Last Night’s SNL Digital Short Spoofs Batman’s Stealth Abilities

     December 4, 2011


Steve Buscemi proved to be a very capable host on last night’s very funny episode of Saturday Night Live.  As it turns out, the week when a major pedophilia case is in the news is a great week to have Buscemi in the troupe.  But given his range, Buscemi is also suited to play the ethical Commissioner Gordon when Andy Samberg and Co. needed the character for their SNL digital short.  Samberg plays Batman, paying particular attention to his ability to sneak up on on Gordon, and vanish into thin air with the same ease.  The stealth jokes escalate from the basic setup to the point where… well, hit the jump to see for yourself.

As a bonus, this was my favorite sketch of the night.  It is hard to make pedophilia funny without getting icky, but I think they nailed it.