Watch Daniel Kleinman’s Opening Titles of SKYFALL without the Titles

     November 15, 2012


Much like just about everything else in Skyfall, the opening titles are great.  Designer Daniel Kleinman did a terrific job in setting the tone and throwing in plenty of references to the movie without spoiling anything.  Watching the opening titles, it almost felt like a hallucination/premonition/purgatory for Bond, which was just another way of how the movie pushed the boundaries of its self-awareness.  The titles have always been the titles, but in Skyfall they could almost be part of the narrative.

Hit the jump to check out the titles.

Via Daniel Kleinman.


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  • zswickey

    HA you picked my two favorite parts for the screen grabs. Well done sir!

  • Gerd

    Very very good , have been listening to it for the past 30 min , can’t wait to watch the movie this saturday

  • Drod

    This was such a great movie……and the opening titles were amazing. The whole movie was!

  • Andi

    Both Goldeneye (showing the fall of the Soviet Union) and Casino Royale (showing Bond’s upgrade to 007 status) include narrative pieces in the opening credits or could be considered as a part of the narrative, along with Die Another Day’s, which is completely set around the torture of Bond. So for Skyfall to have narrative tendencies in its opening credits is neither a surprise nor new to the series, I’m sure we could find more instances of the narrative spilling over into the opening credits but those are the three that I can distinctly remember off the top of my head.

    • Lizard King

      The opening credits of Dr. No introduced the “Three Blind Mice” who were in turn henchmen in the film, thus adding to the narrative.

  • TheSargonTimes

    The opening titles were the best part of the film, which itself was pretty mediocre

    • joney

      totally agree, seems everyone just wants to say its great and not pick out the bad bits. for me, much of the second half made me cringe. i thought the end was pretty terrible, bad guy arrives in a helicopter, walks towards the house with no gun like he’s nic cage and bond does not try to shoot him? judy dench running away to the chapel… with a torch??? oh they’ll never see you.
      then when bad guy gets stabbed, looks like a scene out of airplane from the 70′s
      loads of stuntwork showed a guy riding the bike that looked nothing like dan craig. the list goes on and on.

  • David

    really, when will they finally realize that there needs to be a Oscar category for best opening titles. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO surely would have won last year.

  • Lance

    Not enough naked lady silhouettes in the titles for a Bond movie (though there were a few), but otherwise this sequence is masterful.

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  • Bojkowski

    Skyfall’s titles are pretty darn amazing. I wish someone would buy Daniel Kleinman some fonts though. Using Century Gothic cheapens the awesome visuals.