Watch SNL’s Quentin Tarantino Parody DJESUS UNCROSSED Starring Christoph Waltz

     February 17, 2013

djesus uncrossed

Quentin Tarantino has teased a third film to complete his Rewritten History trilogy, following up on Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. Last night, Saturday Night Live made a strong pitch for what that film could be with the parody Djesus Uncrossed.  On the third day after his crucificxion, Jesus returns to life, rolls away the stone in front of the tomb, and sets out on a vendetta against the Romans who crucified him.  Or “Row-Maans,” as St. Peter (Taran Killam impersonating Brad Pitt) calls them when he leads the apostles to join in the fight.

It works in large part because I could see Tarantino making a revenge-based version of the Christ story that would be just slightly less wacky.  The production designer gets in a lot of nice stylistic touches in, too, including more blood and gore than I was expecting for a broadcast comedy, even after midnight.  Check it out after the jump.


For those of you outside the U.S., here’s another copy that will likely be taken down soon.

djesus uncrossed

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  • Ur mom

    My fave skit!! I’m a Christian and it was hard to not laugh, especially when my family was sleeping!! xD

  • wes

    Props to SNL for doing this it took balls and it completely paid off!

  • Ulan

    I was more surprised how bloody and gore it was. Pissed Christians? Nobody gives a crap about religion these years.

  • Kay Dean

    SNL released this skit the same day an indie show did the exact same thing. Sad part is the indie show was ten times funnier! Watch the funny Djesus Uncrossed here –>

    • Fernando Alle

      Sad attempt to plug your terrible video.

  • Jose

    As a Catholic, that was pretty darn hilarious.

  • Trent_N

    “I count 6 shots, savior.”

    “I count 2 guns, sinner.”

  • wha..wha..what?

    I’m a Christian, and I’m offended that Christians would be offended by this. This was brilliant. I was hoping John Turturro was going to make a cameo at the end stating, “Nobody f**ks with Djesus!”

    • Northern Star

      I genuinely question how much of an actual Christian you really are if you think that total mockery of our Lord and Savior was anything but offensive but sadly predictable in today’s intolerant anti-Christian climate the organized Left is trying desperately to foster. I won’t hold my breath for a Mohammed skit on SNL, because we all know there will never be one, and we all know exactly WHY there will never be one, because we Christians don’t kill people for mocking our faith… which is very fortunate for the folks at SNL, I might add…

      • j

        Are these guys for real?

      • Brown Star

        That’s because Muslims are fanatical lunatics and Christianity is a religion based on the non-violent and peace-loving tenets of Buddhism which predates Jesus’ birth by 500 years. Face it, your lord and savior was a Jew who became a born-again Buddhist during the first 29 years old his life and these facts were omitted from the bible when the Catholics “reworked” god’s human-written autobiography during the middle ages.

  • jordan

    good thing this was a joke on the christian religion and not islam, or we would have the third world war

  • dannyboy3030

    this wouldve been great if it was funny

  • Michael

    I do not know what is more offensive about what SNL did this past Saturday night. Portraying Jesus as violent and vengeful as Christians around the world begin the season of Lent or that SNL, on network television portrayed such explicit violence. This is the same program that had a children’s choir sing a religious song after the school shooting. Is not our world violent enough? Why portray Jesus as merciless and vengeful? Who in this world do we have left to hold up to our children as an image of peace, mercy, love, and justice than Jesus. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy on us all. Anyone else want to write nbc and let them know how disgusted you are? Imagine if they did this with a religious figure such as Mohammed?

    • j


    • Richard of Norway

      Buahahahahaha! Your post was almost as funny as the parody. Thanks! :D

    • REALLY?

      Why would someone who is obviously such a devout Christian be watching SNL in the first place? Does SNL often portray good Christian values?

      The nice thing about televisions is that you can turn them off if you don’t like what you’re watching, next time you disagree with someone you see on tv….. turn it off.

      • Michael

        I am a Christian. I think it was an offensive skit. I am permitted to watch a show as long as it is not something that turns me away from Christ and causes me to sin. But I think I have a right to communicate an opinion. And I think it is morally absurd if we want to decrease gun violence in children to portray Jesus as a vengeful killer. We have robbed our children of models of peace and nonviolence. And also it defames Jesus, the risen one.

    • Brown Star

      Michael, what would Jesus do? Would he watch this, get the joke, have a chuckle and go feed some orphans? Or would he shake his fist at the TV screen, scream at the indignity of it all and then frantically type a rage-filled e-mail to a television network? Honestly, which one of those two actions would you associate with true christian behavior? Turn the other cheek, Michael.

    • Reason

      You Christians need to stop speaking for “us all” and learn to start speaking for yourselves. If there is a God, then only it knows how much blood has been shed in the name of YOUR savior.

      Have a nice day, friend.

  • LEM

    This is the first funny thing I’ve seen from SNL in a long time.

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  • West

    Better than anything QT has done this century!

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