are Pixar flicks the only animation you morons will watch? Not too limiting.

  • peten

    The clouds don't match the sky.

  • mpeter

    Good on these people for having the balls to take on pixar…dreamworks… tired of seeing the same old animations that they churn out – it is refreshing to see a company that are making something for the love of the project and not just for the revenue. I know my kids are going to love it and that's all that matters.

  • VocabDoctor

    I'm sorry, but what do you mean by “young children”? There's no target demographic of infants, anyone older than a new-born baby, and you're insulting their intelligence, children are smarter and more attuned to the world than you give them credit for. This movie looks about as insipid as one can imagine, take your kids to Where The Wild Things Are or a Pixar movie instead, there's a reason both adults and children enjoy the latter, mongoloid.

  • Awesome guest

    I can see you children talking to you about watching this movie, in the future. “Dad, do you remember when you took us to see a stupid poorly-done nonsense movie about an old man with a goat as a side-kick? What was that all about?”.

    I think every kid should be introduced to the wonderful world of Studio Ghibli. Those were movies I remembered as i got older.

  • Pd

    Just to inform you, they spent at least 5 years to do that shit…

  • Rough_neck_9_1

    Is this an introduction reel for the uncanny valley?

  • WS

    Of course there is a demographic that is targeted at infants… you don't think people exploit that, ever hear of animated films ? It's a ploy to get people like you to give there kids nothing to do when you have “better” things to do instead of raising your child. Movies like Toy Story and Wild Things have more ADULT themes to attract YOU. Not your kid. If you think your kid that is under five picks up on the jokes or other mature substace that you do.. then you truly are a fool. Kids at that age only laugh at the things that demand their attention.. haste, state of urgency, loud noises, love ect and movies like “The Wild Things” and “Toy Story” have just that (duh).

    You want your kid to pick up on things at a young age ? read to them.. talk to them, teach them sports, let them play with kids at the park and sure as hell don't let them sit in front of the tube.

  • PM

    What the fuck is that?

    “it is refreshing to see a company that are making something for the love of the project and not just for the revenue.”
    Do you mean they are doing this shit just because they love the shit?

  • Allmediascotland

    The backstory is that Sean was involved from the start as exec producer. It's been on the go for five or six years, not a decade. And loads of quite expensive people have worked on this as a favour. The writer is an heiress and works in Pr. And yet they still couldn't polish this turd

  • Pasha

    Hmm, I detect the hand of an interested party. I've had a look around the web on this one and the feedback is 99% negative, which isn't surprising at all. But the 1% always seems to have the feel of people desperately trying to big up the film with a fake bonhomie that really grates.

  • R Peril

    The character design is contrived, bland and downright repugnant, its rendering is poor and reminds me of cheap video game cut sequences from nearly ten years ago. They story makes little to no sense and the prompts such as ‘Illegal animals deportation camp’ are ridiculous, either way it should only be ‘illegal animal deportation camp’, not a good start if rudimentary grammar escapes their quality check. We expect better standards these days, not referring to animation quality but to story, the premise of a skateboarding grandfather with an anthropomorphic goat ina matching yellow jumpsuit as well as most of the trailers content just seem insulting to the intelligence of intended viewers, child or parent.

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