Something is Happening on the INCEPTION Movie Website

     December 13, 2009


On August 21st, the official movie website for Christopher Nolan’s Inception went online.  When the site first went live, you had the ability to control a spinning top and as you moved your mouse from left to right, it followed you around on screen.  Since then, nothing else has happened on the website, but with the amazing worldwide viral campaign for The Dark Knight, I figure Nolan and his team must be planning something just as cool for his new film.  After all, we’re only seven months away from Inception hitting theaters and most people haven’t a clue what the film is about – myself included.

So I was quite surprised when I went to the website today and noticed the spinning top is starting to wobble.  While I know this isn’t “major” news, I’d wager something is getting ready to be unleashed.  Could it be the full trailer?  Or perhaps when the spinning top falls down it’ll be the start of a new viral campaign.

With Warner Bros. releasing Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the first full Inception trailer in front of that movie.  Because even though they’re trying to keep everything on Inception under wraps, they’ve still got to sell the film to middle America.  Check out the website and move the spinning top around.  Perhaps when enough people do it something will happen.  And if you never saw the incredible teaser trailer, check it out hereInception stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, and Marion Cotillard.

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