So What Does Zach Galifianakis Do Now?

     July 7, 2009


In entertainment news this year, one of the major stories is the breakthrough of Zach Galifianakis.  There’s always one or two actors who have worked for years in supporting roles but they finally get that smash film and performance that highlights their abilities and Galifianakis (deservedly) had that in this summer’s “The Hangover”, a film which has just crossed the $200 million mark at the box office.

So the question now becomes what Galifianakis does next.  The Hollywood Reporter says that he’s currently circling three projects: pregnancy-themed comedy “Due Date”, another comedy called “Say Uncle (both of which are produced by “Hangover” director Todd Phillips), and the supernatural comedy “Man Witch” which would have Galifianakis attending an all-girls witch school when he discovers he has special powers.  There’s also the potential for another comedy in the form of a “Hangover” sequel, but like “Old School 2”, that may end up something heavily discussed but never to be.

While all of these sound like terrible choice at first, I would like to remind folks that Galifianakis is a pro at subverting expectations and that’s what makes him such a unique performer and comedian.  With perhaps the exception of “Hangover 2”, I think Galifianakis has the ability to make audiences incredibly uncomfortable and push the envelope in really tremendous ways.  So before you start calling the guy a “sell-out” or condemn Hollywood for trying to homogenize him, take a deep breath and remember why you became a fan of the guy in the first place.

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