First Trailer for SOMETHING BORROWED Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, and Colin Egglesfield

     February 17, 2011


I love a good romantic comedy, and so harbored high hopes for Something Borrowed since the early stages of development.  I have heard good things about the Emily Giffin novel/source material, and generally believe Ginnifer Goodwin can do no wrong.  But Kate Hudson in a rom-com is enough to caution anyone familiar with her work over the last decade.

The good news: Hudson is meant to play an awful person, and even gets the biggest laughs in the new trailer despite the presence of John Krasinski.  (Well played, casting director Mandy Sherman.)  See for yourself after the jump.

Something Borrowed opens on May 6.  Click to Yahoo! Movies for HD:

Krasinski’s character comes off kinda annoying, and leading man Colin Egglesfield straddles the line between Dreamy and Vanilla in this 2:30 — but Something Borrowed looks very good at this stage.

Luke Greenfield (The Girl Next Door) directed Something Borrowed from an adapted screenplay by Jennie Snyder (90210).

The official synopsis:


As she waits to enter her 30th birthday party, Rachel White (Ginnifer Goodwin) can’t escape the feeling that her life has not turned out like she thought it would. Sure, she has a good job at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, but she works long hours and her boss is a tyrant.

She has her childhood best friend, the beautiful and vivacious Darcy (Kate Hudson), but seeing her flirt with her handsome fiancé is just another reminder that at the end of the party, like every other night, she’ll be going home alone. Except this time…she doesn’t. Rachel wakes up the following morning next to Dex (Colin Egglesfield), her law school study partner…and Darcy’s fiancé. Both of them are horrified. How could they let this happen?

They try to move on, but as the wedding approaches Rachel begins to realize that it wasn’t a mistake after all and maybe Darcy isn’t the friend she thought she was.

Now Rachel has to make a painful choice: her best friend or the love of her life?

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  • darrin

    thiis actually looks kind of good, $15 says she ends up with john krazinski

    •!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      I’ll take that bet. Mostly because I don’t think she will. But I also have the loophole that you spelled “Krasinski” wrong.

      • darrin

        i knew that spelling was wrong

  • Stinky

    Checked a test screening of this late last year.

    Kate Hudson walks through the pretentious, self-involved persona like the one-dimensional payday it is. So be it.

    Ginnifer Goodwin sloshed around as the cutesy girl, taking Hudson’s slings and arrows with a crooked smile and ho-hum shrug.

    Krasinski plays a clone of Jim Halpert, just swap Pam for Goodwin’s character.

    The characters were put together well enough, I just didn’t see any chemistry. At all. Between any of them. They like or don’t like each other because they say so.

    Colin Egglesfield kept reminding me of Ton Gun-are Tom Cruise. I thought a beach volleyball game was about to erupt. Turned out to be badminton. Probably for the best.

    The plot crashed to a finale in the last act with all the predictabilities falling into their proper conclusions… and in a rare feat for the rom-com, a cliffhanger ending. Not so much of a shocker was the biggest yawn I have ever offered to rolling credits.

    •!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      Maybe it’ll come together in the final edit? Let me have this one, Stinky.

      • Stinky

        Hey, obviously anything is possible. Hopefully a re-shoot or five plugged a few holes. I’ll find out a few years from now… after a night out drinking and it’s on TBS at 3am and I can’t find the remote.

  • darci

    I can’t wait for this movie – I’ve always loved the book and I think that this could be the best role for Kate Hudson since Almost Famous (and not just because the character has the same name as me!)

    Also, really thought it was awesome that they used the song “Fireflies” by Search/Rescue in the first half of the trailer – hope they have more Search/Rescue in the movie, too. Does anybody know the song at the end of the trailer, though? Loved that as well but can’t find it.

    • Nora

      The song is by Natasha Bedingfield and is called A little too much :)